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Clench and Unclench
Thursday. 4.3.08 11:30 pm
Do you ever go to bed, lie down, and realize just how tense you are? I got in bed last night, and all of a sudden I noticed that I'd been chewing my bottom lip out of frustration for at least half an hour. My jaws were tense and the space between my eye and ear on both sides was tight.

I had to force myself to relax. I closed my eyes, sank into the mattress, and let an expression of stupidity (the easiest to maintain) slip over my face.

And then I passed out.

Last night a lot of my personal issues came to mind again. I can be a poisonous little creature...malicious, spiteful, sarcastic...

I wonder why everyone likes groups of three so much. It has a kind of ring to it that nobody can resist. Hmm.

Stephen King...awaits.

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I really don't even want to put a title here...
Wednesday. 4.2.08 10:46 pm
I feel very unsatisfied. With people. With girls. With YOU. And your mom.

grumble grumble.

Seriously, though, I feel kind of lonely this week. Not because my life sucks or anything. My life is pretty good, and I'm thankful for it. I just want to SHARE it with someone. Someone I can talk to without TRYING. If I have to put forth effort to talk to someone, that's kind of dumb. And it's not just you, Katie. FYI. :3

I haven't created anything in a long time. Inspiration=zero. My grades have dropped because I haven't been doing homework or studying. I've been on Deviant Art a lot, actually. I haven't even been posting here, lately. Doesn't feel like it, anyway.

This cursed flash drive will not connect with my computer. CRAP IT.

There goes my night.


Books have always been my friend. I used to read more than was healthy. So, in my time of loneliness, it's a good thing I finally got my hands on that last Dark Tower book.

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Sunday. 3.30.08 8:20 pm
I know far too many Katies. I can name six off the top of my head. Meeting new people is fun, but when they're named Katie it's almost like a buzz kill.

Haha, not really. But there ARE a ton of them. And the word "romantic" is going to catch my attention in an unpleasant way for a while to come. Curse it all.

Bonclarken retreat was fun, but not especially inspiring. Ah, well. I hung out some with a Katie there, actually. She's fun. I think she has a scary smile on purpose. Just to frighten people. Hahaha

Mmm. Government class.

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Investing my time
Thursday. 3.27.08 9:05 pm
Katie (8:39:14 PM): I gotta go take a shower...wake myself up...
Katie (8:39:17 PM): You.
Katie (8:39:22 PM): K, be back in 10.
Steve (8:39:23 PM): That's what she said.
Steve (8:39:30 PM): >.>
Katie (8:39:35 PM): Yes. Yes it is.
Steve (8:39:39 PM): Good riddance, I say.
Katie is away at 8:39:41 PM.
Steve (8:39:43 PM): Shoo.
Katie (8:39:45 PM): K.
Steve (8:39:47 PM): That's right. Shoo.
Steve (8:39:50 PM): Begone.
Steve (8:39:58 PM): PARTY AT KATIE'S!
Steve (8:40:07 PM): I wonder if her room's a mess...
Steve (8:40:13 PM): OH! The walls are green!
Steve (8:40:23 PM): That's insane! I wonder what color the floor is?
Steve (8:40:38 PM): I can't tell. There is too much stuff in the way.
Steve (8:41:03 PM): Books, papers, clothes, bottles, underwear, (seperate from clothing), more bottles...
Steve (8:41:06 PM): What a mess.
Steve (8:41:20 PM): Oh, look! The play room!
Steve (8:41:37 PM): PS2, dance pad, Katamari...what a nerd.
Steve (8:41:53 PM): I bet she doesn't ever use the pool table. Sheesh.
Steve (8:42:22 PM): Oh, look! There's a pink stain on the floor.
Steve (8:42:45 PM): Funny, there's a...kind of RING of clean-ness in the middle of it.
Steve (8:43:00 PM): Like, from where something stopped the stain from soaking int.
Steve (8:43:02 PM): in.
Steve (8:43:20 PM): Smells like bananas and strawberries.
Steve (8:43:43 PM): Hmm...maybe someone spilled a blender-full of smoothie here!
Steve (8:44:20 PM): Judging by the streaks, it looks like they tried to clean it up with a wet-vacuum.
Steve (8:44:54 PM): Someone must have worked hard with that vacuum. They did a good job on the carpet!
Steve (8:45:03 PM): I wonder where the blender went...OH!
Steve (8:45:10 PM): I bet they cleaned it in the BATHROOM!
Steve (8:45:48 PM): Eh, the door's locked.
Steve (8:46:03 PM): I bet they had a blast locked in the bathroom with the water running, though.
Steve (8:46:20 PM): Oh, loo-ACK!
Steve (8:46:42 PM): *chokes on too many "OH, look!"s*
Steve (8:47:22 PM): I hope you enjoy that.
Steve (8:49:02 PM): You love misery.
Steve (8:50:42 PM): You can't say you didn't laugh when you read that.
Steve (8:50:58 PM): And now you want to type a frowny face
Steve (8:51:07 PM): It's OK.
Steve (8:51:57 PM): It's been far longer than 10 minutes.
Steve (8:52:09 PM): Like...12 minutes.
Steve (8:52:19 PM): You've broken another promise.
Steve (8:52:24 PM): Tsk tsk.
Steve (8:53:39 PM): Super Smash Bros. Brawl play one player awesome intense fun 10 hours trip break Snake Sonic Shiek
Steve (8:53:48 PM): Video Games In General
Steve (8:54:27 PM): Now it's been around 15 minutes.
Steve (8:54:38 PM): Clearly, you have issues with time.
Steve (8:54:47 PM): You know what?
Steve (8:54:53 PM): No. I guess you don't
Steve (8:55:04 PM): But that's OK. I saved money by switcing to Gieco.
Auto response from Katie (8:55:04 PM): Soapy and delicious in the shower. bbs.

Steve (8:55:16 PM): Delicious in the shower, eh?
Steve (8:55:33 PM): That wouldn't happen to be because of the FRUIT SMOOTHIE sitting in the bottom, would it?
Steve (8:56:07 PM): Come on, Katie. I'm running dry on things to say.
Steve (8:56:18 PM): I wonder why your away message only just kicked in.
Steve (8:56:34 PM): Considering I'd been messaging you for over 15 minutes.
Steve (8:57:33 PM): Did you know that the Select property of List Boxes in Visual Basic returns 1s and 0s instead of trues and falses?
Steve (8:57:45 PM): It's weird.
Steve (8:58:03 PM): Took the class like, 4 minutes to figure out why nobody's programs were working.
Steve (8:58:23 PM): Aaron James (you met him at my house) was dancing to the computer music.
Steve (8:58:34 PM): And I started making it go faster. And faster.
Steve (8:58:57 PM): And it got to the point where he couldn't move fast enough. And he fell over. And the teacher laughed.
Steve (8:59:00 PM): And I laughed.
Steve (8:59:26 PM): And the floor laughed, causing Aaron to fall into it's mouth.
Steve (8:59:43 PM): The funeral will be next Saturday.
Steve (8:59:56 PM): I don't think they're going to have his real body, though.
Steve (9:00:10 PM): Buildings don't digest things the same way you or I do.
Steve (9:00:18 PM): Or nearly as efficiently.
Katie returned at 9:00:37 PM.
Katie (9:00:40 PM): ...Sorry about that...
Katie (9:00:51 PM): Cleaned the shower and the toilet while I was there.
Steve (9:00:54 PM): They found one of his fingers, and at first they thought it was Flavor Flave.
Katie (9:00:54 PM): Replaced the mats.
Steve (9:01:05 PM): Read everything.
Katie (9:01:25 PM): I did.
Steve (9:01:27 PM): I will, too. Just for kicks.
Katie (9:01:28 PM): You're strange.
Katie (9:02:35 PM): Oh, and I did laundry...
Steve (9:03:53 PM): I'm saving this conversation.
Steve (9:04:00 PM): I invested a lot of time into it. I deserve it.

My weekends have been filled for 3 weeks previous and will continue to be so until...3 week of April? Anyway, I'll be pooped.

Beat Subspace Emissary in under 9 hours. YES. Plot wasn't half bad, either. Very dramatic. Funny scenes.

Dilated, I want your friend code! As soon as you buy it, that is. I hear there's a buttload of lag, though.

Now I shall invest my time in my grades. Or, at least pretend to.

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