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Saturday. 4.27.13 7:53 pm
I ended up in bed early last night because Jacob decided he wanted to take a walk after work. I was probably asleep before 10 and wide awake at 3:45 ... go figure. It took me about an hour to fall asleep again and I was awake off and on until around 9:30 when I finally gave up and got up. I had a dream that I was being held hostage in a facility where I could move about as I wanted, but I wasn't allowed to leave the facility. The dream was spent with me and a friend trying to escape. There were other dreams, but I don't remember them now.

I got my laundry done when I woke up and hung out for a little bit with Jacob. We watched the movie The A-Team. It was pretty amusing. After the movie was over, I showered, put my clothes away and just kind of hung out for a bit. We went out for a little bit in the afternoon. My friend needed a couple things set up on his laptop that he couldn't figure out so Jacob helped him out.

After that we came back home and I cooked up some noms. I used my mini Pillsbury biscuits {I always have trouble spelling that word; I have no idea why} turkey meatballs, 3 kinds of cheese and some pepperoni. It's a yummy alternative to the pizza biscuits that I had been making. And the tiny biscuits are the perfect size too. Pillsbury also makes mini croissants. It's awesome.

Now I'm just kind of hanging out. I'll probably be going to bed in an hour or so. Work starts up again tomorrow. Joy.

Until then . . .

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Daily entry
Friday. 4.26.13 7:40 pm
Because I can't think of a better title.

I survived 9 days in the game Don't Stave {better randomjunk? =P} but I still have a lot to learn in the game. Apparently you can create science-y type stuff and in doing so you can make weapons and armor. If I don't play again later, I may try out the stuff tomorrow.

I got out of the house a little bit today. I went over to my friend's apartment to help a friend of his get some of his stuff in to her car. He's moving next week and his friend offered to keep some of his stuff in her garage. It would have offered to keep some of it if I didn't live in a 180 sq ft room. I barely have enough room for my own things. He said I might be getting some of his LEGO stuff though, which I actually have room for. It'll all depend on how he wanted to take the stuff apart.

After that I went to the store and finally got some grocery shopping done. I have enough food to get me through the rest of the week until next payday. However, since I am not in the mood to cook tonight, I drove a little out of my way to get a KFC Famous Bowl. The sodium content is super high, but it was tasty and filling. It'll probably be a while before I get another one.

For now, I think I may take a quick nap before I have to go pick Jacob up from work. I have laundry to get done tomorrow, but that's about it. It's supposed to be rainy tomorrow so that'll be nice. Hopefully it'll start in the middle of the night and will make sleeping all the more enjoyable.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Don't starve
Thursday. 4.25.13 7:30 pm
I have played once. I survived 3 days. I finally found rock and was attacked by spiders. Fucking arachnids.

I will make another attempt later.

It's finally my weekend and it's the warmest it's been all year. We got up to 71 today. I have two of my three windows open. It's warm inside, but the breeze feels nice. And since I don't have to go to bed at my normal time tonight, I will be leaving my windows open later in to the evening so that it can cool off a bit in here.

Tomorrow is supposed to be almost as warm, but the clouds will be moving in throughout the day due to a weak system moving in for the weekend. It will be rainy and cool down over Saturday and Sunday. I'm okay with that. Having a week or so of warm, sunny weather is nice, but I don't want to go more than that without rain. Perhaps I'll get out and enjoy the weather tomorrow. Or I'll just stay inside and hermit it up. I guess it just depends on how I feel. Either way, I'm sleeping in.

I feel like I'm drinking a lot more water at home now that I have a water filtration jug; then again the bottle I use is a bit smaller than the 1 litre bottles I use for work. So I'm probably still drinking the same amount, but feeling like I'm consuming it faster due to the size difference in the bottle.

Alright, I think I'm going to watch a show or two on Hulu before I have to go pick Jacob up from work. Or I may make another attempt at Don't Starve and see how long I survive.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Wednesday. 4.24.13 7:58 pm
Well, I got sleep last night. I was asleep around 9, woke up once around 3:30 ... and slept through my work alarm. Waking up when you're supposed to be leaving the house is not a good way to start the morning. You have to think way too much way too close to waking up. I would have only been a few minutes late if the section of road I usually take wasn't blocked off causing me to turn around and take an extra few blocks. Or if I hadn't forgotten to grab my badge out of my car and not realizing it until I got to a badge access door causing me to have to walk around to the other side of the building to access it. Luckily the work day was completely uneventful.

It hit 70 today according to the news. This was the first day Seattle has seen 70 since Oct 8th. It was actually pretty nice outside today. It's supposed to gradually get cooler and by the weekend it will be cool and rainy again. I'm okay with that. The contrast is nice. When it's hot and sunny every day for long periods of time without any kind of precipitation is when it gets on my nerves. Like when I lived in the desert.

Tomorrow is my Friday and I am so glad it's finally arrived. No plans for the weekend. I still need to get a little grocery shopping done, but now I only have a week to shop for instead of two. I'll be making this new biscuit recipe that my sister found. It's cheese and meatballs inside instead of the pizza biscuits that I had been making. I was getting kind of tired of them so I'm glad she found and shared it with me.

Yep, that's it for today. Bed in the next hour or so and then the final day of the work week.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Some OT
Tuesday. 4.23.13 7:37 pm
I worked 4 1/2 hours overtime today. It was supposed to only be 4 hours, but my relief was late. I didn't mind too much, but it felt really good to get home. I showered and now I'm off my feet. I would have to say that's the worst part about working overtime; my feet get really sore toward the end of a shift where I've been on my feet most of the time there.

Two more days then the weekend again. No plans for this weekend. I will probably just laze around and enjoy the fact that I have no plans.

Last night my sleep was exactly the same as the night before, except that I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm went off so I wasn't confused when it did go off. But I was awake a little after 2, fell back asleep and woke up what felt like 10 minutes later instead of the 3 hours that actually passed. Perhaps tonight will be different? Who knows. Guess I'll find out and will write about it tomorrow.

Until then. . .

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Earth Day
Monday. 4.22.13 8:34 pm
I didn't do anything particularly special for Earth Day, but I sort of contributed. Instead of driving all the way Downtown for lunch after work, I only drove a part of the way and took the bus/walked the rest of the way. It's not much of a difference, but the bus I rode was a hybrid so that did help some.

A couple of my friends and I went to this place called the Veggie Grill. For those who follow me regularly might remember that I went there for my birthday dinner last year. It's a vegan place and all the food is amazingly delicious. Part of me wishes I didn't like meat and cheese so much or I could totally go vegan. Or that I had a better paying job so that I could afford to go vegan. Even if I had more money, I still probably couldn't completely give up animal products all together. Either way, the food is great.

After that we walked through a small, private cemetery that I never would have known was there if it weren't for my friend telling me where to go. It was quiet and peaceful.

This is the second day in a row where I've gone out and done stuff after work so I'm pretty tired again. Especially after the crap sleep I got last night. I was awake around 2 and fell back asleep fairly quickly, but what felt like 10 minutes later I woke up very confused as to why my alarm was going off already. . . except it was 3 hours later. I'd rather sleep for 10 minutes and feel like I slept for 2 hours than vice versa. Needless to say, I will be calling it another early night. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get a sound night's sleep.

Until tomorrow. . .

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