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number of kind souls~
yeah its moi..

Fat ugly ger called*Jacqueline* aka *Xinyi*

U can find her in the *Eastern part of Spore*

Landed on *18th March 1985* with a smile => not a cry!

Graduated from *Red Swastika & Maha Bodhi Primary Sch*
*Manjusri Secondary Sch*

Currently still at *Singapore Polytechnic* => she cant wait to graduate!

Working as *Part-time Beauty Consultant*

Achieving a *Diploma in Biz Admin (Major in Mktg)*

Aspire to...
obtain a
*Degree in Biz Mgmt* or *Social Science*

work in *Hotel Industry*Food & Beverage Industry*Schools* (being a teacher was her childhood dream, but mayb not now..)

Finally..have *Her driving licence* {wahahah}

Happily attached to *Her bunch of sch & work frenz, & of cuz her family*

Loves to *take photo*daydream *& Picture how her future will be like* =>I'm a Pisces you see!*bio-ing at branded products* buy diff kind of watches*

Will love to *get married at de age of 23*design my own house*have many kids-preferably 4* (hehehe)

Favourite singers *Trademark*U2*Five For Fighting*Matchbox Twenty*Elva*
*Cyndi*Fish Leong*Red Hot Chilli Peppers*SimplyRed
*Firehouse*Sixpence*Air Supply*Avril Lavigue*Tatu*Linkin
Park*FIR*Sammi*Joey Yung*

Favourite movies
*How to lose a guy in 10 days*Shrek 2*Looney Tunes*
*A walk to remember*Finding Nemo*Prince & Me*Taxi*

Favourite food
*Durian*Potato*Strawberry*Mango*Most noodles (not rice pls!)*Fish*Vegetables*Jackfruit*Soursop*

Favourite drink
*Grass Jelly*Lemon tea*Green Tea*Apple Tea* Aloe Vera*Sugarcane*Soyabean*Peach Tea*Passion fruit*Gin Tonic*Vodka* (no Coke for me pls!)

Dream car
Nissan March

@wants to be [email protected]
@wld love to cook for her future [email protected]
@can be [email protected]
@cries [email protected]
@believes in fate & [email protected]
@loves tube [email protected]
@likes to [email protected]
@loves [email protected]
@used to [email protected]
@drinks but do not [email protected]
@shop, shop & [email protected]
@loves Winnie the Pooh [email protected]
@hang ard at clubs & [email protected]
@plays pool but not [email protected]
@treasure all her love ones tho she may not show [email protected]
@dislikes liars, backstabbers, cheaters, insincere [email protected]

Friendster: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]

^Her msg to everyone^- Life is short, enjoy while you can, and treasure all ya love ones! May ya life be filled with excitement, blended with happiness! Rem to smile, cos de world will SMiLe with you (at least i will..)! -
check it out =)
~Wish List~

- 60 Christmas cards
- Glitter pen
- refil for 2005 organizer
- CD Rack
- SMOMA CD featuring jazz music
- FIR's album
- Shiseido eyebrow shadow
- H20 eye purification
- Crumbler
- belt
- Adidas cap
- Lancome eyebrow pencil
- Maybelline's new lipstick colour
- Esprit brown leather watch
- Breil watch (blue)
- CK new range oval watch
- Shiseido concealer
- Black pants for work
- Michael Negrin necklace (with Enamel Rose)
- Casio Baby G (pink)
- Black covered shoes for work
- Tony & Tina Herbal Glitter Eye Pencil
- Gucci "Envy Me" Perfume
- Shiseido eyeshadow (Jewel on Veil)
- Victoria Secrets Gift Certificates
- Cross Necklace
- Recipe book
- Loreal Studio Line Mega Fixing Spray
- Eyefrost Eyeshadow from Red Earth
- Chanel Precision Eye Definer
- Jelly Pure Eyes P-2 & Styling Rouge Lipstick (from Kanebo)
- Denim Corset from Sisley
- Georg Jensen ring
- Burberry bag
- LV pouch
- Nokia 7200 Black cover
- Urban & Co Membership Card
- MTM VIP Card
- Fitness FIrst Membership Card
- Jitterbugs Membership Card
- IPod Mini
- Mambo dress tube
- Lver tube top
- jade necklace

~Courses learnt/learning~

- Yoga
- Pilates
-Japanese language
- Belly Dancing
- Exotic Dance
- Salsa
- Piano

~CHILL...cool webbie:~

- Victoria Secrets
- Guess
- French Connection
- Zara
- Esprit
- Gucci
- Burberry
- Ralph Lauren
- Georg Jensen
- Tommy Hilfiger
- Christian Dior
- Charles & Keith
- Lancome
- Estee Lauder
- Bobbi Brown
- workout
- Forever 21
- Levis
- Funny T-shirts Design
- Delias shopping
- DrJays shopping
- FredFlare shopping
- Cosmetic shopping
- Bath and Shower shopping
- Estrella shopping
- Kawaii-neh
- Lip gloss shopping
- Roxy
- Nike
- Adidas
- FleshImp
- bikinis
- splash hawaii
- Women's Secret
- The Life Shop
- PinkPeony
- Rouge online
- Urban Nymph
- Luxe Ideas
- Mavrik Jewelry
- Suzz
- Purple Anemone
- Wynhost
- Bohemian butterfly
- Junk Funk Munk
- RoseOfAsia
- FieJapan
- Singapore Bikes
- Chain of Beads
- Revolve Clothing
- Cocoon Dreams
- Abercrombie & Fitch
Impt Dates..
6th - Lihe
7th - John
12th - BTBM Test
14th - MMIT Test
17th - TTP Test
19th - Poly 50
20th - IAF Test
21st - Werner
23rd - Father
27th - Wilson
28th - UCCD CA1 Submission, BD BSG Test
31st - Vivian

4th - Angeline, BD Phase 3 & MMIT Part 1 Submission
8th & 9th - CNY
14th - Valentines Day
16th - LayKuan, Wenna
18th - BTBM CA2 Submission
23rd - Jonathan
24th - BTBM Presentation
25th - BD Executive Summary
28th - Mummy, Vikki, Suria

2nd - UCCD Presentation
3rd - IAF CA2
4th - Cindee, UCCD CA2 Submission
7th - TTP Presentation
10th - Jennifer
11th - Stella
17th - Dennis
18th - Me, MMIT Presentation
19th - BD Final Presentation
24th - BD BSG Report Submission
27th - Shufen
29th - UCCD Written Test

1st - Bridget
3rd - MMIT Open Book Test
5th - Sister
6th - Niki
9th - Shawn
10th - Terence
14th - Doris

7th - Sujuan
15th - Yuwen
16th - Wynn
17th - Joyce
24th - Brother
28th - Laiman

16th - Xiaoyi
27th - Jieshan

14th - Bryan
29th - Cuijuan


7th - Xiuwen
15th - Sharrel
19th - Cindy, Terenz
27th - Huiping

2nd - Xintian
6th - Minyee
11th - Roanna
13th - Yeow Tuck
17th - Jiayun
28th - Nicholas
29th - Gabriel

3rd - Yingyun
8th - Weilin
10th - Eugene
11th - Samantha
13th - Lynette
17th - Novem
21st - Lynn
29th - Kelly

1st- James
15th - Qiwen
19th - Peilin, Tingfeng
25th - Selina
27th - Maybelline, Peiling
28th - Suryanty
31st - Tricia, Claryn
my inspiration..
Entry 1
Life is like a rollercoaster
Sometimes feeling at the top
Sometimes feeling at the bottom
Really happy to be with you
I love to see u laugh, see you smile
Life is full of ups and downs
Sorrow and happiness
Being with u had made my life splendid
just wanna tell the whole world
you are the greatest!

Entry 2
Dun leave me for you friend
for i'll never leave you
for my friend

Entry 3
Sleeping under your arms
is all i wanna do tonight...
the warmth...
the security...
is really priceless!

Entry 4
Somedays, some nights
I just cant stop thinking of you
Somedays, sometime
I just cant stop missing you
And every minute, every second
I jus cant stop loving you!

Entry 5
that's my character
that's my hair
thats my life

Entry 6
In my mind
there is only one word to describe you
In my life
there is only one person who tries hard
to make me happy
In my heart
there is only one SPECIAL YOU

Entry 7
It was you
who made me grow
It was you
who made me learn
It was you
who made me strong
It was you, my dear
who made me what I am today!

Entry 8
My life is not interesting
without ur hugz
My life is not interesting
without ur kisses
My like is not interesting
without ur lurve
I wanna make ur life interesting
so i am giving you
my love by my

Entry 9
My tears just flowed naturally
dun ask me why
coz i am not sure myself
many thoughts just came to my mind
Dun try to make me happy
cos i know its all a lie
dun try to make me smile
cos i jus dun wanna try
all i wanna do is CRY

Entry 10
Made many mistakes
in this life i undertake
there is no turnng back
the crack is always there

Entry 11
Had a sudden urge of going
back to school
Being with my frenz who are
so-called cool
Looking at some guyz simply
make me drool!

Entry 12
Born into this world
as a healthy ger
Like everyone else
I'd a love of my life
My only wish
was to be his wife
but fated as it might be
our luv couldnt withsatnd time
Saturday. 11.27.04 12:30 am
Mint Tea
Mint Tea...
You are Mint Tea!
Naturally sweet you have a happy-go-lucky attitude.
The world is full of fun and wonder! Although
you can be naive at times and quite aloof to
your surroundings you know how to have good
clean fun! Most people see you as cute and very
gentle by nature and it is most likely true.
You have a great outlook on life and you try
not to let things get to you. Go you!

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wonder people like you! And just look at those
whiskers! =^_^=

=^_^= What fuzzy animal are you? =^_^= {-With Pictures!-}
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woohoo im back! hmm lemme c wad i can remember..

Sunday Nite 21/11

took a cab down to de airport wif all our light luggages..lolx..there were stil soem time, so we ate a little at Delifrance. there wasnt peach tart anymore, so i ordered de mixed fruit tart. hmm stil as yummy as b4. msg J but it was jus those normal sms-es la..he always hav to go makan, den de conversation stop lo. *sob sob*

soon after, wen to 'report' to de tour leader. aparrently de whole grp is so big..40 pple! after all de usual security checks n procedures, my family entered de custom area. shopped ard de duty free area to past time..den erm surprisingly wynn called me. lolx..funny conversation. well, got into de plane..took de windown seat..den jus tone. lolx..was kinda tired la. unlike my mummy, sooo excited! been a long time since i took plane liao..i had de usual plane-symptoms..giddy n nausea..argh. guess i can nv get rid of tt. lucky, its only a 2hr journey. food wasnt to my taste. not tt im picky hor, but i reali din like it. so i gave it to my mum n bro to share..

slept on de plane..ate my sour plum to curb de nausea feelin. alighted at de Bangkok Airport den waited for de thai tour leader, plus all our luggages. took quite some time tho. boarded de coach after tt..which was suppose to bring us to our hotel la. so late liao. thailand's time is 1 hr slower than sg. de ride was quite long..cos of de huge crowd..so many buses..thus de heavy traffic..

on de bus, bro n i were laughin bout de 2 tour guides. dey got a funny habit. de sg guide loves to sae 'leh, leh' while de thai guide loves to sae 'neh, neh'..lolx..

only reach Twin Tower Hotel at bout 2am (sg 3am). had a quick slp to get rdy for de next dae's activities.

Monday 22/11

had our buffet breakfast b4 leaving off. suppose to check in into another hotel today cos we were supposed to be at Pattaya til Wed. de tour first brought us to watch a few shows, namely de Tiger Show, Crocodile Show and de Pig Race. wun elaborate much, except tt it was an eye-opener for me. not bad. de pigs were so darn cute. de way how animals can listen to human beings, is seriously amazing!

also took a sampan-like boat..to go to some temple.. den there was tis 'floating market'.. ppl actually sell stuff while their half-body is emerged in de water n dey jus hang on to de boat for support? dunno how to explain..but sg definitely doesnt hav tis. fed some fishes too. ooh..dey r so greedy! lolx..

lunch n dinner was average. cant rem much acutally. hee. basically, i jus tried their dishes since i dun eat rice. lolx.. one thg i can sae..dey hav a few standard dishes! like..cabbage..cauliflower..pork..squid..= always hav all these in every meal.

after dinner, wen bk to hotel for a rest den...we wen out again! gee. tour guide brought us to a restaurant tt has a gd deal for sharks fin, bird nest n tong fen. its an optional thingy, but my family wen. SUPPER!! lolx.. 800 bahts (S$32) for 1 bowl of sharks fin, 2 bird nest, n 1 bowl of tong fen. not bad la, we ordered 2 sets, shared among 6 ppl. *full full* very yummy wor..its reali a delicacy!

saw their Hard Rock Cafe after tt, got kinda interested so wen in. lolx..other than buying stuff there, i realise tt their music also quite gd!

oh anyway, we stayed at Sunbeam Hotel in Pattaya n i tell u, their clubs reali hiong man! jus a look down fr my hotel room, u can c de whole stretch of nite life man! argh, i wanna go! its sooo tempting! shit.

Tuesday 23/11

yeah! de dae i was soooo lookin forward to!! de beach dae! woohoo~ woke up damn early. prepared n wen down to 'report' in t-shirt n shorts. lolx..we walked to de beach, where a speedboat was awaiting us. wooh. de feelin's shiok! it took quite awhile b4 we reached de destination, but de feelin was gr8! wind blowing, water spalashing..aiya..dunno how 2 explain man.

tout guide dismissed us after some explanation, so we became free to do anythg we wan! yeah!! sad to sae, granny din cum along cos of de boat ride, so daddy stayed wif her. our first stop was at some Parachuting thingy. wow!! my first time! bro n i were de first few to try! gee. fun fun!! after tt, mummy n sis were tempted to try! lolx..was like a gr8 accomplishemnt lor..buahaha...

after tt, mum, sis, bro n me attempted to tk de Banana Boat! sorta recommended by de tour guide. its shaped like a banana.. n there's tis guy driving in front (connected to ya boat)..u jus gotta follow wif de flow..n erm, de driver actually purposely capsized de boat! lolx..but tts de fun part la. de other time wen canoeing, our boat also capsiszed. lolx..but tt was quite sometime ago.

we were all drenched but bro n i stil hadnt had enuf! or mayb is i physo him..to try de scuba diving wif me..hmm, i tinkits called sky diving or wad..sth lidat la. mum n sis wen to walk ard those small shops located jus by de sea..bro n i took a speedboat to dunno where..damn long leh..n de waves..aiyoh..so big sia. dey gave us gloves..den also got shoes to wear..plus a helmet-look-alike. omg, so heavy! got a lil scared after tt.. dey brought me down slowly..deeper n deeper..until my ear kena de air pressure thingy..pain!! i ren n ren..cant possibly giv up at tis moment rite?

got sorta use to de pain after awhile..den i wen to de deepest portion..WOW! i saw all de coral n fishes! CHIO!! simply beautiful! my bro came down after tt..hee.. he look cute wif de helmet thingy. lolx.. we were given some bread to feed those fishes too. gee. i was afraid of de fishes coming to bite me, but errr dey didnt! lolx.. my bro told me de fish tried to bite de hair on his hand tho. lolx..*cute* soem fish were quite big man.

n i kp hearing de "churp churp" sound on de 'helemt'..guess its de fishes tryin to make their way ba..de scenery is simply beautiful man! dey took some pics for us too. hope it turns out nice man. first time i tried tis. i nv regret!! oh, it cost ard 1200 bahts (S$48)..ok ba? im gonna recommend tis to u man! die die also must try!

we wen for a walk after tt..bro bought some accessories..sis bought a blouse (to change! lolx..). i tink everyone had fun tt dae. both de young n de old.

dinner was a bit better. cos..there was tom yam soup! lolx..my fav! buahaha... other than these delicacies..i heard tt de Thai Massage is a must try! so of cuz..i din let go off de opportunity.lolx..all de activities ended at about 930pm (1030 sg). majority werent interested in gg for de Thai Massage whihc was optional, offered by de tour guide. nevertheless, i wen wif my parents! gee. plus 3 more ppl. sis, bro n granny wen bk to rest.

heh de massage is reali not bad man! its reali sooo detailed! those masseurs were not lazy at all, n nv eat snake. wooh, worth it! 200 baht (S$8)! ooh i wen to watch de Aqua Show too! lolx..wa lau, reali chio! wahahah...unbelievable! i enjoyed it throughout man. de songs r wonderful too. its called Alsaca i tink.. den there was tis guy..he wen to touch 'her'..n its a rule to pay 100baht if u touch (50 baht if only foto-taking)..n he refused..lolx..some ppl ar..aiyoh, no comments!

Wednesday 24/11

Yingyun's back fr Canberra today! while babe is leaving for HongKong today! hmm. cant wait to see dem again. :)

today's plan was to head to...DREAMWORLD! i din noe thailand has one man! cor me sua ku, i reali dunch noe. de bus ride was so bloody long. grr. i practically slept on de coach. de nausea feelin came back. argh. bad bad. my sour plum din help.

lunch was buffet but din wanna eat much cos ltr i vomit after sitting all de rides den how?

first ride: Super Splash. lol..very similar to sg Har Par Villa's one.. i like i like..but we were like all wet from head to toe. reali WET. after tt, was Go Kart. bro n i were reali lookin forward to tis cos de other time at Batam, we had real lotsa fun man. de space was so big n its like, can drive so free n easy! but sigh.

had a bad exp here. damn bad. undescribable.. there were 5 ppl in front of us during de queue..dey dun look local. but anyway..de point is..dey gang up to bang me togeda! sibei sian. intially, only like 2 or 3 cars bang me..fine nvm..i ren. after tt 5 cars bang onto me! of cuz, hot liao la! bloody hell. its those 5 assholes. fark. dey stil hav de cheek to laugh. sickening. tink dey got burberry scarf den act pro ar? crap la..

my leg hurt like mad after tt. my right leg. kena serious bruise. de blood clot. now can c my vein. eeekks. disgusting. n its so big. like de size of 3 eggs. shit. n de worse thg, i cant reali bend my leg now. it hurts wen i bend it. climb stairs also difficult. sibei sian. de funny thg is, Go Kart is not meant to bang ppl or wad lor! its not bumper car man! do dey understand English??!!

took a few more rides after tt like Grand Canyon (my granny enjoyed it! lol..), Hanging Coaster..blah blah..not bad la. dey also hav nice scenery. very colourful wor. ooh, watched de Hollywood Stuntshow also. wah very pro. all de firing stuff n sound system, damn professional sia. time pass pretty fast there tho. left in de evening.

after tt, was brought to view some Gems Gallery. chio! i wish i hav dem! oops. lolx.. i like red n purple crystal! lolx..din buy anythg there of cuz.. so expensive! wahahah...wen to visit a temple after tt. its de four-faced buddha thingy. very famous one. but de traffic there very high.

had our dinner at de Twin Tower Hotel buffet. yea, we wen back to Bangkok, after stayin in Pattaya for 2 nites. de dishes werent tt gr8. i only like de fish soup. lolx..got a bit of spice spice..i like..buahahah...

din rest much in de room cos...we are on for massage again! hehe. tis time..my whole family wen! including my granny! yeah! i tink i scared many ppl wif my big bruise. even i find it scary. its so bloody. damn red. eeeekkkk. de massage was good too! comparable wif de other dae's one.

de lady also quite cute. lolx..hmm but she accidentally sat on my bruise, which made me shout "ouch"! its reali painful. i dun even dare press hard on it. n de bestest moment..lolx.. J actually msged me! lalalala~ ok, i cant stop but feel happy. i seriously din expect to c his name in my inbox. lolx..dunno how to xplain la..if u r in my shoes, prolly u wld noe de feelin of receiving an sms fr some1 u always wish to ahem ahem..u-noe-la huh. eager to c his msg..it goes like tis.. (nth much actually..lolx)

J: hey ur new friendster foto looks good man! cheers!

me: errr thanx. tt was taken in de toilet man. lolx..super sian, i injured me leg. argh.

J: what did u do? ask u dun c other guys while walkin dun wanna listen, den now injured leg liao lah..

me: wa lau, i m tt kind meh. even if i c guys, not as if dey wil c me lor. hai. kena bang by 5 cars ar. 5 assholes gang up n bang me during go kart. now my leg kena big bruise. cant bend my leg properly. n its so bloody red. damn sian.

J: u wanna go c doc or not? if u want i bring u there tml, its at lor 40, very near ur hse but i gt no car, must take a cab or i ride u there, ai mai? tml i free.

me: err my leg lidat cant even bend, how to ride wif u? u tml no work meh? too bad, i not in sg now leh.

J: chey! tout u in sg..i morning shift ma..den u betta rest well n put ice cubes to tone down de swell for de time being, cum bk den c doc lah.

me: haha nvm la. swell also no one bother one la. u work morning shift stil dun wanna slp ar.

J: relak man! jus put ice cubes, it'll b better lah, trust me. ok lah,wanna slp liao, gdnite. u tk care hor..tata..


haha, short convo but well..nth much la hor? hai. dunno wad m i tinkin. argh. better not misinterpret his sms-es. ltr i start tinkin..ahem.. ..

Thursday 25/11

its free and easy dae! took a cab down to Central..sth like Spore's Robinsons lidat.. hanged ard there for a few hrs den took a train down to go to MBK..famous shopping centre. i particularly feel tt it is sth like Spore's Far East Shopping Centre. both places not bad. lotsa stuff. bargain here n there. my leg has been force to walk a lot. lolx.. nth much to sae, cos its jus SHOPPING! lolx..return wif many many bags! wahahha...shop from morning..come back only at nite..lolx.

Friday 26/11

wen to check out 'Tesco' after our breakfast. its th like Spore's Carrefour or Giant. wooh~ did some last minute shopping there since its de dae to bid gdbye. check out at bout 12noon (sg 1pm) den took de coach, which brought us to de Airport. lolx..from 5 luggage, become 8 ..buahaha...its all so full somemore..lolx..tis small ger fr de same tour, she's so cute at times. lolx..she exchanged email wif me..den told me she wanna cum bk here next yr, ask me to go wif her..lolx..shall post up pics next wk..hmm.

some shit stuff happen at de custom area. dey tout we were illegal immigrants cos of some improper procedure..sian 1/2. waste time. ended up not eating lunch. n cant shop. lolx..slept on de plane..haven been slpin well mah. barely 5 hrs everyday. reached Spore at about 7pm. yeha, i got my Gucci 'Envy Me' perfume le! its only a lil cheaper here tho. bought some wine too. was tinkin of givin it to Cindee cos i only noe she loves wine. lolx..

anyway, im back home! home swt home! jus checked my results..phew! thank god i passed all! omg. scary scary. no 'D's! wooh~ lucky parents r ok wif de results. n bro also passed all! im so happie for him! cos my parents were reali worried tt he hav to tk de sup paper..yeah! all turn out well!

hmm. not many pple online. i tink all go n watch jay chou's concert liao. lolx..no plans tml. lalala. dunno wen to pass souvenirs to my frenz. argh. i sorta accepted another job offer. cos it only require me to work during wk ends. n if im nt wrong, de pay is much higher. lolx..gg for training next tues..lalala..

viv wen to Malaysia today! haha, wil be meeting her on Monday! buahaha... i miss de pigs too! holidaes ending liao! sian!

overall, trip was not bad la! other than de 5 assholes...grrr... i miss de whole tour now! mm..wen u start missing sth, it means u hav once enjoyed it b4? makes sense?

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i miss u all!
Sunday. 11.21.04 5:31 pm

i'll b gone in a few more hrs..hmm.

wen for breakfast wif parents in de morn. omg, my eyes cant reali open. i walk wif my eyes close..lolx.. tim sum was gd today (its gd everytime actually) esp wif my har gao - i love it! buahahaha...

father had to go bk to work to finish some stuffs, so he left after breakfast. parents n sis finish packing last nite. left my bro and i. lolx..im sooo lazy.. argh. tis kind of thg must hav de mood one. like got de 'feelin' to pack den will pack well..haha makes sense? same as studying la.. force urself, u wil end up not being able to rem anythg.

sigh, tokin bout studyin..im super scared bout my results now. got tis very bad feelin. sometimes my gut feelin can b quite true. so im afraid now. argh. crap. de other time i also wen holiday n it clash wif de PSLE result dae..n i scored badly.. tis time..its de same situation..heard tt de result wil b out dunno on 24 or 26..sheesh. if same fate den..erm..gone case le.

i wen to slp jus now..and i dreamt of seeing all de 'C's and 'D's..shit man. im reali tired. head so damn heavy now. lalala~ mummy's reali excited. she kp askin me to research on de different places tt we'll b going..lolx..n her fren even gave her some webbie for de plc tt sell gd stuffs. haha. looks not bad. jus hope tt there's time for everythg to b accomplished. if not sian 1/2 liao.

might hav de chance to sit on elephant ride too! lolx.. de other time i wen Aussie..i sat on de horse ride! i was only like 10 yrs old i tink..very bumby, but quite fun. lolx..i wanna get rid of my phobia towards animals man. in de morn..saw tis reali huge dog..look fierce man.. usually, i'll walk far far away fr it..but today..i din..lolx.. i wanna curb my fear! in case de new-readers dunch noe..im reali scared of animals altho i use to hav rabbits at home..lolx..

took sometime to pack my stuffs in de noon. finally rite? lolx..i hope i brought everythg essential man. lalala..will be sharing de rm wif my bro. my sis wil b wif my granny. hee, wil b seeing her ltr! ooh, n bro has agreed to go snorkel wif me! yippee! jus hope it doesnt rain now..lalalala..

heh. i jus edited my shopping list! gee. such a long list man. wonder how i gonna complete it. lolx..santa claus, can u fulfill my wish? lolx..

boo. i noe i wun b able to get everythg. too greedy le. buahahaha.

heh peeps. thx for all ya positive comments regarding if i shld curl my hair. i appreciate dem all. (xcept for gab hu saes i look like aunty! lolx..jus kidding) i reali wanna curl it back, but i guess i gotta put it on hold cos of my work. i wld hafta tie up my hair during work. so i cant curl it for de time being. ltr i get fired! lolx.. i hope u all tink i stil look gd wifout de curls! bauahah...*hao lian liao* mite do it for xmas or Chinese New Yr or sth..thanx again!

noe wad? i lost 1 kg! lolx..yea i noe its jus a small thg, but im hapi la. can b hapi for me? lolx..but m i gonna gain it back fr my trip? i tink so..haha..lalala~ n jon said i dun look so tan like last time liao. haha. gd gd. tts wad i wanna hear. sometimes i din even go n tan, n ppl tel me i look darker. *sob sob* i wanted to get de whitening thingy from SKII but i realise its not to whiten de skin..its some pore thingy..haha, so din get it.

lolx.. jon called me to mit him n dennis yest..but aiya, i jus gt hm nia..n kinda late liao..so nv lor..actually i reali wanna go, but scared my mum gonna scold me..i promise i mit u all wen i get bk to sg kae! wif gifts! lolx..

guess i gtg now..haven decided wad to wear yet..mum sae i very slow..lolx..(not like her so gan chiong!) buahah...wonder if i can slp on de plane.. hah tokin bout plane makes me tink of wad my father askin me to do. he told me to go try b an air stewardess..lolx..he tink too highly of me le.. tt time peiling told me bout her frenz exp..sounds so damn scary..she sae u gotta b very very very chatty..jus kp tokin n tokin..n there'll b 4 to 5 ppl judgin u lor..wa lau, hear already scared. lolx..

if u dun see me back within a week's time, means..erm im gone liao! oops. well but such things r inevitable la. nv noe wad's gonna happen. jus tt i'll b missing many many ppl if im gone. mayb i shld consider saying my last words here? omg, ok tis sounds bad.

grrr. r ur gonna miss me? hehe..tk care everybody! those stil havin exmas in uni, jiayou wor! jus a few more daes, dun giv up! support ya mentally! those workin, dun slack arh! must justify for ur pay neh! i can stil receive n send sms-es hor! so there's no reason y u shouldnt msg me kae! gee. *grin* buai-buai! :P

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Saturday. 11.20.04 10:14 pm
my memory seems to b deterioating. i took quite awhile b4 remembering wad i did today. *symptoms of being old*

had tim sum for breakfast den i wen to de sauna. wasnt reali in de mood to go, cos my skin so dry liao. but its been like 3 wks since i wen? n i miss de lady tt i always c every saturdae. so yah..push myself in there.. brought along my book to acc me past time. waited n waited..but..sob sob, she din come. argh. guess i jus gotta try my luck next wk again. hmm. i din reali stay long there, cos bro was gg out, n i din bring along my key, so i made my wae home after stayin in de sauna for an hr or so. brother brought his gf to Sentosa. gee, so sweet. been quite awhile since i wen sentosa also..lalala~

met babe in town in de aftnoon. as usual...aiyoh, she's late again! grrrr. somemore tk her father's car, stil late! wa lau..*faint* i can crown u de late queen liao. wen to Wheelock to get my moisturizer. my skin is reali dry. shit. bad bad. dryness leads to dullness. argh. i love de ppl there. gee, cos they all recognize me. i get special treatment! lolx.. all de gers there, their skin so flawless man! crap. unlike me.

i sign up for some facial thingy also. ever since de exmas..my right cheeks have been popping out pimples. de small kind, but its ugly. my consultant told me its most prolly due to stress, or lack of slp. im guilty. yes, im guilty of sleeping late. buahaha... hmm. but their facial's reali gd. de other time i tried, my face look so radiant! lolx..but only for tt moment..haha.

babe wen to de Nokia Care Centre to collect her repaired fone. n she..ahem.. dunno wad to sae man.. we waited for more than an hr for her fone, stil haven done yet! wait n wait. so long sia. i gave up, i told her i walked down to Wisma's BreadTalk to grab a bread first, den go bk mit her. i was freakin hungry. imagine having lunch like at 4pm? grrr. i walked back, her name stil not called! wa lau..*faint* told her to check out wif de person, she insisted not to. shy lar! lolx.. end up = de person said dey called her already, but no reply! so all along..omg..we were waiting for nth..shld hav jus approach dem man.. babe, dun so blur next time! lolx..

since i was @ Wheelock, i wen to sae hi to Werner hu was workin @ Nike..lolx.. saw tis cap not bad, but i jus bought one fr Adidas, so nv buy lor. i jus found out tt their staff discount is a lot man!!

bought a crumbler bag after tt wen to Borders cos babe wanted to buy a storybook for her tuition kid. couldnt find any gd one, so we left.

was on de mission to find her darling. lolx..workin for DBS Cashline..promoting de card or sth..haha. den i pop by at Taka to sae hi to Wynn. lolx. damn crowded ar. govt stil wan so many kids! lolx.. :P hmm. he told me to mit him ltr, dunno sae wanna gimme sth, but refuse to tel me wad is it. weird weird. but i din la.

din had much time cos had plans to mit my family after tt for dinner. walk a bit more, den wen off to Bugis. mum wanna use her Jack's Place voucher, so we wen there to eat lor. gd deal leh. 4 ppl, after de voucher deducted, only 50+! ok la hor? but i was kinda full man. due to de late lunch. so din eat much. i tried de Irish Coffee! wooh~ not bad. gee. de alcohol taste quite strong! i like! lolx..

took a bus back after dinner. told my parents bout de Lancome job. mum said de pay wil nv b enuf for me to spend. wahahha. actually, its very true. lolx. i jus dun wanna stay at home la. it can bore me to death.

got home. arranged all my fotos. hav been putting dem aside ever since dunno wen. sigh. see liao only make me more sad. tink i gonna slp early tonite. kinda tired. n not many ppl online also. esp him. argh. he's normally out late on wk ends i tink. boo. hav yet to pack my stuff. im flying tml! lolx..

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Saturday. 11.20.04 12:53 am
i tink i visit de toilet more than my room today. lolx. haven been slpin well these daes. woke up at 7 today, which i dunno y. i din even set any alarm. wen bk to slp but kp tossing ard, so i gave up n woke up at 8. cant rem wad i did also. wen bk to slp at 11 den woke up tink ard 1+. oh i wen to buy lunch. cos at home got no food! argh. there's cake, but im nt gonna eat tt. :P

came home..watch Sweet November and Legally Blonde..nice nice show. hee. left hse ard 5 to mit viv @ Tamp. crap. i vomitted b4 i left hse. den i tout of takin a straight bus 67 to Tamp since i'll b surely early. board de bus..left only de seat tt is not facing de driver..meaning erm..its against de driver's direction. i noe i cant sit tt kind of seat but i wen ahead wif it. fark. i had de urge to vomit again so i quickly alight at Kembagan stn. sick. i giv up. i'll nv sit those seats again. i cant read books in bus also. argh.

ended up takin a train down, so i was super early. wen to walk ard myself first. omg, sooo crowded! tampines also so crowded? sian. no mood to shop also. slack at Music Junction. they were playing tis jazz music cd n i tout it was kinda nice, so i bought it. yippe..:)

had dinner at de Foodcourt. n yea, i had my usual yong tau fu! wooh. nice nice. viv had western food, even wen she gt sore throat! *ah bish* anyway, tok cok at de usual Ya Kun..lolx..but today nv drink teh-ping! wahahha. i ordered de lemon tea. gee. n not long after.. both of us landed in de toilet. lolx. *faint*

bought a CD rack from Challenger after tt. must packed my rm liao. super duper messy. mummy has been nagging ever since de exam period. argh. it was so bulky. carry all de way home...grrr...

anyway, im done wif my packing! lolx..tts y u c de time..so late liao.. heh but im satisfied man. at least it looks better now. but i stil have my luggage to pack. shit. wil do tt tml i tink. while packin.. i saw de flower he gave during our first Valentines Dae..which is like abt 3 yrs back? sigh. to tink i stil hav it ..

see..it already wither .. hai. but im gonna throw it away le. no point. im hearing more n more stuffs about him. n its totally new to me. guess he hid some stuff from me last time, but i found out certain information..i didnt go ask ard..'they' told me.. so well.. its ok..im over wif it.

gonna slp soon. tml stil gotta eat breakfast wif parents. ooh, my mum finish her test today! hope she does well man! now, de aim is de holidae! lolx..

heh. so far 14 ppl told me to curl..2 sae no.. lidat how? argh..hmm n i actually hav a fan! lolx..i tout my blogs were only read by frenz i noe of, turn out..not wad i tout..lolx..

good nite! may swt dreams b wif u! muacks!

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Friday. 11.19.04 2:00 am

woke up early as usual. a bit sian. facial was suppose to b at 2pm, but had to bring fwd to 12 to b able to rush home for de chalet stuffs. heng they not so pissed off cos i postpone many many times liao. de bbq catering ppl were suppose to cum between 2-4 so it means i gotta b back home by 2 la. stop by at Spore Post to buy my contact lenses after my facial.

if nt go holiday, ltr no more lense liao. ive been wearing tis current one for like close to 2 mths le. so now my eye quite sore. grrr. hurried home den wait n wait..stupid shit..dey only came like ard 330..sibei sian. n my frenz all waiting at pasir ris at 330 lor. worst thing..dey sae can pay by nets, so i nv withdraw any cash. end up dey came here, tel me de nets machine spoil. bloody hell. heng my bro got cash. so borrowed fr him first. so all de plans quite messed up la.

fortunately, bro helped me carry de stuff to de stn. kinda heavy cos i carried all until Pasir Ris. every1 was like staring at me. lolx. n i was quite scared whether de satay sauce wil drip a not. sian. reach there, quickly took a bus down to Coasta Sands. heh memories man. celebrated my 18th bdae at Aranda chalet n he was there. to help me out wif everythg. his army frenz also came. i werent close wif dem but they bought me a polaroid camera. *sweet* sigh. well as i said, its memories. had a fun time tho.

check in for my frenz den clean up de plc a little. 2nd time ive been there. average la. its like a budget place lor. but so shit, de bbq pit stil must pay additional 16 bucks. very ex leh. hmm. din stay long cos had an appt wif my fren. or rather my fren's fren. jonathan called my up few daes bk den tel me to b some hair model for his fren's salon so i said ok lor. pretty nice guy, Jordan. his camp mate i tink. met him at Taka at 6 but there was some miscommunication, so we only met up at 630. lolx..he was like waiting outside Chanel (de non aircon area) and i was also outside Chanel, but de aircon area..lolx..

chatted a bit cos de thg starts at 7 so we wen for a drink. he was like quite shock to c me cos he said he din expect Jon (short for jonathan) to reali find him a gd model. den i was like, err pls hor, dun hav so high expectation, im not an xperienced model hor. wooh~! i din noe can earn so much jus by workin in a salon man. he use to work at Heerens but came to tis Le Salon at Taka cos de pay is much higher, commission is 3 times more, n u get more tips fr those tai-tai here. gd deal man! too bad i dun hav such ability man.

wen inside de salon n wait..saw so many tai-tai..wa lau, felt so out of plc man. guess wad, jus a simple haircut ar, cost u 99 bucks! so much rite! *faint* i saw a few other models too..not bad la..i feel very stressed man. de worst thg is i dun even noe wad my fren is gonna do to my hair. he jus ask me to guai guai sit there n dun move. lolx..so i listen lor! wahaha..

he told me he gonna do some small curls for me so i said ok lor..jus dun do disaster can liao. he started off wif washing.. den all de curl-props ready..lolx.. my hair was all clipped wif those curl thingy..i wanted to tk pics of how it was done, but noe wad! every1 was crowding ard me! n my fren nv gimme any magazine to read! grr... my hp was so far from me also..so i was so awakward. i look front, right, left..all got eyes lookin..sheesh. super duper stress. i tink i made my fren more stress cos, my hair super layered, n so thick somemore. so wen he blow dry wif those curl pin, my hair kp flying here n there. lolx. den he ask me if i can b his some sort of permanent model. every monday n wednesday. i stil considering man. lalala...how ar?

i saw another ger's hair..erm, was pretty jialat. cos her too much curls le. den like perm lidat. i was sooo scared my wil turn out lidat. heng man..wasnt as bad as i tout. n de end result was so farnie. tis guy, tink he's some supervisor (i tink he looks cute!!) or wad..he came over den tel my fren" hmm, not bad. but if u make tis side flatter, n de ends straighter, she'll look like a princess" omg. i was reali flattered n everyone was crowding. nv felt so impt b4. lolx..

i din noe wad to react so i jus close my eyes n let him do watever to touch up man. wen i saw de 'final product', i was kinda shock man. i look erm..overly matured? n my fren made my back hair a bit pong-pong cos he sae my back hair too little liao...*faint* but i was hapi wif de bottom curls.

everyone complimented on my hair so i was, "ok la, better dun complain too much". next time anyone feel filthy rich n wanna get a hair cut or wadsoever, rem go look for my fren - Jordan! quite pro! trust me man! if i got $$ i sure go there..

was actually in a hurry cos suppose to mit babe. heh sry man, was late. paiseh. made u wait so long. stupid ger...see me, den kp laughing at me. but thanx for saying i look sexy wif de curls! lolx.. but i look so old man. sian 1/2. was feelin weird wif de new hair so wen to de nearest toilet. lolx..took pics there..haha..

ugly rite? omg..shit.

wen Zara walk a bit..was super hungry cos i din eat anythg so headed to Taka foodcourt. wa lau..sian..all de food no more liao.. ended up eating some kueh. *hungry* on de wae, i msg jon, tellin him tt his fren made my face look so fat now. lolx..he was wif dennis den dey became so eager to c my new hair. so dey came to town to find moi..lolx..i feel happi to b a big shot for one dae! buahahah...

rotted at Mos Burger wif babe..tok cok la..hah..babe also cut her hair. cute neh. some pics here..

i like tis pic altho my face like 1/2 hidden..lolx..

close up of de curls..

actually a few hrs ltr, de curl was like gone liao..sob sob. so sad man. one moment i complained bout it, another moment im missing it. wa lau sian. but seriously i like it man. shit.

stupid jon..called me n told me to tk my time cos he's in de toilet..n i stupidly believe him. he was actually playin a trick on me! he came Taka to find me! crap. must let me style my hair first ma..lolx.. saw Cindee n her bf also. gonna cel Novem's bdae at Newsroom. they're like sisters man. both so slim n pretty also. *envious* so long nv c dem le, feels gr8 catching up wif dem again.

wen to Wheelock's Starbucks to chill. togeda wif babe, jon n dennis. babe u din mind rite? i noe u very sociable de! lolx.. stupid ger..stil gang up wif dem to suan me.. grrr..but well, its all for fun la. *no worries* they cor me "blackjack" (meaning black jac)! shit. new nickname...grr... tok bout lotsa stuff..bout sch..life..r/s..a lot man.. told me stuff bout him too. sigh. hear already was kinda depressing. fark.

i tink i learn quite a fair bit fr dem too. stupid jon..sae i more chatty now..haha, complain tt i was so damn quiet last time. wa lau.. startin u dun even noe de person where got tok so much one. ltr ppl tink i chatterbox. babe, dun sae so many guys gg after me hor! im nt superstar. keke. was a happie nite i spend wif dem. long time nv mit up liao. babe, my frens all very nice ya? lolx.. next time mayb can go out togeda liao..

stayed til bout 1+ den they send us back..hah. in de car also so crappy. turn out tt babe's fren noe dennis's fren also..sth lidat la..somehow got some relation..small small world huh? hmm. cant wait to see dem again. wait til dennis cum bk fr Malaysia. tho jus frenz, he even send me right to my doorstep man. told him no nid liao, aiyo got security here somemore, but he insisted. haha, mayb tryin to b gentleman. lolx..anyway, thanx man. i appreciate it. :)

reach home 2am liao. i saw J online! omg..ok, i was kinda happie. but his nic showed "FARK". so it made my intiate de conversation. lolx.. been long since i tok to him man. *happie* dun wan to sae much details here liao..ltr ppl laugh at moi.

P.S Happie Birthday Novem! dun tink u'll c tis, but i hope joy stays wif u always! sweetie babe! may happiness guide ya life! enjoy man!


a bit sian. got de stupid flyer job. but some shit happen. dun wanna mention cos it reali suk la. dunno how de hell i ended up being de 3rd party also. sian. close frenz wil noe wad happen man. crap. i dun wanna name out names also..ltr kena more trouble..grr..

took some pics b4 i left hse..

if u can c clearly, its taken in de toilet! lolx.. pardon me man. im jus sad tt my curls r gone.

was giving out flyer at Tanjong Pagar..den came tis van..see! everyone crowding ard to buy de chips! got those tapioca la..keropok..so many..very tempting leh..but a bit pricy..n so big pkt..how to finish..so jus stand there gian lo..lolx..

ooh! i saw jon there! omg..he was like "eh, how cum u workin here? ppl c u cfm wun tk flyer fr u la..so obvious u work jus to past time". stupid shit.. now kp kena shoot by him liao. he look quite smart in formal wor. :) de upcoming successful bizman..lolx..

due to some unforseen circumstances.. did de job til 230 den left liao. dun ask me why. its all de shit tt i mention earlier. but im nt gonna let it spoil my dae. cos my stomach already givin me trouble. WHY AGAIN!!

met Wil at Whitesands for s chat. lolx..was telling him bout de 'shit'. seriously, cant judge a book by its cover man. din xpect de ger to turn out lidat..sigh. life's weird cos ppl r weird. (hey thanx for de mocha man!)

notti stomach. whole dae havin diarrhoea. de feelin suk like hell. totally got no appetite but if i dun eat, i noe it'll b worse. so now, i force myself to have 3 meals, n not de usual 1 or 2 meals. grrrr.

bought some eye facial stuff for my stupid eye bags. hav been slpin so late n facing tis com. my eyes look damn ugly liao. how to work @ Lancome! oh yea, they called me tis morn, dey selected moi! yeah! gee..cant wait to work wor. must kp myself busy busy. lolx.. thanx serene, i save lotsa $$ fr de discount! :)

got home feelin very lethargic man. mum is stil studying at tis hour -2am. omg. pray tt she do well man. :)

P.S im stil sad over de loss of my curls! lolx.. any comments fr ya all? few mths bk was already considerin of doin curls but was kinda afraid. now i noe roughly how i wld look like liao. do ya tink i shld go for it? or jus remain wif de original? tel moi kae! i nid opinion man! QUICK QUICK!

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Tuesday. 11.16.04 7:28 pm
Something I learn..

Do not choose power over, but power with.

Do not choose fame as an end in itself, but as a means to a larger end.

Do not choose success at the expense of others, but as a tool with which to assist others.

Do not choose winning at any cost, but winning that costs nothing and even bringing gain as well.

Choose being better - but not better than others; rather, better than u were b4.
Choose having more, but only so tt u hav more to give.

There is no such thing as "better" or "worse". There is only what is -- and what you wish to be. Hot is no better than cold, up no better than down and female no better than male.

Death is not an end, but a beginning, not a horror, but a joy. It is not a closing down, but an opening up. There is no 'death'. Life goes on 4ever n ever. Life is. U simply change form.

U cannot know cold unless there is hot, up unless there is down, left unless there is right. Do not condemn the one and bless the other. To do so is to fail to understand.

Stop trying to figure out wad is "best" for you n start going wif wad feels like Who You Are.

Thoughts r not feelings; they r ideas of how u 'shld' feel. Negative feelings r thoughts about sth, based always on de previous experience of urself n others.

There is no evil. U r perfect, jus as u are. A tree is no less perfect bcos it is a seedling. A tiny infant is no less perfect than a grown-up. It is perfection itself. Bcos it cannot do a thing, does not noe a thing, tt does not make it somehow less perfect.

We r making up de rules as we go along, changing dem to fit our present reality. There is no right or wrong.

din slp well last nite. sigh. hmm. so i woke up n read de book i bought. rather than lazing in bed rite? very chim book..im stil tryin to digest de content..

had an appt wif de Lancome manager (i tink) at 11, so i left to Winsland House (at Somerset). my heels wen against me - i ended up takin a cab. grrr. surprisingly, it wasnt too exp. hee. bout 5 bucks. alrite yea? got there early..lolx..

while waiting outside at de recept area, i heard an interview gg on. omg, so scary one ar? dey reali ask de ger so many Qs, den ask dem to smell tis smell tt, to test their sense of smell..cos de ger applied for de perfume job. n de interviewer look so dao..she saw me, i smiled at her, she stare at me.. -.- fine lo..bleah.

heng de person-in-charge for my job wasnt as bad as tt. she's pretty nice. she dun reali haf de 'pretty look', but got style! she sorta made me tout of de ger J likes.. de pattern a bit similar..hmm. she's pretty flexible also..yeah! so de job timing n stuff shld b negotiable la.. hope all goes well man. :)

there was stil some time left b4 i mit viv for lunch so i wen ard askin de money changer for de exchange rate. sian. so far, de highest is stil 24.15x.

met viv n ray @ Raffles for lunch. last min, Wynn called me, ask me to pei him den ok lo..so i only bought a drink. acc Viv until her lunch time over den shit...it rained! grr...rainy season! so i ran lor..no shelter..sob sob..

shopped ard in town. lolx..ended up buyin sth again. aiya, de salesger too friendly n helpful liao. she help me get tis size, tt design blah blah until i feel bad rejecting. so i bought 1 lor.. had lunch wif Wynn..at de staff canteen! -.-" wa lau, so mnay ppl staring, damn paiseh lo. n he insisted on treating..so oh well..he dunno got wad staff card, n de vendors dun accept cash one..so bleh.

i tink they shld hav a job tt is like "Lunch partner"? lolx..im like accompanying ppl for lunch, for dinner..blah blah..whhaha...anyone wan me to eat wif dem? lolx..ok, tis is lame.

wen to Taka to walked ard after tt..was pretty sian la. all my frenz so busy now. next wk den free. den next wk i wun b in sg liao. alamak. bought a jeans fr Future State..sian, nid to alter leh..my legs soooo short! crap. :(

headed off after tt. was at de train stn reading my book "Conversation With God" den suddenly tis guy appear fr nowhere shouted "heh wads tt book u reading?!" i showed him den he glance a bit ..den said " huh? wad de fuck is tis book?!" i was like..stunned? crap. tis kind of person also got. dun wan to read, also no nid to comment until lidat lo..

hmm. all wrong timing. 2 job companies cor me. one after another. now im confuse over which to choose. n i stil got de Lancome one. argh. one is even recommended by my fren one..a bit bad to reject rite? grrr...

wen for gym n sauna jus now. wooh~ finally, got time for gym again! gee. met a new fren in de sauna. she's from South Korea! nice gal. she ask me to teach her English! lolx..cos i was reading book..so ya..mayb she tinks im pro in English.. buahaha.. she told me many stuff bout Korea.. not bad to noe frens lidat huh? i miss de other lady! haven tok to her for like 3 wks liao.. tis Sat die die must go le..

argh. tml's de class chalet. was planning to go on de 2nd dae, but i forgotten tt i gotta help my frenz check in, cos i booked it! lolx..*blur* and de bbq food catering..de timing..is like.. a period of time one..so i dunno wen it'll arrive also.. so ma fan! my plans all messed up..zzz...

go watch my show liao! buai!!

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