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Oh, humbug.
Tuesday. 4.29.08 12:07 am
It's past midnight and I have almost a whole chapter of work to do in this stupid book. *growl* And, yet, I still do not have the urge to actually DO it. Stupid nap I took today. Stupid stupid.

Haha, Sonata Arctica has a song called "Victoria's Secret". Those guys are the coolest.

Hey guys. Quiet day on nutang, huh?

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Sunday. 4.27.08 10:37 am
For two years now, I have gone to the beach with AJ ("Alaskans Jumping") over the summer. His grandmother has a timeshare in Isle of Palms, and I get to come along. Yey!

My first year, we met these two girls, Haley and Liz, who we've kept in touch with ever since. Last year we tried to sync our beach weeks, but it didn't work out. This year, we made SURE that they'll go the same week we do.

The only problem is, his grandmother is...ugh. Think Monster-in-Law. When Alaskans was in 7th grade, he wanted to go on a boy scout's trip. This is monumental. But it fell on the beach week, and his grandmother refused to try to change it because "it was too much of a hassle". He had to miss the scout trip, and he hasn't gone to scouts since (don't know if that's related).

THIS year, his cousin Kayla, who also comes with us to the beach, is going on a school trip to "impress her teachers for next year". It's not mandatory, it won't help her grades, and I seriously doubt her teachers will hold it against her if she goes. All of a sudden, it's not too much of a hassle to change. Alaskans's grandmother tried to change the date not once, not twice, but three times. And the third time, she actually succeeded. Guess where the NEW beach week falls?

Remember this? Oh, she didn't move the beach to the week of our Appalachia Trip (Alaskans goes too). She wouldn't dare do THAT. But the day after I get back from Tennessee, they want us to drive to the beach. They put it RIGHT after the MOST EXHAUSTING WEEK in both mine and Alaskans's entire summer. And she KNEW what she was doing.

To make it worse, Mom says she might be planning a vacation for that week, so I wouldn't be able to go anyway. Bah.

I really wanted to meet with Haley and Liz again. They apparently have no idea how much this meant to all FOUR of us. Haley's hugely pissed. So am I.

OK. Rant over. Now for a more normal post.

My Friday night was spent helping out at a middle school lock-in at my youth group. You know those moon-walks that you inflate and jump around in? You know that material? Well, we had a moonwalk/boxing ring, a bungee run, an obstacle course, and some sort of duel arena all made out of that weird plastic material. Before the kids got there, us high schoolers got to mess around on all the equipment. I was undefeated at all the events except for boxing, which had no real rules with which to defeat someone, and the dueling. For the dueling, two people stand on these mushy pegs and try to knock the opponent off balance with giant cue tips. I WAS undefeated, until Suzzanne beat me down. But then I became reigning champion of the entire tournament, so I still win.

The bungee run was tons of fun. You basically hook a harness to a bungee cord and run down a lane to place your marker as far as you can before the cord pulls you back. My weight probably helped me dominate. :D

Same goes for the obstacle course, though I'd point out that the material make the ultimate rub burn and now both my knees are sore and one's downright ugly.

Saturday (I need to stop spelling "Saturday" with an "e". Thank God for Firefox, though!) was also busy. In the afternoon I went to Carowinds with Alaskans and friends for his birthday. GREAT day, we laughed at how the new owners had changed the names for the coasters and sometimes had missed a few signs, and how they'd dug up the spaceship crashed in the green lake next to the Borg Assimilator (now the Night Hawk). This was when I found out that the beach change had stuck, but it was still a good old time.

We went home, and Kyle and Ian stayed over for a while and played Brawl with me. Then we went to the Come See Me show, where half the town crowds into the Winthrop Lake area, drinking and eating and watching the fireworks. That was interesting because practically every high schooler was there, even other schools, and it was an adventure finding all these people I hadn't seen in a long time.

A note to the people who "saw me drinking beer". (1) I do not drink. (2) If I DID drink, do you think I'd be walking around in front of a bunch of police officers while I did it? What about the half of my youth group I hung out with? (3) I DO NOT DRINK! I don't even like the smell of alcohol. You guys know me. I'm cool, but I'm not cool enough to break the law. In fact. I'm cool enough NOT to. Take that, you juvenile delinquents! (4) It was root beer. Diet root beer, in fact.

It was interesting, though. Elliot Brown says that if I shaved my head, I could pass for a college student.

I'm going to stop now, before I give my readers a heart attack.

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Hippie rant
Thursday. 4.24.08 11:50 pm
wiseguysupreme4: MAn.
Romanticocabrita: What?
wiseguysupreme4: I see people at school.
wiseguysupreme4: With the stickers that say, "Make love, not war"
wiseguysupreme4: Drop beats, not bombs.
wiseguysupreme4: Other stuff.
wiseguysupreme4: Drugs rule! They're AWESOME!
wiseguysupreme4: [CENSORED]'s like that, a little.
wiseguysupreme4: There's so much crap at our school.
wiseguysupreme4: Everywhere.
Romanticocabrita: Yeah...
Romanticocabrita: I'll...never.
Romanticocabrita: Ever.
wiseguysupreme4: It just the drugs.
Romanticocabrita: ?
wiseguysupreme4: It's the whole ideal that you can avoid things like war with...music and sex...
wiseguysupreme4: *not just the drugs*
Romanticocabrita: :-\
wiseguysupreme4: Really. How is that supposed to help?
wiseguysupreme4: If the president had more sex and smoked some doobies, we wouldn't be in Iraq?
wiseguysupreme4: *seethe*
Romanticocabrita: I know.
Romanticocabrita: -huggings-

This really does confound me. It's awful to see people that I know and love...thinking like that. Being like that.


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Super Troopers
Monday. 4.21.08 11:06 pm
Today I made it a point to always end my sentences in a causal "meow" when addressing a teacher. And NOBODY SAID ANYTHING. I told a few students, but almost nobody caught on. We took a test today, and while I didn't think it was a good idea to meow in the essay, I did write meow next to my name. I think I did a really good job with my poker face.

Speaking of poker faces...

WARNING! This is very passive humor. Either you love it or not. So. Wait it out!

I don't know how I managed to not laugh. The faded transitions are just where I cut out a boring part, and also because this was in two takes. I made this LAST YEAR and only put it together at the beginning of April.

This one has actually come back to me in school. People say they like it. This pleases me.

Good night meow!

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