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Capital L
Wednesday. 6.23.10 4:14 am
I was minding my own business and idly surfing the net, eventually coming to this somewhat/so called/maybe celebrity blogger's entry on singaporean loser guys who yap constantly about sex, and their disgusting behaviour.


I know that SG guys are gross and sex deprived mostly(not all but mostly). I have even come to accept that fact that SG guys will always talk about it.

I just never realised the degree of perversion. Taking sneaky photos of pregnant wife and posting on a forum? Pin hole footage of girl friends? ratings on girls they did?? A FORUM?? A FORUM!! A FORUM!!?? SICK! I think my skin has shrivelled up in disgust. What the FUCK is wrong with SG guys these days? Plenty, as listed in the entry, and perfect reasonable arguments I might add.

*Deep breath* Yes, not all guys are like that. Point to note despite acknowledging that not all guys are like that; I doubt the pregnant wife knew her husband is someone who would share her with A FORUM (!!! still!) and she would think her husband is not like that. Just pointing that out. Dammit! I am cringing again. They are married and the husband don't have a sense of decency to respect her, then what more horny single guys with sick minds?

SG girls know that. Hence the same horny, single guys with sick minds are not getting any love except from maybe girls too young and silly to know any difference. *read in Straits Times: Growing trend that pre-teen girls are getting bfs much much older than themselves*

I am still grossed out. i am just citing one case which stood out, don't believe me, you can just go to the forum/s and take a look around. I am not anti-guys and I am not going to turn lesbian but tell me, why I am a cynic again?

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Tuesday. 6.22.10 10:24 pm
There is this briton IT guy sitting behind me who makes such loud sacarstic remarks in his british accent and makes me laugh so much, silently at my desk. He is on MC today. =(

My office is filled with interesting characters, in a good way. Not the "interesting" I used to say about the previous office;with a thoughtful pause and pursed lips.

There is but one exception. She makes me wanna scream at her everyday. Seriously. Actually I did scream at her once, which was a good thing cause she stopped doing this other stupid annoying thing. Not a screaming match, I just went "Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!" in the middle of a very quiet office with a very distinct what-the-f-are-you-doing tone.

She asks amazingly stupid questions "Bank of West Australia... hmmm not sure if that is a bank". "What is Google?"
I can work with difficult people, bullies, backstabbers - unhappy and usually feeling murderous but I can work.

Today she claimed she could not find her client details documents and accused the IT team of not printing them in their report run. I am very sure I picked up the report from the pile of morning reports and even distinctly remember the number of entries on it. Guess where I found the report? In her RUBBISH BIN. Yes, I had to rummage through her rubbish bin.

This is really insane.
On the flipside, thanks to her, my memory is improving everyday because I have to remember what every single client did. Awesome.

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