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A moment of silence
Monday. 4.15.13 6:36 pm
This is for the people injured/killed/affected in today's Boston Marathon bombing.

My prayers go out to them.

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.

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Go figure
Sunday. 4.14.13 4:42 pm
I have heat! Temporary heat, that is. My actual heater is still not working, but the company has to wait on a contractor to come out and get it fixed. I'm making a guess from what I was told, but it sounds like they need a certified engineer to fix the problem. Our humble maintenance man isn't trained on the kind of stuff that powers the heat in our tower. It makes me feel a little bit better knowing that I wasn't the only one who was suffering. The unit below mine has been without heat as well. However, since the message that my heater wasn't working somehow got delayed, the contractor only fixed the one downstairs and will have to come back out to fix mine. Until then, I was provided with a space heater that is working rather nicely. I may be able to remove some of the extra blankets on the bed tonight.

Of course I get the space heater the day that the sun decides it wants to come back out and has been slowly heating my room up all afternoon. It couldn't be sunny the last couple days, no. That would have made too much sense.

So we went to the movies last night. We saw Oz: the Great and Powerful. It was a pretty good movie. We ate at Johnny Rockets before the movie. I ordered wings without asking if they were boneless and ended up having to eat regular chicken wings. I don't really mind eating regular chicken wings, I just prefer boneless. Less messy, easier to eat. I didn't complain, though, because it was my own fault for forgetting to ask. I ate way too much food and the shake didn't exactly help keep me from filling up. I couldn't even eat the M&Ms that I got for the movie. Oh well. I had M&Ms for my snack today.

I really need to go grocery shopping for this week. I just lack the motivation to do so during the week because I'm tired after work and just want to get home and out of the uniform. Monday is usually a pretty decently slow day at work so maybe tomorrow I'll be up to going shopping.

Anywho, I am going to enjoy my space heater.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Saturday. 4.13.13 3:38 pm
We decided not to go to Roller Derby tonight. I think we're all kind of derby'ed out. If we had others coming, we would still go, but since everyone else bailed on us, we'll just kind of do our own thing tonight. Not sure what that is yet, though.

I've decided not to bug the property manager today or tomorrow, but come Monday if something still hasn't been done, she will be hearing from me again. The temporary solution to this problem is to take really long, hot showers. Today the temp raised 3 degrees because of it. It'll probably drop again by the time I get home, but whatever. It's a temporary solution.

Alright, I need to finish getting ready to head out.

Until tomorrow. . .

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You choose
Friday. 4.12.13 9:28 pm
I can't think of an appropriate title for today's entry. I already used 'brr' yesterday.

The temp has dropped over 10 degrees since the night before last. I text the property manager again and apparently I'm not the only one in my tower without heat. Hopefully something gets done about it tomorrow. If it gets much colder in here, I'll get sick again. For once I'm hoping for a bright, sunny day. Or for the heat to get fixed. The latter is more favorable.

I helped out a friend today. He needed to get a tote for moving and I offered to drive him so that he wouldn't have to worry about taking the tote on a bus. We wandered around a couple different stores, got what we needed {I needed a hair brush; mine snapped a few days ago} and headed over to the mall to grab a bite to eat. We went to Red Robin. The food was tasty. Afterward we took a walk through the mall to assist in getting the food through our systems before heading back to the car.

Nothing else happened today. I've been watching The Walking Dead most of the day. I think I have two more episodes in season 2, then I just have to wait for Netflix to get season 3. Hopefully I won't have to wait long.

Anywho, laundry and Derby is tomorrow. I will probably be writing an early entry. Or tomorrow will be the one day I miss for this month. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Until then. . .

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Thursday. 4.11.13 5:28 pm
Having my heat break wouldn't matter if it was 30 degrees warmer outside. But since it's only 52 degrees outside right now, having a non-working heater sucks. I think the goosebumps on my arms are starting to become permanent. I also shouldn't have to wear a hoodie in my own apartment. This is ridiculous.

I've reported the broken heater to my property manager, but who knows how long until they'll have someone come out to fix it. If my thermostat gets down to 61 {only 4 degrees left} before they come out out to fix it, I will be contacting her again. I pay my rent, I should get my maintenance done in a timely fashion.

It also wouldn't be quite as big a deal if it was sunny outside. The sun beating on my windows would help warm the place up. But of course this is Spring time in the Pacific Northwest so there won't be much constant sunshine for another few weeks.

What makes this funny is that come July or August or even September, I'll probably be talking about just the opposite: how I wish I had A/C and that it was cooler out because it's too damn hot in here. Hopefully the summer isn't nearly as sweltering as it was last year.

Until then, I'm cold. I am not okay with the fact that my heater isn't working. Fuckers better fix this shit soon.

Until tomorrow . . .

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Wednesday. 4.10.13 7:51 pm
98 days in to the year and when I have a day like today it makes this challenge a little more difficult. Don't get me wrong, I like having a slow, boring day at work. It just means I have to reach for something to type up.

Which means you'll get to read about the weather we had today. {Food and weather ... those are the go to topics when you're stretching for a conversation.}

The day started out cloudy and kind of drizzly. Then the wind picked up along with the rain and it made for a rather icky day. After that the wind blew the storm North and the sun popped out. According to the news, it will be about the same tomorrow as well.

Right now we've got about 13 hours of daylight. The sun is rising shortly before 7 and setting shortly before 8. Only a couple more months and it will be getting light out before 5 and staying that way until almost 10.

Anywho, that's about all I can stretch for today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Until then. . .

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