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Hippie rant
Thursday. 4.24.08 11:50 pm
wiseguysupreme4: MAn.
Romanticocabrita: What?
wiseguysupreme4: I see people at school.
wiseguysupreme4: With the stickers that say, "Make love, not war"
wiseguysupreme4: Drop beats, not bombs.
wiseguysupreme4: Other stuff.
wiseguysupreme4: Drugs rule! They're AWESOME!
wiseguysupreme4: [CENSORED]'s like that, a little.
wiseguysupreme4: There's so much crap at our school.
wiseguysupreme4: Everywhere.
Romanticocabrita: Yeah...
Romanticocabrita: I'll...never.
Romanticocabrita: Ever.
wiseguysupreme4: It just the drugs.
Romanticocabrita: ?
wiseguysupreme4: It's the whole ideal that you can avoid things like war with...music and sex...
wiseguysupreme4: *not just the drugs*
Romanticocabrita: :-\
wiseguysupreme4: Really. How is that supposed to help?
wiseguysupreme4: If the president had more sex and smoked some doobies, we wouldn't be in Iraq?
wiseguysupreme4: *seethe*
Romanticocabrita: I know.
Romanticocabrita: -huggings-

This really does confound me. It's awful to see people that I know and love...thinking like that. Being like that.


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Super Troopers
Monday. 4.21.08 11:06 pm
Today I made it a point to always end my sentences in a causal "meow" when addressing a teacher. And NOBODY SAID ANYTHING. I told a few students, but almost nobody caught on. We took a test today, and while I didn't think it was a good idea to meow in the essay, I did write meow next to my name. I think I did a really good job with my poker face.

Speaking of poker faces...

WARNING! This is very passive humor. Either you love it or not. So. Wait it out!

I don't know how I managed to not laugh. The faded transitions are just where I cut out a boring part, and also because this was in two takes. I made this LAST YEAR and only put it together at the beginning of April.

This one has actually come back to me in school. People say they like it. This pleases me.

Good night meow!

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Kind of makes me want to BREAK OUT INTO SONG!
Friday. 4.18.08 6:35 pm

Oh, and for you fans of Charlie the Unicorn, there's now a sequel.

Other than that, I have to say that Black20 is the greatest place ever. They have so much original content by a team that just likes to make orginal content. Plus, they track down good videos that I otherwise wouldn't see. Haha.

I'd love to work there! :D

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You should know
Thursday. 4.17.08 10:19 pm
Katie, you should know what when I got home I only ate a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of V8 Fusion. To balance it out.


Today I went to Katie's house after school. At first we just messed around with her dogs and made some poison kool-aid. Then her mom came home, so we went down to the park.

The swing hanging over the creek attracted my attention again, so she watched me swing a few times. Then I realized that one could climb into the tree and jump into the arc from there. This made us both nervous, and when I did it I almost lost my grip and fell in anyway. So it wasn't as fun as I'd planned.

The highlight of MY day was probably the following. I had some sort of dust on my right shoulder that Katie kept trying to brush off, and I wasn't letting her. I was trying to use the rest of my body as a shield, and was doing pretty well. Sometimes, I would pretend to let my guard down and see how she tried to surprise me. She's too slow. :D Anyway, one of those times she was behind me and decided she'd make an ambush lunge. I knew it was coming. I went COMPLETELY ninja, bent down, and turned to the left. Then I stepped forward, and kept turning left. I WOULD have come up behind her, if she hadn't somehow tripped on me and fallen right into the grass. Face down. She flipped over and just started laughing. She'll never live it down.

"romanticocabrita: You do.
romanticocabrita: It's nice.
wiseguysupreme4: But I didn't!
romanticocabrita: You doooo!
wiseguysupreme4: Fine. What are you gonna do about it?
wiseguysupreme4: Huh? huh?
romanticocabrita: I'm gonna...lunge at you!
wiseguysupreme4: And then what? Get off the ground?
romanticocabrita: ...
romanticocabrita: -hate-
wiseguysupreme4: Oh, you laughed.
romanticocabrita: -hatehatehate-"

Most of the play ground equipment made me nauseous, so we hung out in a little old thing for about 30 minutes (we'd already been outside for at least an hour)

Then at almost 8 we went inside and she cooked pirogies with tons of butter. They were mostly cold or unevenly heated, but the last two were left in the pan and therefore much better. They were all super greasy, and I suspect that the death-green kool-aid didn't help my unhealthy predicament.

Then I had to drive home, which was fun because it was just turning dark. I love it!

Refreshing day. Starting homework at nearly 11. whoo!

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