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Bread (One To One)
Sunday. 3.8.09 10:54 am
Yes, indeed. One to One means One Bread = One MYR (Malaysia Ringgit). Each bread that is made in Just To Eat between 2 and 9 in this month will only cost RM 1.

{Woot! That is a surprise!}

The bread not only cheap but also delicious.


Yesterday, I and my sister bought 9 in total so yes, it only costed us RM 9 and I ate 4 for my lunch. The filling was chocolate, tuna, hotdog and one empty. Those bread was still hot when it just took out from the oven. It was the hottest and most delicious bread I had ever eaten in my life so far.


I have eaten bread since I was 5 in kindergarten. Usually an empty white Gardenia fill with Jam OR butter, along with kaya (Kaya Toast). My mum used to make it for me as my breakfast in school during primary. Even now, I eat it occasionally.

Every morning, my friends will know what my breakfast will be -Bread.

Friends: What do you bring for your breakfast today? Bread again!


Yes, it is bread. They said the body will gain flesh if we ate too much bread. But why can't I? I have already eaten bread for twelve years and still, {I am as skinny as a sausage}.


Anyway, I love eating bread and would eat it Forever!!!

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English Songs That I Like
Saturday. 3.7.09 6:34 am
I have been listening to English songs lately. And these are some of my favourite songs with certain artists in certain records.

Adele - 19
Track 01 : Day Dreamer
Track 03 : Chasing Pavement
Track 12 : Hometown Glory

"I first love Chasing P. , then it is Home Glo. and last is Day Dream.
I love this albumd when I feel lonely and I will listen to this albumd when I don't feel good.
I have a strange feeling of Home Glo. and Day Dream.
Don't ask me why, I don't know, I like them."

Jason Mraz - We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
Track 02 : I'm Yours
Track 03 : Lucky featuring Colbie Caillat
Track 12 : A Beautiful Mess

"I have nothing to say about this albumd. My friend infleunced me.
Quiet man will love this whole albumd.
Hey! He had just played a concert in Malaysia this Wednessday."

David Cook - David Cook
Track 02 : Heroes
Track 03 : Light On
Track 13 : The Time Of My Life

"I love The Time. so much, its lyrics is just say my unexpressed words out loud!
"I've been waiting for my dreams ", "And I'll taste every moment ", "And live it out loud ".."

After I listened to the albumds, I only found out some tracks are my favourites. I might need to listen to them more and more to find out more great music.


Yes, I know you will say,
Oh.. That are old, about one year ago.
But still, I like them :DDD

"Great Music Should Never Be Burried Instead It Should Be Played Through Out The Window
The Reason You Must Listen To Them Is Music Never Die
Its Soul Is Still In Revolve Around Us
The Reason You Must Listen To Them Is Music Could Not Be Played With No Us

We Are Connected; We Let Music Live; We Love Music"

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Sports Day
Friday. 3.6.09 12:53 pm
Yesterday was a big day of my school - it was a Sports Day. It was the most exciting and enjoyable Sports Day in these five years. The reason was we held the day in a bigger and higher green field which was located nearby my school instead of previously made it only in our own field. The field called "Tapah Mini Stadium".

So I got there by 2.45 pm and found a seat on a high, long and airy staircase while all my friends were just busy preparing to march. Many people was there waiting for the opening ceremony, included the parents, siblings and my juniors.


The opening ceremony was RIDICULOUS! Let me tell you, certain teams marched at the opening and we had a leader infront of each march team, it was Kadet Polis, Bomba, Pandu Puteri, PBSM, Pengawas, Pengawas Pusat Sumber, Rumah Satria (Green House), Rumah Wira (Blue House), Rumah Putra (Red House), Rumah Perdana (My house - Yellow House) and last for the Scout.

Surprisingly, the leader of the Green House dressed up like a "Killer"? OR a "Clown"? I didn't know. Green House's leader had his own "Green-Bicycle" as well. The leader rode it from the beginning to the end, it was extremely funny! You didn't know, I and my friend laughed like a fool. I tell you, I was nearly "Killed". Lol. In brief, it was very extraordinary.

Now it was Blue House's turn. The leader was amusing too. I couldn't recognize what was that at first but later I figured out it was a "Shark", a "Blue Shark". Imagine he put a "Shark-Head" on his head, wearing a blue pant and two little "Shark-Hands" beside his legs. You couldn't even stand it when his team member was waving their hands to my principle while he was wandering around the stadium himself. Hahaha!!!


Of course, we had some sports held on the Sports Day. Tug-of-war was among the keenest sports in the day. My house lost game and got the fourth, that was the last. But still, we (my classmates who were in the same house as me) cheered for them and we enjoy the game as well.

We had four houses in total and these was the rank:
  • Main Champion: Green House

  • Runner Up: Blue House

  • Third Place: {Unaware} red? yellow?

  • Fourth Place: {Unaware} yellow? red?
Overall, it was fun though it was a real pity I didn't bring along my camera to capture those amuse scenes plus this is our last year in secondery school.

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I Am Currently Listening To..
Thursday. 3.5.09 6:47 am
Adele - 19

I'm in a rush to write this post.

I've got to go to school now.
30 Minutes Before The Gate Closes.

More to write about.
Bye Bye......... :DDD

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I Met Three English
Tuesday. 3.3.09 5:55 am
Man! I met saw 3 English Caucasians in my town today!
2 Girls and a Guy
I wanted to go up there and talk to them..
Though I didn't have the courage to do that.
Oh.. I was too foolish.
I miss the chance again!


Thanks Nuttz for correcting me.
I learnt a new word today ---

Caucasian = White = 白种人

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English Club Dot Com
Monday. 3.2.09 5:20 pm
I accidentally found this extremely cool site!!!

For those who is weak in English and would like to improve it, this site is very helpful because it is specially designed for you.
Why do I like this English Club Dot Com so much?

I love English very much and I have always wanted to improve it. Though I am lazy to read English books during the free time. English Club gives me a lot of new knowledge which I think it is very useful and convenient for me to browse on the internet. It saves my time and causes me even love English deeper.

Reading on English Club Dot Com not only save my time, it is easy to browse too. When you click on the button, all the categories are listed on the web page obviously -Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, etc. In addition, you will not feel boring while reading on web page because it is full of surprise on every category.

Trust me! You will like this!

Lol! I am so happy now.

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