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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Busy for the whole day
Monday. 3.21.05 4:55 am
We had to go to metroscreen at paddington, steve asked me to go together last night on msn, so we met at 11 at railway square. I need to go student service before paddington, I met teri and dilen on the way to student service, so we went together.

We arrived there late, when we were on the bus, deborah called steve, but not sure why Steve wasn't dare to talk to her, so he passed the phone to teri.

As we just changed topic, we don't really have a plan to what we'll do, so we don't need to meet Deborah today, but went to the new age shops to get talents. Lisa didn't come this morning, and we met her at Commonwealth bank at Castlerenge Street, steve went to have lunch during the waiting.

We took long time to decide what to ask when we were outside the shop, finally we choose three topic we wanna focus on: astrology, gem stones, tarot card. We went in the shop and talk to the cashier about our school and our assignment, luckily, we met some friendly people, it was out of my expectation, because most shops not welcome to the interview, or they don't want to film, even it is not for public. I am glad. The manager said she need to check the timetable to see when will the tarot-reader come, and they have people there every day for astrology and gem stones. So we exchange contact details, and we left.

I went home for change, because I need to go to ballet class. I actually want to bring my leotard this morning, so I don't need to go back and came out again, but the leotard was still wet this morning. I arrived home around 4:30, so i have time to browser on internet, but it made me left home late. It was nearly 6:30pm when I arrived, so I don't have extra time to warm up. However, when I was stretching, when I splited legs, I find my right leg went purple!!! It looked scary, and I felt horrible, because I couldn't remember when I hurt it. Then I remember when I splited legs last wednesday and I placed my front head on the floor, my right leg got pain, so i guess it was that time. How come I never know it as it alreay gone purple.

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scared me!
Monday. 3.21.05 10:32 pm
I must put this on my blog, although it happened last saturday, or friday night, whatever.

I was sitting in front of computer and heard the door bell rang, it was 3am and I don't think I had visitors. I wonder who was it, and I don't want to pick up the intercome as I don't want to get in trible (who know what will be happen?), so I told myself that was wrong door bell.

However, it rang again three to four time, so I wasn't worry or scare anymore, I was even angry to which was the stranger to press my door bell at 3am? So, I picked up the intercome when it rang again, and said "Hello."

It was my neightbour in opposite door, who forgot to bring the main door key (don't understand why he put the main door key and flat door key serparately), he saw the light from my window, and thought I haven't sleep.

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Weekly diary vs monthly diary
Sunday. 3.20.05 11:51 pm
I haven't write blog for long time, anyway, I don't have fans to read regularly, so it doesn't matter.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is my diaries for last week!

I arrived class on time, because Leo told me that michael was very very very (x10) angry last week to our late. And I had to print the price list from Joris, so I arrived school at 9:30am (no one can believe I did it). Damnit! Mr. Leo asked why I came so early, in an ironical tone.

Michael came in the class after I got the printing, but Julie was later than him.

There weren't much for us to do this week, basically was each group reporting their process to Michael, and we droped down their points.

However, it is hard to give them marks, because most of groups got only one speaker. I know they had discussed what they need to tell michael, but we can't assess it when there was only one speaker, and the other three were sitting at the side and said nothing. I asked michael was it too low if we marked 1 or 2, but he said that was fine, so we can mark strictly next week.

I was very very tired after dance, and I still need to typed out the meeting process and assessment result, because I need to format my computer. (crying) I broke the Extranal drive, so I need to copy all songs and documents to CDs and save it back to computer after format. (Why so stupid) And I forgot the user name and password after formatting, need to buy a new recharge card. (Cry again)

I'm getting old, I don't need to sleep much as before. (Oh! God) I usually need to sleep AT LEAST 10 hours per day, and don't get me wrong, I don't mean when I was an infant, I mean I did it at least three months earlier.

I slept at 5am, and woke at ... (some time early in the morning), got change an make up, arrived school at 10:15am. so you can guess when I wake (I usually take 15 mins make up)

Iku was the earliest one in my group, and I was second. It is rare but I am tried be the last one arriving. We went in the room to leave our stuffs, then went to computer lab to print those things I typed yesterday.

When we came down, Steve and Lisa arrived. Lisa was the latest one, she arrived when I was calling her.

We went outside to discuss our production plan, and finally planed to do the New Age. If you dun know what is new age, you can understand as self-spirituality, new spirituality, and mind-body-spirit. Its rooted to many sources: Astrology, Channeling, Hinduism, Gnostic traditions, Spiritualism, Taoism, Theosophy, Wicca and other Neo-pagan traditions, etc. I am a witch, with my Oriental background, I am influenced by Taoism, and find there are some similarity with different school of thoughts. I believe all religions/thoughs will go to one end lastly, but we just interpreted differently, I know many people not agree with this, and I don't care what others think, I believe what I think is right to do, as I am free and comfortable to do so.

After we got a new plan of production, we went back to the classroom. They were practicing the lighting and camera setting, because they already did a long time, so it is our turn. Lisa set the lighting, Iku hold the camera, and steve was interviewing me, and vice versa for the second time. I must have to say, he is not a good interviewer (he was in purpose), not co-operating at all, I hope I won¡¦t meet a interviewer like him.

Class finished at 1pm, so I quickly bought my lunch, as we have only half hours to the following class. However, Julia was so nice to give us extra time for lunch, and said "if you haven¡¦t finished lunch, you can stay outside."

How should I describe today¡¦s class, we had not much to do? Boring? no, no, no, class was samilar to last week, but we need to prepare the work to hand next week.

I didn't go to class today, because my mobile was still in silent as yesterday, it didn't rang this morning. I got headache in the morning (see!! this must be an excuse, it happened each time I don't want to wake up), so I didn't want to go to class. I think it was also because of the weather.

I left my bed at 3pm, had a shower and lunch, got change and make up. I need to watch Opera tonight. I hate the rain, because I supposed to wear my cocktail dress, but I wore the other black one at last. I saw Lisa and Cora when I was on the bus, in fact, I saw Cora first, but I couldn't recognised her (I don't know why she looks like Jessie, who is my high school friend, at that moment. But Jessie is not in Sydney anymore, so it'd not be her. Perhaps they look similar from the back), so I looked at the firl next to her, and that was Lisa (because she wore the same clothes again), so I know that was Cora. (it was confusing, right? But I hope you understand what I mean, becasue they were walking at the front, and the bus came from the back, so I saw their back and later their face when the bus passed by.)

I arrived Opera House at 7pm, it was my first time to watch performance in Opera House, although I have been in Sydney 5 years. I bought the programme note in $15, it is expensive. And it is cold in Opera House, just like a freezer.

The programme finished at 10:30, and I bought McDonald take away home, I felt so hungry, although I had ate an ice-cream in Opera house during the break (not much choice). When I ate the filet-o-fish, I find there was no tar-tar sauce with in, and later, I find out all the sauce at the bottom half of the burger, I guess because I took half hour home, and the burger was in a bag. I was not tired, becasue of the sleep in morning and afteroon.


Nothing much I did on saturday and sunday, sleep only !!!!!

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a bigger late this morning
Tuesday. 3.15.05 11:56 pm
I woke up for 4 times this morning: the first time was 8:30am, I ignored it; the second time I was unconscious; the third time was 10am (hmmm ... my class start at 10, but I was tired, so I chose to sleep. unbelieveble?); and the last time I woke up was 10:20am already.

I got change quickly and went to bus stop. I arrived bus stop at 5 to eleven and arrived school arround 11:30pm.

I saw Tim leaving the classroom, so I reliaised that class was already finished. I still went to have a look, and found Mike still talking in the calss. So, I walked in and sat down, and they laugh at me. Lisa, even said "class will finish soon, no worry!" Oh, isn't it Terrible!!! I dun want to be late either, and they late to school sometimes, so there was no point to laugh at me.

Mike marked me present, I know he is very kind.

We went to the cafe nine at blue buliding to have lunch, Lisa and me drank a "NO-CHOCOLATE-FAVOUR HOT CHOCOLATE", it tasted like water. Teri ate her favour sandwiches, cheese, egg and bacon, I know it taste good, but can you have some variety, you ate this for the whole year.

Ros' class is hard as usual, but she won't be here next week, Probably we can finish the day at eleven next week ... haha...

I think I finally understand connation, myth, naturalise and legitimate...

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My last three days
Sunday. 3.13.05 10:33 pm

Suppostingly, all group members met at 10am (Ok! I was 15 mins late). I only saw Lisa and Steve when I arrived, so I went up to computer lab to print the meeting report and assessment result for wed class with Lisa. When we came down, we find everyone in the classroom. I didn't know why, as our group suppose to meet Deborah at 11am.

When Lisa and me went in to the classroom, Deborah was talking about the role setting. She came to talk to our group after that, because she think our group is the only group know what we need to do.

We set the roles and hand in to Deborah, then she asked us to go out to find interview talent. She said facing to computer cannot get us anything, so we left.

We want to go Castlerengh street at first, but when we were close to QVB, we thought to do a interview at QVB, because it is much more closer (and we were tired). There was actually some arguement happened after interview, but lets forget it.

in the afternoon class, Iku, Chiarra and me were working on the company backgroup, history and detail, and then I made the sample of business card.


Donna was still sick, so Julie come to our class, hand in content of the website.


Did nothing, stayed at home, got headache.

I find I got headache evch saturday.
I think I am trying to use headache as an excuse to escape something, perhaps I don't want to get up early, don't want to do homework, then headache would be my best excuse to stay longer on bed.

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Tired, is my life style, (omg)
Wednesday. 3.9.05 11:13 pm
Why my journals are all about one theme: Tired and Late! (ok, make it two)

I wonder what kind of life I have.

I wake up late, and arrived bus stop at 9:45am. Leo called me said Michael was angry to our late. Oh, who want to be late, but the bus no coming yet!

There are lots of work to do in class, we have to write down the points of the other groups meeting, and assess students participation. And this is a hard work, because there are 7 groups in total, include our group, and we haved to concertrate on what they have said, and make notes and give marks. *tired*

I went back home to get change after class, and went to my ballet. It was funny that I dance much more better than usual, I stretched much more better, perhaps I was too stressful in usual classes, and I can do better since I was tired, and my maculs relaxed.

I typed all the notes and students assessment result that I had written today. It took me one and half hours, lots of words and got some wrong spelling in the paper. However it is worth to do, it looks much organise than hand-writing.

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