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Sometimes, I hate movies.
Monday. 12.21.09 11:17 pm
Not literally, of course.

In fact, I love movies. But it's the darn fantasy ones. The REALLY GOOD fantasy movies. Like Avatar, for example.

I just got back from seeing Avatar for the first time, I laughed, cried, and had some suspense-filled moments while watching this movie. The creator actually made me want to live on Pandora as someone of the Na'vi race. The planet itself was simply magnificent as well.

Now why I hate it. I get so caught up in movies like this that I become a young child and believe at first that everything in the movie actually exists, and that it's all real. I wanted to meet these scientists who could put me inside of a Na'vi's body. I wanted to interact with the clan and eventually become a member of said clan. I wanted to witness the beautiful moon that is Pandora.

But I CAN'T. IT ISN'T REAL. I quickly fall from my dream cloud with a hard thud back into the less-beautiful world we call reality.

On a side note, Avatar, GREAT MOVIE.

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So, Windows 7
Saturday. 12.19.09 5:45 pm
Is basically the shit.

Just got it on my computer. Sooooo niiiiiice.

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SO, about that dentist.
Thursday. 12.10.09 9:36 pm
I got my tooth drilled today. Also got a temporary filling. Thought I was going to have to get a root canal.

But no. I just have to get the damned permanent tooth PULLED.

Not only that, I have to get a filling on the tooth opposite of the one drilled today, AND I have to get a wisdom tooth ripped out.

Not cool. And to think I thought I took good care of my mouth. Apparently not.

My mouth is so sore right now. Not cool.

Here is a picture of before the dentist put in the temporary filling! Yay giant holes!

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So, I went to the dentist.
Monday. 12.7.09 9:26 pm
It's been over a year since I went to the dentist last.

Bad. Move.

(Skip to last paragraph if you JUST want to know the results)

My very back-bottom-left wisdom tooth has been hurting the crap out of me for a while. It's very moody; sometimes it hurts a lot, sometimes not at all, sometimes when I bite down on it randomly.

You can see something that almost looks like a little black speck on it. I tried showing my mom and told her I thought it was a cavity. What was her response? Same as always, "I think you're making it bigger than what it actually is. Wait it out and see."

That ALWAYS HAPPENS. It happened when I was sick with the flu, I needed to see a doctor. She said wait, I waited, I ended up having Influenza types A and B at the same time, which could've been avoided had I gone to the doctor when I told her the first time.

Then a couple of months ago I started getting sick, she told me it was a cold. I get over a cold in a day, two days tops. I told her I needed to see the doctor. So I made the damn appointment myself. Mom was mad, but I ended up having an upper respiratory infection. I thought I had gotten over it, but it came back a week later, I wanted another doctor's appointment. Mom wouldn't let me. It took me going to the ER because I stopped breathing in my sleep for her to realize how serious it was.

ANYWAY. She did the same thing with my tooth. After I told her the results, she said to me, "We shouldn't have waited so long. We should have gone every six months."

Now, the results? Basically, I have this giant-ass cavity, its tapping in to my nerves. I may potentially need to have a root canal. Or it could be worse, a serious infection.

Not cool, man.

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Thought I was screwed!
Friday. 12.4.09 8:39 pm
Last night was possibly one of the worst nights to have to work (or so I thought).
I had a math test this morning to study for, a French project due today to finish, AND had to be off book for our musical today (which I wasn't).

Somehow, I miraculously and luckily avoided all of these problems.

-Math: Yes, I still had the test. BUT. Yesterday I was failing with a 69, and today I'm passing with a 76, not the best, but it's one point away from a C, instead of one point away from NOT failing.

French: Turns out NO ONE was done with the French project. So our teacher gave us until Monday to finish it. Schweet.

Muscial: Our teacher wasn't there for our theater class, so we got to practice our songs more instead of running the show off-book.


My lucky stars must've been helping me out today. The past two days were so crappy. Won't even get in to that.

ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS GREAT NEWS, I got to go to World Market with unicronasaurus. And then Steak N' Shake. 'Twas delicious all around. :3

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Please help, Nutang.
Wednesday. 12.2.09 9:22 pm
I won't base my decision upon your votes, but please just give me input.

Should I graduate a semester early and get a second job and make twice as much money before I go to college?

Or should I stay second semester and get 6 more hours of college credit?

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