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Thursday, October 16, 2008

This statement - ďIrregular beauty is the real beautyĒ made me stop and ponder.

What is beauty? How do you define it? Is there even the right definition to it? Yea, the dictionaries, they define beauty perfectly but what is beauty beyond that statement? To what extent is beauty quantifiable?

For instance, plastic or they call it the cosmetic surgery, is it even against the law of nature? Where one is just trying to change the features they are blessed with? I donít think thereís anything wrong with wanting to look beautiful but of course that all depends on how one view beauty as. Some are against the idea cosmetic surgery or digital retouching, whereas some embraced it like their new version of god! Recently there was a new computer software/program developed by computer scientist in Israel to alter the features of a person with some mathematical calculation/equations by adjusting the features a few inches away and so on, and even this had raised the questions on the perception of beauty and the ideal beauty.

Iíve nothing against cosmetic surgery nor support it but I think what weíre blessed with, the irregular beauty is the real beauty. We canít set a benchmark on what is beautiful and whatís not for the perception of beauty lies in the eye of beholder.

People often say beauty is only skin deep. Iíd agree on that but the question is - is all physical beauty superficial? Iím pretty sure those with skin deep beauty would want what most people call it Ė external beauty as well,( if they think they are not pretty). I personally donít think all physical beauty is superficial. To me, beauty and superficial are just another noun and adjective in the dictionary. I donít think one can measure beauty let alone judge whatís beautiful and whatís not, especially when it comes to human as the subject.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I freaked out after i've applied the lip liquid given! My lips turned numb n i can hardly feel my lips being there anymore! Then my conscience kicks in tellin me to calm down n its jst the med takin effect. I almost rushed to the sink to wash it off but then i remembered the other cream where i need to apply on my upper lip isnt edible - (not poison- free) so i refrained myself from doin wht i'd do impulsively. The tablets given for me to consume at night makes me all drowsy in less than 20mins n i was sleepin like a dead log the whole night! well i guess its all good for now where i need to get some real rest for my finals are jst a month away.

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Allergy or Virus?
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally after a long period of procrastination, i went to see the doc regardin my upper lip. I've no idea wht happend. It all started from a dry skin symptom and after that it seems to have developed into somethin else, mayb it was all my fault for havin such an ithcy hands that couldnt stop peelin the skin off!

The doc cant confirm on the cause of my situation, but she mentioned its either an allergy or a virus, cuz it seems like im not the first patient she came across with such prob. She told me that last night a girl with the same issue went to see her. At least i know that i dont have some incurable allergy/virus. For now, i gotta lay off from seafood and some other kinda fish, only taking those fleshy fish..god knows wht it meant by fleshy fish, but am gonna take it as fillet n so on.. i do hope it gets better soon so i dont haveta walk around lookin like i've double upper lip due to the redness!! argggghhhhhh such an ugly sight!

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Rollercoaster Ride
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today is definitely one of those days where i feel like i'm riding on the rollercoaster. I've no idea why or how i get myself into this "ride" but im glad that this ride is comin to a halt, at least what i'd like to believe. I dont think i can bear to be on this ride for too long, i'm not sure if this pumping heart will be able to take more of the frequent jolt from the adrenaline

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Monday, October 13, 2008

I never fully understood the Muslim women, especially those wearing the Niqab(veil). Donít get me wrong, Iíve nothing against them, Iím just curious and no offence to all the Muslim women out there that have the Niqab on. I know that some women wear it to please God / abide to the dress code required of them/ their own choice and decision. I totally respect that but what Iím curious is that how do they feel wearing it?

Iím not sure how the majority feels but I know of this Muslim journalistís personal experience. She had never worn the niqab so she decided to put on for a day with everyone from Jack Straw to Tessa Jowell weighing in with their views on the veil. So she went to the Islamic dress shop and bought three pieces of black cloth and she put it on the next day. According to her, she was horrified of what she saw in the mirror like she has disappeared and someone she doesnít recognize standing in front of the mirror looking back at her and due to this it took her over an hour to pluck up the courage to leave the house. It didnít take her long to realize that there are different types of stare - stop and glare stare, turn and look after she has passed them stare, look out of the corners of their eyes stare and the stare, point and laugh stare. Even when she boarded the public bus, the other passengers would rather stand than to sit beside her and thatís not the worst, there are people asking her to take her veil off to see how pretty is she and some even yelled ďTerrorist!!Ē when they saw her walking on the sidewalk. Thatís so freaking rude! Yeah, so what if sheís not dressed like the rest of us? Does she deserve to be labeled such?

For that one day, I can so feel what she went through. I really feel sorry that people are of such, they judge too quickly and they do not give others a chance to explain themselves. Now I know how it feels to be the woman behind the veil. Itís definitely not an easy task and definitely take up a lot of courage and confidence in facing such a society.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

How would you guys perceive these pics as?
Which one looks more real?

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