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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
cny, the long ver.
57th day of 2007
i know this is kinda late. lol

well, first day was standard. we go to our oldest living relative's place and we gamble. everyone of our side of the family gather's there so i pretty much get all my ang baos done pat. i'm a lousy gambler, so if u are broke and u need to skin someone, its probably me.

2nd day met Fad to watch Ghost Rider at Vivo. Was hoping Gap to be open, being an ang mo store and all. but only forever 21 (and some scattered stores here and there) was. Basically, all i wanna say here is DON'T watch Ghost Rider. Crap.

3rd. Met Fad. AGAIN. lol. and ben and T. Finally. Fad has been trying to jio Ben since we grad, ie. abt 1 and a half yrs ago. and we finally found the right time. lol. Gotta hand it to Fad's preserverance. Lunch. Ben can walk (recovering from Op). T's life sucks. i'm depressed at the thot of work (but thats quite a common ailment), Fad was driven kuku by 99bucks only! (read her blog).

Went to my boss's home for angbao getting whu coincidentally lives in Kembangan. So pestered T to send me (and bf)tho he was supposed to go to the hospital. Hee. bu kui shi wo de road map. Appreciate it!

work 2 days
Mc-ed on Friday.

Sat went to watch Chingay! my first time watching live and their 35th year performing. its a street parade with floats and flamboyant dancers, feathers and face paint for the madi gras styled performers and slick moves for the hip hop dancers. My sis was slated to perform. but for some reason, her item was cancelled. my sis was overjoyed.

me and Fad AGAIN were sitting on the pavement together with a whole bunch of pple, who i presume, going my their cheers, were supporting some sort of relative whatsoever too. was in the hip hop section, so we have a lot of dance items. from african tribal to viet, indo dance, american swing, chinese arcobatics. japanese drums, and bizzarely they actually wrote a song for Sinagpore Chingay. and its goes "Sing Sing Sing Singapur" and well, other stuff .

other sections i presume have other stuff. ie. the retro section, where the Presidant was sitting, had fireworks.also, i saw marilyn monroe and vintage vespas there when me and fad walked upstream heading to the MRT. geez.

had SCRUMPTIOUS supper with family. at this place in casurina road, where they purportedly served THE Curry Crab to THE IMF pple when they were here. damn shiok lah the prawn. fresh and huge and fried with butter. shark's fin was fanatstic too. baby quids were crsipy and crunchy and absolutely just right. just the yu sheng wasn't too wow.


visited D's friend's place at teckwhye. din realise its actually so close to home $9.70 for cab fare. the friend's kid is already 2.5 yrs old, and sings Tong Hua non stop. lol complete with gyrating hips. lol. damn cute!




ps: and kaypos like me can check out Audrey's friendster, big big photos of her and bf. tsk tsk nu da 18 bian. lol

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Friday. 2.16.07 10:54 pm
its reunion dinner night tonight and we're not having steamboat!

that itself is cause for celebration.. lol
this year's most common reunion dinner fare is the Pen Cai. Literally tub of veges (also dishes). and thats what ware having.

it used to be a traditional communal dish is rural china or so my impression from HK drama serials tell me. now its a popular new year fad

need to go do some last min new yr manicure stuff.

watching Bambi: the prince etc the movie remastered and on the Disney chn.

oops it just finished.

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