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Yeah, I'm going to leave this untitled...
Monday. 4.14.08 9:25 pm
When I said I almost didn't get sunburned, I lied. I didn't get burned at all. Just a little red for one day. BOOYAH!

Well, I'm back home. The plane ride in was interesting, especially when we got to the roller coaster hovering over the Charlotte airport. I can't say I didn't have more than a little fun.

Bah, my entire playlist is old. But I keep listening to it. Because I'm that cool. Speaking of which, I gotta go check out For The Sake Of Revenge by Sonata Arctica. I heard one of the songs and it roxors.

Yesterday was Youth Sunday. Which means that the middle and high school youth groups got together and did the service. I had to go up and talk about one of our retreats, called Horizon. I was shaking like a leaf, and I hadn't felt so nauseated since the State meet. I don't know WHY I was so nervous, because I thrive on attention, haha. But everything came out well enough, and the rest of yesterday was the best in a while!

Oh, crap, I just remember the other quiz I have to study for. What a damper, man.

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Note to self:
Friday. 4.11.08 10:29 pm
I bought my skull candy ear buds on APRIL 09, 2009.

They're the freaking awesome-est, by the way. Florida is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I also had to procure some actual sunglasses to block out some of the win. The glare, too. But mostly win.

I almost didn't get sunburned.

I need a hair cut.

toodles (heheh...um...)

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Captain Letdown
Monday. 4.7.08 7:50 pm
Packing for my trip to Florida (again) started today. I'd told Kyle that he shouldn't come over because packing days tend to be horrifying around her. This was stupid beyond reason because...

Mom was at work until almost 6 and the only chores I had to take care of turned out to be finishing the lawn.

By the time I realized that the day might be salvaged, he was leaving for a friend's house.

I would ask directly why coming over after 6 is a bad thing, but that's a bad idea. So I'm going to do my best to leave my memory of it right. here.

Ratatat's Classics album has never sounded so good. They use a phrase JUST to the point of being annoying, and then dump it for something new. Everything is better than the last. It accumulates win.

There, I'm not a complete pessimist anymore. I'm close, but by jove, at least I can still make it freaking funny.


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Clench and Unclench
Thursday. 4.3.08 11:30 pm
Do you ever go to bed, lie down, and realize just how tense you are? I got in bed last night, and all of a sudden I noticed that I'd been chewing my bottom lip out of frustration for at least half an hour. My jaws were tense and the space between my eye and ear on both sides was tight.

I had to force myself to relax. I closed my eyes, sank into the mattress, and let an expression of stupidity (the easiest to maintain) slip over my face.

And then I passed out.

Last night a lot of my personal issues came to mind again. I can be a poisonous little creature...malicious, spiteful, sarcastic...

I wonder why everyone likes groups of three so much. It has a kind of ring to it that nobody can resist. Hmm.

Stephen King...awaits.

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