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Girly stuff
Friday. 4.19.13 8:40 pm
The kind of girly stuff that makes people uncomfortable {despite the fact that it's a natural part of life ... like pooping.} You have been warned.

This is the second month in a row where my period has not started on time. I'm beginning to think that my body is somehow building up an immunity to my birth control {which is bad} and that's why I'm not starting on time. For the past few years of being on this pill, I've started like clockwork. I had it down to knowing when I would start to within 12 hours. It was like that up until last month when I started about 24 hours late. Which is what seems to be happening this month as well. It's rather frustrating.

Monday after work I will be making a phone call to schedule an appointment with a new doctor. I want to talk to her about getting an IUD instead of getting the script for pills refilled. I've talked to three different people who have an IUD and they all love it. I'm hoping I have the same kind of experience.

I still have all the symptoms of menstruation: the cramps, the bloating, the fatigue. Worrying and stress can cause it to be even later, but it's hard not to worry about it so it's a rather annoying catch 22 that I'm in right now.

In other news, it's been raining all day. I ran some quick errands, but have spent most of the day at home due to the fact that I haven't been feeling well. I have a lot more to do tomorrow regardless of how I'm feeling so I guess it's good that I took today to rest. I shouldn't be out too long though so there should still be plenty of down time to rest.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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All's quiet
Thursday. 4.18.13 7:54 pm
Work was incredibly uneventful until the last hour and half. We had two codes back to back, about half an hour apart. Just as we finished up with one, another was called. I'm just thankful that neither was my report to write.

Each weekend is becoming more and more of a relief. I should not feel like I'm lifting a weight off my shoulders at the end of every work week, but that's how I feel. Before it was just, oh nice, it's the weekend. Now? I'm already ready to skip to the next weekend.

I have errands to run this weekend. I will probably split them up between the two days, but I know one thing is for sure. I will be sleeping in tomorrow. I'm already tired, but I told Jacob I would pick him up from work so I have to stay up until at least then.

I was excited when I got home today and my heater was on. It's something that I really shouldn't be that excited about, but after a week in the cold I'm very glad to have it back in working condition.

Anywho, I may actually nap for an hour before I have to pick Jacob up. I guess it depends on how I feel.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Wednesday. 4.17.13 7:37 pm
My heater got fixed today guys! It was so nice hearing it click on and felt so good as the room slowly warmed up. It got fixed just as the cloud cover moved in. After it was fixed, I laid down to take a nap and it felt like I hadn't slept in days. I'm still tired enough that I could probably go back to sleep and sleep through the night. However, I woke up super thirsty so I'll probably be awake for a little while re-hydrating.

Work started off way busier than I ever want it to. I start my shift at 6am. 6:01, a code red was announced. For those of you that don't know what that means, it's a hospital term for fire. Now, 99% of the time, it has to do with water pressure being off or a wire trip or something that isn't actually a fire or smoke related. Today, was not one of those days.

There wasn't a fire or visible smoke, but something was definitely burning/burned because it was really hard to breathe in the affected area. The fire department showed up and indicated that it smelled like something had burned in a microwave, but we didn't see a microwave in the affected area. Upon further search, it was discovered that that was the cause and the FD was really nice about having to be called out for such a petty thing, but us {security} and the engineers {who had also JUST arrived for their shift} were definitely not amused.

The individual had put something in the microwave, hit a button and walked away {out of the area} to do something, assuming that it would stop after a minute. Skip ahead to a code red, the FD showing up, running around for a good 10 minutes and finally locating a charred piece of an unidentifiable object, he wasn't even sorry for his negligence. Instead, he was making jokes. NOT FUNNY FUCKER.

It was too damn early for something like that. The whole ordeal was over in about 20 minutes, but it was still a lot more action than any of us wanted to deal with that early in the morning.

The rest of the shift was fairly uneventful, but the fact that we were shot out of a cannon first thing in the morning, the adrenaline that usually builds in slow increments throughout the day had already come, been used up and was gone by mid shift. I'm super glad that my heater was fixed today and that nap just felt so refreshing.

One more day left and I'm hoping tomorrow is the most boring day at work ever. Maybe just a few busy calls to help pass the time, but I definitely do not want to have a repeat of how this morning started out.

And that's all I have for today. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Until then. . .

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Tuesday. 4.16.13 8:02 pm
Today was my hump day. Tuesday is almost always the busiest day of the week and today didn't fail. I did have a lot of down time to patrol and whatnot, but when stuff happens, it tends to happen all at once. Nothing major happened out of the ordinary, but it still happened all right around the same time. Oh well. At least it happened toward the end of the shift so I didn't have to deal with much before I got to go home.

My heater was supposed to be fixed today, but now I'm being told it'll be fixed tomorrow. At least I have a time for tomorrow so I know what/when to anticipate. I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't get postponed again. If it goes much longer than a week, I may have to start complaining. They're being really apologetic, but it can only go so far before it starts to become ridiculous.

The sun came out in the late afternoon so that actually managed to warm the place up a bit. I was hoping that the shower would help warm it up another couple degrees, but I guess I didn't have the hot water on long enough. Oh well. It's comfortable enough in here right now.

I need to start exercising again. I'm starting to gain back the weight that I lost. I will probably wait until Sunday before I start up again, though, just so that I don't start in the middle of the week then have to figure out a routine. We'll see what happens.

Anywho, that's about it for today. Two more days of work, then the weekend and payday. I can't wait.

Until tomorrow. . .

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A moment of silence
Monday. 4.15.13 6:36 pm
This is for the people injured/killed/affected in today's Boston Marathon bombing.

My prayers go out to them.

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.

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Go figure
Sunday. 4.14.13 4:42 pm
I have heat! Temporary heat, that is. My actual heater is still not working, but the company has to wait on a contractor to come out and get it fixed. I'm making a guess from what I was told, but it sounds like they need a certified engineer to fix the problem. Our humble maintenance man isn't trained on the kind of stuff that powers the heat in our tower. It makes me feel a little bit better knowing that I wasn't the only one who was suffering. The unit below mine has been without heat as well. However, since the message that my heater wasn't working somehow got delayed, the contractor only fixed the one downstairs and will have to come back out to fix mine. Until then, I was provided with a space heater that is working rather nicely. I may be able to remove some of the extra blankets on the bed tonight.

Of course I get the space heater the day that the sun decides it wants to come back out and has been slowly heating my room up all afternoon. It couldn't be sunny the last couple days, no. That would have made too much sense.

So we went to the movies last night. We saw Oz: the Great and Powerful. It was a pretty good movie. We ate at Johnny Rockets before the movie. I ordered wings without asking if they were boneless and ended up having to eat regular chicken wings. I don't really mind eating regular chicken wings, I just prefer boneless. Less messy, easier to eat. I didn't complain, though, because it was my own fault for forgetting to ask. I ate way too much food and the shake didn't exactly help keep me from filling up. I couldn't even eat the M&Ms that I got for the movie. Oh well. I had M&Ms for my snack today.

I really need to go grocery shopping for this week. I just lack the motivation to do so during the week because I'm tired after work and just want to get home and out of the uniform. Monday is usually a pretty decently slow day at work so maybe tomorrow I'll be up to going shopping.

Anywho, I am going to enjoy my space heater.

Until tomorrow. . .

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