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Sunday. 7.27.08 8:29 pm

(1:51:37 AM) Kagaboo: Thus, they feel nothing but net.
(1:51:39 AM) Kagaboo: ...Air.
(1:51:41 AM) Kagaboo: Um.
(1:51:41 AM) Kagaboo: K
(1:51:50 AM) Lopaca: ...net?
(1:52:06 AM) Kagaboo: Was thinking about the saying nothing but net.
(1:52:13 AM) Lopaca: huh
(1:52:18 AM) Kagaboo: Like, the ball going in the hoop without hitting the rim.
(1:52:18 AM) Lopaca: You're...
(1:52:19 AM) Kagaboo: >.>
(1:52:22 AM) Kagaboo: Special.
(1:52:24 AM) Kagaboo: Yes, I know.
(1:52:26 AM) Lopaca: Yeah
(1:52:39 AM) Kagaboo: Carry on.
(1:52:47 AM) Lopaca: um...
(1:53:40 AM) Lopaca: i forgot what i was talking about
(1:53:44 AM) Kagaboo: Yes. >.>
(1:53:48 AM) Lopaca: oh yeah
(1:53:54 AM) Kagaboo: I believe it was doctors feeling your balls.

I think I missed not fighting with Lopac. :D

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Saturday. 7.26.08 4:41 pm

I also opened a bank account and called a family meeting so I could pretty much force my hand with the white board organizer for chores idea.

And now I'm ready for a shower, except it looks about to storm, so I better hurry.

Toodloo! :D

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Sounds Like Mood Swings, Tastes Like Butter!
Friday. 7.25.08 11:06 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Eh, I'm more worried than I sound.
Thursday. 7.24.08 5:14 pm

Three shots in the arm, one finger prick, and I had to give away some of my bodily fluids.


I shall miss thee, pee.

And you know? They wanted me to get two more shots.

But I was justified in not getting either; that one that's supposed to help against cervical cancer, because we need to check if our insurance will cover it (but I think no matter what, I should have had it), and the other one because I DID already have it.


Went to see The Dark Knight with Stevie, this morning. He called me at 10:17 and I was already half awake, which was good, because otherwise, I think I would have killed him for waking me up so early.

It would have been nice if we had time, afterwards, though, to do whatever--maybe wander around and such.

But I had to go to the doctor to get holes in my arm, and he may not have been able to, anyway.

So that's all right. :]

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