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It has come to my attention...
Saturday. 5.10.08 7:11 pm
No longer do I have "abdominal muscles with a protective layer of fat". It's official. I have a fat tummy.

Not that my abs are completely gone. They're just completely hidden.

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There's a difference
Thursday. 5.8.08 5:46 pm
There's a noticeable difference between believing something, saying something, knowing the theory. Anyone can say they know something. They can actually know it in their head. But it's so weird to realize that suddenly that you've been taking something for granted and things are different. More beautiful. Sometimes a scene in a movie will make my skin tingle because it's so strong and awesome that it leaves an impression. Earlier I got in touch with something that made everything seem more alive. More important.

How can we live like this? How do we manage to keep our noses stuck in our narrow lives, never looking up to something beyond? It's mortally depressing, but I still do it, too. No wonder people off themselves. Not that life isn't amazing and beautiful. Not that we don't stop to appreciate it every now and then (even though some of us really don't). It's just what we do with our lives that is so repulsive. There's something so much more beautiful than a sunrise or mountaintop, waiting for us. We were made for it. So why do we flit from one thing in our lives, trying to fill the gap, fulfill the need? This life is merely a shadow. Yes, it is pretty nice. But it's not what we were made for. We're trying to run ourselves on the wrong fuel.

Humans are so freaking contrary.

But man, I've never just known how lucky I am. What I have to look forward to. I've known for years, but it's still never occurred to me until recently...

There's so much more that I want to say, but I can't get my mind completely around it right now. Too much at one time. I need to stop and digest for a while.

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Thin ice
Tuesday. 5.6.08 9:56 pm
Since it's Teacher Appreciation Week, I've been noticing that the teachers that still like me are fairly awesome.

ESPECIALLY this week, because I've been downright hyper. Plus I'm a complainer. I tease about things that don't agree with me, and sometimes I do it too much. Or I say something a LITTLE too inappropriate. Or I just don't shut up.

*begin story*
There are 3 lunch periods at my school. One before third block. One in the middle of third block. And one after third block. A classroom, including the teacher and students inside, are assigned to a certain lunch period based on location. (we have 5 buildings, 3 of which are 2 stories, and one of which is about 2.5 gyms crammed together. It's great.) This semester, my third block is Government/Economics with...um....Mrs. Undras *cough* . That class means second lunch, UNLESS we have a test. Like the HUGE, 4.5 CHAPTER TEST WE HAD TODAY. On days like those, we break the rules and have first lunch because we're awesome and also because going to a lunch break in the middle of a test is a bad idea. At least, it is at my school.

But today my hopes of eating in a timely manner were dashed. And at the last minute, no less. Mrs. Undras got the nice lady on the intercom to announce that her class would be attending THIRD lunch. Which is an hour and a half later than I'd been planning all weekend to eat today. See how important it was? See? See? Moving on, then.

For the life of me, I could not type the "N" in "then" just now. It took me 6 or 7 tries. Geeze.

ANYWAY, I went to class, and passed Mrs. Undras in the hall. I stopped and squinted my eyes at her. She almost choked on her apple. (laughing) See how I spread joy?

Well, this morning she'd told me that it was maybe not a good idea for me to go to the morning study sessions. I'm assuming she was kidding.

It was my first time at one of the study sessions, too. Haha. So I get both sides of the coin. The same goes for the block before, Programming 1 with Mrs. Brunette (haha, wow). I have lots of fun in there. It's very relaxed. Probably hands down my favorite class this semester.

everybody HEARS: oh, and today Holly was all pink and Lauren was all blue.
everybody HEARS: They looked like the two unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn 2.
everybody HEARS: The two annoying unicorns in my life.
wiseguysupreme4: hahaha
wiseguysupreme4: I'm laughing.
wiseguysupreme4: What an anology.
everybody HEARS: They are really like that.
everybody HEARS: And it's the most annoying thing.
everybody HEARS: like one time, one misrable time
everybody HEARS: I had to sit cramped inbetween them
everybody HEARS: Holly steals all my seats. MY ASSIGNED SEATS
everybody HEARS: and then one of them would make this humming noise

Sorry. I had to put this up. It's too perfect.

My favorite class, hands down. But man, oh man, that teacher puts up with so much crap from me. She is also fairly amazing. For her efforts I gave her a $5.00 coupon to PW's Icecream today. It was in my wallet, she said she liked PW's, and I figured it was a good match.

So, to Mrs. Undras and Mrs. Brunette, THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME! I have other awesome teachers, but you guys are the current best. Heh.

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Monday. 5.5.08 6:16 pm
1) Take a packet of any flavor kool-aid powder. Doesn't matter which.
2) Mix it with the suggested amount of water PLUS about 2 gallons, or until it tastes like sugar water.
3) Add enough calories to make someone go insane.
4) Pour into bottles of a corresponding color.
5) Sell for $3.00 a bottle.

Exaggeration? Almost. The only good thing I can see about Vitamin Water is that they USED to play awesome commercials in my area.

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