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1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
I follow you home~
Friday, December 17, 2010
I had some supernatural encounters when I volunteered at the youth camp in Melaka.

I reached at the hotel later than the other participants since I followed the head facilitator in his own car. We had lunch with the others and then proceeded with the first session, which was a discussion in one of the meeting board rooms on level 2. Nothing happened so far...

Then I went to the ladies. At the entrance of the toilet, the little voice inside me told "there's something in there." I could feel the hair standing on my back, but ss usual, I did not heed that voice and told myself sternly "nothing is in there" despite feeling something not right. I was ready to see something when I stepped in but nothing happened?

Later, my roomie and I checked out our hotel room. I usually knock on the door and say "I'm coming in" just to let whoever inside there to leave the room, but I didn't do it because I don't want to frighten my roomie. So everything was still normal ...

Until ... in the night ...

At 4 am, the room became stuffy, and I took off the jacket, and went back to sleep. This sleep was followed by 6 repeated nightmares within 2 hours.

The first dream was absolutely weird. I took some kimchi from someone for a friend (but I don't remember who) and apparently I have to return the kimchi but I didn't know and so there were two ladies came to me and asked for the kimchi. I could only see their legs and feet, because I was in a sleeping position. I think I replied I will return some time... And then I woke up... feeling weird ... though I won't categorise the ladies as spirit, but it was not pleasant. Never mind. I returned to sleep. And it was the same dream!!!! The ladies came back to ask for the kimchi, and I said I don't have and they told me to return it by end of this week. I said I will and sent myself running around asking for kimchi. I remembered the ladies flew away ... I woke up ... again ... feeling unpleasant. Though I know this is not a normal dream, but I told myself it's ok ... no big deal.

And so I went back to sleep. It was another dream. This time the setting was my hotel room. I could see the legs standing beside the small side table of my bed. He was reading my book resting on the table. I knew what I was dreaming, and I knew this kind of dreams often occurred due to my slowness in breathing, which I would just say it's sleep paralysis, so I breathed in more oxygen. And I woke up. I looked at my roomie, she was sleeping soundly. Yikes~ I looked around and tried not to fall back asleep, but I did.

And then this time, it was the same setting and the same guy. This time I could see him flipping through the book, and he looked like my colleague, and he was like talking to me, but I found the whole dream eerie, so I began to take the pillow under my right elbow and tried to shoo him away, but the pillow never reached him, and I started calling out for my roomie, but she never heard.... Then I woke up... feeling eerie ... And tried to go back to sleep.

I turned on the lights for awhile and the switched them off because I was feeling so eerie ... and then I fell asleep ...

This time, again, the setting of the dream, was my room. But it was lighted. I was seating on the sofa opposite a girl... I don't remember who ... but we were talking on something. She said ask her while pointing to someone else ... and when I looked at the direction I heard laughter... eerie laughter. I shot up and turned on the lights, and let it run for a while. I saw my roomie stirring in her bed, so I turn it off again.

And I dreamed again! I don't remember it but it was equally eerie, and so I just turned on the lights until I could see the sun rising...

Then I received a morning call at 7 am... I was grateful in a way, but I was already too freak out to return to sleep.

I told my roomie about my nightmares and she felt the room was alright. But I didn't. In the afternoon, I freaked her out again. We were sitting on the bed edges, and I was playing with my book or something like that. And then I saw a black shadow running across the dustbin and below the table, and so I went round the dustbin and table to look for the shadow. I thought it was an insect. And I asked my roomie if she saw what I saw... She just freaked out.

That night, I don't want to return the room, because I still felt not right in the room. And so I hang out at my neighbour's room till 12.30 am...

The next night ... I still felt not right til I can't think right. I wanted to turn on the tv to create some noise in the room, but I can't turn on the TV! And I could predict I would see someone standing behind me on the tv glass. To avoid that, I quickly ran from one corner of the room to the tv and I just don't know why I can't turn on the tv! So I grabbed a friend to turn on the tv for me. I didn't tell her the reason, but she knew why because my roomie has been telling other participants about my encounters. And so this friend was also quite frightened. Yea, she was more frightened, because she mistook my roomie as a ghost when she was standing outside of the door when she open the door. HAHA. Both screamed top of their lungs.

I don't have any nightmares that night, but I was still feeling scared. A friend of mine wanted to see how my room looked like just because of this incident. Funny...

The next night .. I got fed up and I could not wait for my roomie to come back so I could sleep in peace. So I just turned on all the lights in the hotel, and my roomie turned off some when she came back.

I realised something must have followed me back to the room. It came from that toilet I spoke off earlier.

Recently, I found out the event coordinator also experienced something like me! And she also felt something followed her from that toilet too!

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Is back
Sunday, December 12, 2010
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010
If an individual disagree with another individual, they use their fist.

If a group of people disagree with another group, they use sticks.

If a leader of one nation disagrees with another leader from other nations, he/she uses weapons to kill.

I just can't believe there is a war (not certain yet but going to become one) in Korea now. I cannot imagine it. I cannot imagine it happening in my country.

Can't some people just sit down and bash at each other and not involving others? People are not pawns. We are not pawns to begin with. But to think of it, everyone at the food chain is a prey unless u r the top person of the chain. But it never ends ...

Speaking of pawn, I'm under surveillance by my employer not because of my performance but because I'm on good terms with a colleague who has been blacklisted. Everyone knew that I'm under surveillance.

No matter how learned the person is, he or she will never become civilised. This is what I learned from my current experience. Thus, this person fails to be a teacher. How ironic to find such persons in university.

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A vroom meow
Sunday, November 21, 2010
Note: Don't laugh whatever you are going to read next. You have been warned.

Right. I'm now or rather contemplating to watch Harry Potter in the cinema. I want to save money and I don't think I can wait for the next release next year. I was thinking of getting all the final parts in a few years time and organise my own Harry Potter final movie marathon. This idea is indeed tempting if only I'm getting the dvds on my own, which likely not because I don't like to buy dvds. And maybe I would just borrow from my friends.

So on the opening night. I actually dreamed of the movie. Apparently, I dreamed of myself having a role in the movie! Hmm.. villain or not I was not sure but it seems like I'm neutral. I don't side neither and I will only side whoever is on the winning team. HAHAHAH... How did I know? Coz I saw a glimpse of a write up on me acting in the movie and the article was praising me for being able to deliver the character. HAHAHA. And my weapon is spices. HAHAHA.

It was a fun dream. On top of that, I dreamed of having a photoshoot for the write-up. HAHAHA.

On the second thought, I'm embarrassed to share this dream.

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Is just neutral?
Thursday, November 18, 2010
I think whoever read the article written by a youth today in a daily free paper in Kuala Lumpur would definitely slap our forehead without fail. Let me tell you why.

The writer was writing about justice. And so a friend happened to share an incident which he witnessed a month ago. He was passing by an orphanage home and witnessed a caretaker raping a disabled. The writer asked the friend to be the witness for the police report but he didn't want to because he didn't want to bring trouble. So the writer asked why was he telling her after one month. He replied so she could do something.


It reminded me of a friend who I have just made friend with from another friend. She is a law grad and she was sitting beside me during a reunion dinner with some foreign friends in September. We were in this popular Malaysian restaurant which I hated a lot because the food sucks and they are very expensive. Anyways, she and I ordered Laksa (a local Malaysian food) and I was angered when I could not see any fish meat in the noodle. I only had noodle and soup to eat with. I wanted to complain but I have 3 foreign friends sitting opposite me, and I don't want to make a scene. As I was eating, I felt I was suppressing my feelings for justice. (I call this food justice, ha). Hitherto I was angry to be paying RM13.90 for a bowl of noodle with absolute no ingredients and on top of the bill is the guest's food bills. I didn't want to pay for something that I was no satisfied. So I asked this law grad what she thinks of the noodle. She was disappointed as well. So I told her I'm going to COMPLAIN. I kept calling the captain and he finally appeared. So I told him the problem. He asked why I had not bring this matter up when I was still eating. The reply I gave was I have guests and I don't want to make a scene that might create discomfort among my friends and guests. So the captain brought additional fish... While I was calling the captain, I could hear the law grad mumbling under her breath: Maybe we should not complain. And then she was digging into her noodles. Clearly, she was pouting when the captain appeared. I really complained about the food quality, which also embarassed the person who suggested that restaurant. At the end of my meal, the suggester said she didn't know the Laksa was not good since she only eats Nasi Bojari whenever she frequents this restaurant. So I learned my lesson from this experience: Excuse myself to have food somewhere and then reunite with friends who are having meals at restaurants I don't agree with. I cannot be giving face at the expense of my health and pocket. And you know what? I have done this before. I read the menu and nothing was pleasant to me, so I just walked out and grabbed a soy burger within 20 minutes and joined back my friends. Of course, the suggester was sorry because he never even bothered to ask if renaye is vegetarian or not!!!!

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