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What would happen if...?
Sunday. 5.11.08 6:14 pm
How much danger would we, as a species, be in if you couldn't magically see anime characters' eyes through their outrageous bangs?

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HAHAHAHA! *huge laughing*
Saturday. 5.10.08 8:53 pm
I was just introduced to the term "e-penis" on L-Lawliet's nutang. It's used to describe someone's social status or presence on an internet community or prowess in other geeky areas of life like video game stats.

Which means, of course, that randomjunk has the largest e-penis on nuTang (most active list).



Ah, no! I touched my eye on Thursday to emphasize my point. My point was, "Like Chuck Norris, I am too awesome to get pink eye!"

My eye hurts. Crapity Crap crap.

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It has come to my attention...
Saturday. 5.10.08 7:11 pm
No longer do I have "abdominal muscles with a protective layer of fat". It's official. I have a fat tummy.

Not that my abs are completely gone. They're just completely hidden.

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There's a difference
Thursday. 5.8.08 5:46 pm
There's a noticeable difference between believing something, saying something, knowing the theory. Anyone can say they know something. They can actually know it in their head. But it's so weird to realize that suddenly that you've been taking something for granted and things are different. More beautiful. Sometimes a scene in a movie will make my skin tingle because it's so strong and awesome that it leaves an impression. Earlier I got in touch with something that made everything seem more alive. More important.

How can we live like this? How do we manage to keep our noses stuck in our narrow lives, never looking up to something beyond? It's mortally depressing, but I still do it, too. No wonder people off themselves. Not that life isn't amazing and beautiful. Not that we don't stop to appreciate it every now and then (even though some of us really don't). It's just what we do with our lives that is so repulsive. There's something so much more beautiful than a sunrise or mountaintop, waiting for us. We were made for it. So why do we flit from one thing in our lives, trying to fill the gap, fulfill the need? This life is merely a shadow. Yes, it is pretty nice. But it's not what we were made for. We're trying to run ourselves on the wrong fuel.

Humans are so freaking contrary.

But man, I've never just known how lucky I am. What I have to look forward to. I've known for years, but it's still never occurred to me until recently...

There's so much more that I want to say, but I can't get my mind completely around it right now. Too much at one time. I need to stop and digest for a while.

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