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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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quick recap
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
just a quickie here, to record the passing of my 21st year into 22 yr.

was grouchy mostly, not because of getting older. but i guess prob because feeling very unaccomplished at the grand old age of 22.

holding a job which i dun like, and dun dislike, not being able to save up enuff for my wat ever ambition, coz i'm spending way too much!


chinese new year is coming soon. and i'm buying ALOT of new year decos to put up!. yikes! throwing my money away.

somebody stop me from going to the new year bazaars! i see those adorably cutesy piggies, intricate lanterns, even pretty ang bows and i can't help myself!

i even bop along to the damn cina new year songs while browsing new year wares. the shop keeper must think i'm kuku. lol

jialat! haven't go china town! no time no time!

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birthday plans?
Wednesday. 1.10.07 11:34 pm
just for the heck of it, tho i dun think many of my real life flesh and blood friends read my blog anymore. or maybe, they just ain't friends anymore den a few lonesome sms-es on special occasions.

anyways, since i am so lucky as to have my birthday on monday, i'm gonna be celebrating it all the way from friday to monday!

friday plans tentative.

meeting my sec sch friends for lunch on sat, and obviously, to pass me my bday present. bless their souls for putting up with my grouchiness for like, almost a decade. (man~ i feel old~).

wanna watch this, sat afternoon:

local production, at the national library. sounds fun~
yes, the title is: Forbidden Chestnuts, Portrait of a Brokeback Geisha.
tagline is" "I swollow, don't u?"

sounds familiar doesn't it? lol

sat night, am thinking of going either the clinic or st james.

sunday, will be slower, planning to go traipsing at bt timah area..... o well i haven't really decided.

monday, took half day. coz i just dun wanna get scolded by the freaking dealers on my birthday. mornings are usually quite safe. so taking the afternoon off.

there should be a buffet dinner included, somewhere. and ruin my diet~ lol

original intention was i wanted to have a gathering of sorts, but was daunted by the common complaint, where cliques refuse to mingle. so.... i can't be bothered to plan and kill brain cells just to hear this kind of complaints.

i suppose those whu intend to give my prezzies already have them accounted for. so i shall put up a birthday list!

1) Ipod transitor radio thingamajig
2) nice ipod protection case
3) new thinnish sports jacket that i can put in office
4) shoes!
5) dresses!
6) dare i say a handphone? hahaha
7) ad of coz essentials like a maid will be nice~ (an unironed republic of garment is forming v nicely at home).


sad thing is, i'm not expecting to get any of these.

a friend once commented, that presents are up to the gift buyer to give. and not the receiver to specify. i know that. but i can't say that wishlists are not useful. for pple like me, 1) i only hang out with my workstation 2)i dun really rem bdays 3)i dun have time to browse, there;s nothing better den a list.

ok, this is getting long and no doubt boring~~

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