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Sunday. 5.25.08 1:49 pm

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Thursday. 5.22.08 9:28 pm
I managed to leave my science book at school.

With all my homework papers in it. That I need to finish HERE, not the block before it's due.

*starts over*

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Oh, ew, blergh, *puke*
Wednesday. 5.21.08 4:46 pm
I feel crappy today.

Instead of sleeping last night, I involuntarily swallowed almost constantly. This was to reduce the dry, itching at the back of my throat, which was quite horrendous. But since I had to do it every 20 or 25 seconds, it apparently didn't help much. As a topper, I had a sick stomach because of all the saliva I'd swallowed this morning.

My mom gave me a throat lozenge, which let me get some sleep for about two hours. Then I went to school.

My throat is still nasty and I keep hacking/coughing. All day at school. This is big deal for me, because I don't have allergies (soon to change? D:) and I never get sick.

I think it's the amount of chlorine they put in the stinking pool. It burned my nasal passages out..

OH, YEAH! Now I remember that yesterday I got a bunch of that bitter water up my nose and I had to stop to catch my breath.

Anyway. It sucks. Hope your days are better!

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Iron Man lives again!
Sunday. 5.18.08 10:38 pm
Yeah, I just saw that. I'm going to be talking like Tony Stark for the rest of the school year. I already kind of do, anyway. My mom liked it, so you know it's good.

My Sansa broke about a week ago...I stepped on it, I think. The screen was cracked, but something inside was also broken. Because it only stays on for about 4 seconds, and the computer can not communicate with it anymore. BUT!

I'm getting an 8 gig Zune. And I'm super excited about it. I've told multiple people. Multiple times.

Read another Ted DekKer book...and am also thrilled with it. Now I need to buy the last one in that particular series. Black, Red...and then White. Fitting.

Yesterday I went to Katie's house for an hour or so, and I glomped the crap out of her. What fun. Really, it was fun. Apparently she was holding out on her cooking, though...D:

Mosquito season....merr.

Anyone seen the Trailer for the movie City of Ember? Man, that looks intense...

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