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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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Computer Maintenence sucks!
Thursday, October 27, 2005
Yes that's right! Computer maintenece sucks buttcheeks! I just found out that I scoreed an 80% on my test! Damn that teacher! I wraned him that I suffer from short term memory! Anywaz volleyball season ended yesterday with a defeat by Blake. DAMN THOSE BENGALS! I am about to get busted by the mean old library person.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Back from a long time. Just been busy with volleyball and my poetry portfolio for English which I've been done for 2 days now. Tomorrow is JV's last game of the season and then it's back to school work. I am not doing very well but no one knows. Anywaz today is twin day and I tried doing something stupid on the picture that they took of me with Lex, who is my twin. I had to put my hair in pig tails so we can look like twins. We really looked like twins a lot compared to the other people. Everyone told me to keep the pig tails b/c I look cute and nice. I look like a freak! I bought Homecomming tickets and I wanted a bobble head but cost like $10-$12! School has been quiet. No freshman got beaten up or bothered. I'm still in pig tails! School is quiet lately so there's not much to update.

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stupid freshmen!
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Damn those freshmen! One used her fingernail and stabbed me on the arm yesterday just to get the basketball away from me! Then another freshman guy elbowed me on my right arm and now I have a huge black and blue spot on my arm. It's a bruise if no one understand what I was saying. Last Friday, this STUPID freshman hit the ball like it was golf (we were playing street hockey by the way) and it hit directly at my eye! Thanks to her I got a black-eye! It's not very visible but it is when u look at me very closely. I was about to start a fight but I couldn't b/c I have a game that day and I hate to being benched! They're gonna get it! Next week is Freshman Hell Week. They're gonna regret it!! Never mess with an upperclassman b4 Freshman Hell Week. It is not rumor or fake, it's real! I've been through it. (I almost got thrown in the trash during my freshmen year) We finally won a game yesterday against Seneca Valley and we're playing Paint Branch again tomorrow. That freshman that stabbed me w/ her fingernail doesn't know I wiped my blood (after she stabbed me) on her shirt. HAHAHAHA She got AIDS!! HAHAHAHA I DO NOT have AIDS but it's just a joke. I'm gonna get revenge on them!

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how am I lazy?!
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
I freakin' worked my butt off everyday since the last game against Rockville and I got benched! He said that's what I get for being lazy! I continued practicing even after I injured my knee yesterday. I didn't whine or complained when I was in pain! It was soo painful, but I decided not to give up. I practiced and I was soaked in sweat! That wasn't even fair! This girl didn't go to practice yesterday and normally u can't play the next day when there's a game and coach let her play! I sat on the bench hoping it was gonna be my turn to play and I was soo eager to play! I got ready and I was ready! HE DARE CALL ME LAZY WHEN I PRACTICED EVEN WHEN MY KNEE WAS IN PAIN! He said that I gotta show him that I wanted to play and I've been showing him but he doesn't give a crap! I was fine when I didn't start off so I waited patiently hoping he'll put me but he didn't he just ignored me! The last time I was benched was because of an injury. I was not injured this time. I kept running even when my lungs wanted to give up! I never gave up on anything. I never got benched for a while except after I play I get benched and at least I played! Lexuan kept saying that now I know how she feels. COME ON! At least she got to set foot on the court but I didn't even set foot on the court today! We lost anyways and that what he gets! I would have at least scored a few points but oh well he cost us a chance of winning today's game! Lexuan said that she got benched 3 games but she at least got a chance to set foot on the court. I will conclude that even with or without me the JV volleyball team just naturally SUCK! And I'm not kidding they really do SUCK! I'm ok not playing one match but the least I can do is put my foot on the court. Why does he choose the person who didn't go to practice yesterday and the girl who is lazier than me over me? I'm gonna show him who's lazy! I'm gonna teach him a lesson for calling me lazy! Plus yesterday I didn't get a chance to even play with the other people on the team he just punked me on his side. So he can't call me lazy if he didn't let me play with the other people.

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rain rain!
Friday, October 7, 2005
Thanks a lot Lexuan! I'm soaked! She decided to go to McDonalds after school and it was raining and I didn't bring my umbrella! I smell and I'm wet! We got a game today against Rockville, where my boss graduated from. I am bored and I can't disturb Lily b/c she'll kill me! (not literally)

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Thursday, October 6, 2005
I just remembered after I read an old entry that the QB who walked out in the middle of the 4th quarter last year is in my Precalc with Analysis and Physics class!! OY! I just hope he doesn't that entry when I called him a stupid idiot! Whoops! I am soo bored! I am currently in school and it's lunch time! I think it was during the Homecoming Game last year! I am gonna go beat the hell out of this sophomore right now! DAMN IT! He stole my jacket sleeve! I'm cold!

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