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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
One in a Million
Tuesday. 9.7.10 11:33 pm
One in a million / Tomohisa Yamashita

Yamapi releases his third single at the end of July with the title One in a Million. At first, I thought the title was pretty common. Tell me, how many songs are there with this same name? I think Backstreet Boys has the same name too. I thought his previous single, Loveless, has a more memorable name. But the most important characteristic in the song is the tune right? I would say it catchy and addictive but only after listening 3 times. It took me quite awhile to like this song. At the beginning, I find Yamapi's voice weak and doesn't seem to blend in with the music. His voice is like a stick sticking out a picture. Strangely, this is what I notice in his Loveless song too. Well, I guess this is his style.

Another note is this lyric doesn't make sense or rather I don't understand what the lyric is all about. On lyric matter, this is his second consecutive time in releasing sad love song. The only thing I like about this song is its catchy disco-like tune. Listening to this song just makes me wanna dance along.

If you are a fan of Yamapi, this is a definite must buy.

Rate: 4/5

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Grudge Crunch
Monday, September 6, 2010
My mum and I are religiously watching a Korean drama called the Grudge: The revolt of Gumiho every Monday and Tuesday. It's about .... will tell you some other time but I have a question here:

Why can't we just leave demons as they are if they don't harm humans?? There is this priest aka hunter keeps on tailing the mother and daughter who are a nine-tailed fox demon. They didn't do anything in fact they have a sad life. Betrayed by the father/husband, the Gumiho mother, is what they are called, tried her best to provide the best for her daughter, who is half demon half human. The mother didn't do any harm, and yet she was hunted. Mother and daughter had such bitter life... and why the hell the hunter can't leave them alone?

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Permanent Head Damage
Thursday, September 2, 2010
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Thunder Blunder
Monday, August 23, 2010
I did a huge mistake today. It was a huge blunder and I was expecting blows from my boss but was grateful that she didn't. In fact, she was on my side and didn't say anything about my mistakes other than apologising to other colleagues who were involved in the event. I just wanted to hide away but I could not when my boss was in the middle of trying to convince the colleagues to do it our way.

Another colleague was just telling me and my boss what is wrong and right, and how we should do things. Sometimes I wonder what her role is. She knew we have an event going on and we need the very same space someone has just booked for another event. But the space we needed went to that someone just because 'I didn't book it'. The blame was so simple. That was all whoever needed to blame someone for their mistake.

It is so hard to say this out. I so in need of someone to hear what I have to say, but that someone will be you. Sorry to upload this from my chest to the blog.

My boss understands that I have too much on my plate to have this blunder. I'm grateful for her understanding but my colleagues are unreliable. Because they often bully me and ended up I have to do the work I have delegated. But I need assistance.

This is my second mistake. I thought I have done everything correctly for this year. Unlike last year, everything was a mess. And this year is a better mess but my boss insisted of having someone to attend the event, and that involves protocol. My life is so hard. I just need a break.

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Occupational hazard
Tuesday, August 17, 2010
I have been working a lot on my laptop recently. Because of that, I have been straining my fingers a lot too. And my fingers got strained after I lifted my hand from the keyboard. It affects my wrist straight to the elbow. It hurts whenever I carry a bowl or even something light.

I went to see a doctor today and she diagnosed me as occupational hazard. Though it was not caused by the computers in my office but I still wanna make a report because the computers in the office are always located 45 degrees on the desk. What worse is the computer at my new workplace can't be moved to 90 degrees. The wires are so short that you can't even move it an inch. I need to do more research on this area because I bring up my case.

Typing doesn't really make my wrist and finger hurt because I know how to accommodate the pain. But the pain annoys me because I can't carry heavy things. And why doc didn't give me some kind of hand clasp in blue ... so I can tell boss to give me slaves!!!

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100 facts about me
Saturday, August 14, 2010
Ugh. I hate this challenge from Nuttz

1. I chose renaye as my nick because it is another alternative name to my English name: Renee.

2.I was born in the South of Malaysia and grew up in the North of Malaysia and studied at the end of the world and now back for good in the middle of Malaysia.

3. I'm hitting 25 year old by next month.

4. I have a very young looking appearance. Many people think I'm still student but to some people they think I have an extreme old appearance.

5. I can live without internet and facebooking.

6. Only ate durian flesh once but love eating durian mooncake, shake and ice cream.

7. I'm a semi-retired otaku but if you mention Naruto in front of me .. I will go crazy. So please don't ever give me spoilers. I can really go crazy anytime anywhere.

8. I have never played computer games like those CS for more than 2 weeks and 10 times.

9. I have 6th sense. I sometimes can see the future, and now I can dream of it but I cannot predict lotto numbers. Damn it. It only happened once back in college. But I can get guidance through my 6th sense. Sometimes I'm hinted of danger and things that are coming to but I always brush it off. HAHA. I take that for granted.

10. I'm not good with mathematical questions but if I practice damn hard under the guidance of a good teacher, my skills can 'prosper'. My skills always got thwarted whenever the good teacher went away ...

11. I always fear of exam because I never get good grades back in high school. And I always got 'tortured' for not getting good grades and position in class since primary school. I have exam phobia. But I had excellent grades in college.

12. I have trauma of living as a human being, and it is giving me trauma now ...

13. I really fall in love with reading after reading LJ Smith's Blackdawn. I cried while reading that book. It's my treasure.

14. I have a lot of interest and would like to try everything but often I have no FOCUS. This made me often wonder how those leonardo da vinci can become a scientist, artist and what not.

15. I hate people telling me 'DON'T KNOW.'

16. I don't like men who try to dominate and control women.

17. I don't like to see people eat and sleep at home especially waiting just to die and try to control people. To me, this kind of people should just die instantly. Don't waste the limited resources on this earth.

18. I hate people who make themselves weak and powerless including myself.

19. I don't believe in love and marriages because I came from a broken family who never taught me that values.

20. I live for myself.

21. I'm into Japanese music scene.

22. I listen to Japanese songs everyday.

23. I like freebies.

24. I want to publish a novel, but I have not come with an idea.

25. I want to publish a manga, but I can't draw so I just come up with writing the plot.

26. I want to do a lot of things and often pray to God that I will have enough time to everything I want to do in this lifetime.

27. I have to continuous tell myself I'm an intelligent person.

28. I'm very money minded.

29. I like to eat and sleep and have fun everyday.

30. I love cats but somehow cats hate me.

31. I'm ok with dogs but dogs love to come to me.

32. I would like to disappear to thin air one day.

33. My birthday indicates that I will not have zero money in my bank account no matter how broke I am. I find this is true... money appears whenever I need it. And recently, I got extra XXX in my bank account without knowing who deposited it. HA.

34. I don't have a favourite colour so I will go with any colours that make me look good.

35. I'm a brown belt level in karate. I actually not supposed to get this level because I forgotten one stance during exam time. Every student who was taking the exam went gag when they saw me skipping one part but ended the stance nicely as though nothing happened. I looked around and saw my friends jittering like monkeys and they kept on showing some punches and I just gave them a blank look. Some gave me an amen look. And later, the sensei announced that I passed. HAHAHA.

36. I dream to be a CEO of a company because I think I'm a better leader than the ones I know.

37. I like baking especially brownies.

38. I never liked coffee drinks until I went to study abroad and got influenced by the lifestyle there. I used to walked pass the little cafe and enjoyed the sight of people sipping their coffees by the roadside... And I joined them with my little book. =)

39. I can make flat white coffee.

40. I have done the flying fox, which was extremely fun!!!

41. I'm living in a unit that has the unlucky number of the Western and Chinese.

42. I have no favourite movies nor series. I like them as long as they don't have stupid plots especially love triangle.

43. My favourite soft drink is Vanilla Coke.

44. I want to change the world.

45 - 100. I can change the world.....

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