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Ramble Bramble Bigglety Boo.
Thursday. 8.7.08 8:36 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Oh Dear Me!
Tuesday. 8.5.08 3:24 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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This Is Me in Excited Mode.
Monday. 8.4.08 10:04 pm

I'm really aching for Wednesday to come around. I'm gonna be bored until then. And yeah, it's just one day. But. -frown-

I dunno.

Once Wednesday does come, though, it'll be nonstop hanging out for a few days. I'm most excited to see Kierra on Thursday and Friday (and Saturday morning until she goes to work!), but--wait! I didn't tell you yet.

She doesn't get to sleep over at people's houses very often. :3 And she gets to sleep over at mine Friday night. I'm so excitedddddddddd! Every time I think about it I get a faint smile on my face, and then when I realize that, I smile more, and it's just so great. Plus, she deserves to get out into the world more.

She's earned it by being such a great person.

And I'm going to make it really, really fun. I don't know how. Maybe we'll bake, maybe we'll watch some movies, or just talk, or play video games (I bought more rechargeable batteries, go Katie), or play board games, or do a million bazillion other things and still stay up and have lots of time to be around each other yay!


Anyway in conclusion I'm going to be bored until Wednesday.

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Sunday. 8.3.08 8:43 pm

Target is a magical, rainbow-filled place. I bought rainbow pajamas, today, to go with the quilt. :D

AND, Post Secret, this week...it's awesome. Probably the best week worth of secrets for me since I started going to the site. I don't know what makes it different. :J

Ooh, also, I saw Dr. Bestest Friend Kierra M.D., today. She was on her break while Mum and I were shopping, so I crept up on her while she was looking for food and and said, "Nice noodle selection today."

She kinda walked away, then turned her head to look at who was standing there talking to no one.

I've never seen anyone switch directions and attack that quickly in my entire life. I was honestly quite afraid, for a moment.

My dog Saaahphurz, while normally fairly slow (hence the name), does the same thing as Kierra when excited: she walks really close, and bumps me with her nose. Saaahphurz bumps me in the back of the knee, Kierra pushes me with her shoulders and such. I've never felt anyone's love that strong towards me before, and so I'm just...really glad I have a best friend like her.

Love's so weird like that. It's weird how the first person I feel love from is my best friend--a girl, nonetheless!--not a boy I'm with, or my parents, or anyone else in that sort of category.

It makes the entire idea of love so much simpler. And isn't that what it should be? Mm, I think so. I think any complexities, really, are self-made.

:) I'm not here to make things complex.

So I suppose that's it for my blog, tonight. Sorry it's lost its focus completely, but I've kind of just been realizing what love really is, and how different every type is, and the spectrum of intensity...

It's...interesting. No wonder so many teenagers are obsessed with obtaining it. It's such an unknown thing, when we're so young, that there are often those fruitless attempts to make things happen.

Fruitless for a reason.

All good things come in due time. :)

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