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lucky cha cha cha!

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it's 11:30!
8/29/06 (tuesday)
FJADGMERKTSK that "okusama wa majo" episode 1 i downloaded is 680 mb T__T i don't even know when i'll get a chance to watch it either.

[today is Alanna's birthday! And for some reason, she had her party last last Sunday?]

Wow 6 comments. Hah.

Must sleep early because of bloodworks in the morning. That bloodworks place is annoying, it's only open and stuff before 3 or something? so you have to get there before noon. I'm never awake before noon in the summer >.> and plus I have to finish some more of my ABC's before I sleep, but I'm afraid my parents will catch me. Like last time at 3. >.> Oh well, I was good about not getting off track today. I mean, besdies nutang XD.

And yay, today I finally bought a new Johnny Tremain (they had a hardcover and an alternate cover one too that I totally didn't see) and Tuesdays with Morrie (though I'm still not sure if I have to read it). Plus OK Go's "Oh No" and The Pink Spiders' "Teenage Graffiti". Happy happy. =D My brother couldn't get those Futurama DVD's though, I would've said I wanted them too but my parents already looked pissed for paying $50 for my stuff XD

Okay so, get ready for bed and then finish X is for X-Ray (or do a country, since I only have one left?) while watching Family Guy and then sleep (hopefully before 12:30?).

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for procrastination
Sunday. 8.27.06 10:27 pm
while still keeping me smart! translating a Filipino song. oh yes. i don't expect anyone to read this (unless I tell Mejelly about it, we had that whole translating thing together for about two days hah)
and Oh yes, I HAD to choose a rap song. =] it's long and good to translate when you don't wanna do homework. Oh, and don't expect this to be right or anything (hence all the question marks). Filipino dictionaries really help hahah.

Note: My parents explained that "Bebot" is like a slang term for girl. Not derogatory or anything, well, I don't really understand it or anything so let's just leave it at that hah.

Bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot be
Ikaw ang aking
Bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot be
ikaw ang aking
Bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot be
You are my only
You are my only

Ikaw ay
You are

Filipino! Filipino! Filipino! Filipino!

Hoy pare pakinggan niyo ako
Ito ang tunay na filipino
Galing sa baryo Sapang Bato
Pumunta ng LA nagtrabaho
Para makatulong sa nanay
Dahil sa hirap ng buhay
Pero masaya parin ang kulay
Pag kumain nagkakamay
Yong kanin, chicken adobo
Yong balut, binebenta sa kanto
Tagay mo na nga ang baso
Pare ko inuman na tayo
Hey friend, listen to me
Here is the real Filipino
From the barrio Sapang Bato,
(I) Went to LA to work
To help (my) mother
Because life is hard
But the color (?) is happy
(We) eat with (our) hands
The food, chicken adobo
The balut, (we) bought on the street corner
Lift (?) up all the glasses
My friend, let's drink

Filipino! Filipino! Filipino! Filipino!

Bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot be
Ikaw ang aking
Bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot be
ikaw ang aking
Bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot be
You are my only
You are my only

Ikaw ay
You are

Filipino! Filipino! Filipino! Filipino!

Masdan mo ang magagandang dalaga
Nakakagigil ang beauty mo talaga
Lambingin di nakakasawa
Ikaw lang ang gustong makasama
Yung bahay ko kubo
Pagibig mo ay totoo
Puso ko'y laging kumikibo
Wala kang katulad sa mundo ko
Look at the beautiful women
Your beauty is truly real (?)
I only want to be with you
In a house or a hut,
My love is real
My heart is stirring (?)
You have no equal (?) in my world

Pinoy ka sigaw na, sige
Kung maganda ka sigaw na, sige
Kung buhay mo'y mahalaga, sige
Salamat sa 'yong suporta
If you're Filipino, scream, okay
If you're beautiful, scream, okay
If your life is valuable, okay
Thank you for your support

Filipino! Filipino! Filipino! Filipino!

[repeat stuff]

That didn't take as long as I hoped it would. XD It was either this or Gloc-9. And Gloc-9 would've taken me 'till 2 a.m. XD Okay so I'll get on about evolution and whatever the hell else I'll be doing. >.>

So uh... today was... cold. I was wearing a skirt with leggings and a t-shirt to church, and God (irony?) was I shivering in there. It got warmer after that though, but I could sit in my room without having to turn on the air con and STILL be cold, though. Now it's on and I'm still cold XD Yay the roast of William Shatner, hah. Bye?

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hey awesome
8/26/06 (late night)
I finished more of my math packet than I thought I had. That's awesome, one less thing to worry about! But I still have to read 1 1/2 books, dammit! It's all pretty much done, except for one question. Dammit, my teacher doesn't check for cut-off questions hard enough T_T Now if only I could bring myself to finish more than 1 country and 2 science topics a day, then I would totally be done before labor day. Oh well.. I should sleep now.

I miss my classmates. I should look at the websites of some high schools before coming. It's mostly between two schools, but I'm not 100% sure of which one. I mean, I'm not even sure which one is closer or anything. (I think it'll come down to that and if I get a scholarship or not.)

[stop looking over my shoulder brother]

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i just
8/25/05 (thursday night, actually)
want school to start already.
I mean, I want to finish my homework first, and it's not like being away from my friends has become unbearable, but I just want something to do other than be on the computer all day.

My head was almost throbbing today while I was using the computer and I contemplated getting off, but then I considered my options:
- practicing piano (it frustrates me already 'cause i suck at it, therefore will only make my head hurt more, not to mention that music might've contributed to my headache - I was blasting it pretty loud)
- sleeping (it was already pretty late for me to go to sleep and my parents already make fun of me for sleeping too much)
- eating (but I just ate so my parents would call me fat)
- clean my room (but I never do that 'cause it'll just get messy again later ;D)
- exercise (yeah right)

I couldn't read either because I lost Johnny Tremain, finished To Kill A Mockingbird, and don't have my New York Times bestseller yet. So that eliminated anything productive other than homework, and I only got to do "P" (for the Philippines) for Social Studies. But on the other hand, I did two for science, which was pretty good, though not as impressive because the hardest part is finding something to write about >.>

In other news, everybody's stolen the Pink Spiders (I'm one of those people that think mainstream music sucks, unless, of course, it's actually good - but peope paying attention to it is a big minus for me) so I think I'll stick to OK Go for now. And I want to buy CD's, or at least an iTunes gift card, but I know what my dad'll say.
"You have limewire don't you? Just download it there!"
But I feel guilty. But if I say that he'll say we're just wasting money (that he could use on beer cough cough).

Anyway, wow, I started this while I was still in fifth grade at SHS. Now I'm going to eighth grade, final year, of STA, moving on to high school soon. I would be like, "Oh well, at least there's next year" but we felt so betrayed when we found out that there wouldn't be a "next year" anymore. But then I realize that I can't imagine life without STA, and then I get confused and start thinking about something else.

Like high school. Shit, I still don't know what high school I'm going to but it's due in about two months. *dies* Oh well, at least I'm not being lazy.

This turned out longer than I expected it to be.

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the suspense
8/17/06 (thursday)
for Saturday is killing me.
such a big event, i'm obviously gonna see someone from school there, right?

And I'm not even sure if I can go to Alanna's
because I'll be really tired from Six Flags.
But I know I'm gonna regret not going.

I'm seriously scared that I can't finish my summer homework either. My parents'll probably end up mad at me for not being able to find Johnny Tremain (instead of buying me a new one >.<) and I lost my ABC's of Social Studies sheet that apparently made the assignment easier. =[

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time conflicts!
8/13/06 (sunday)
listening to OLIVIA inspi' REIRA (TRAPNEST) - a little pain

This week = nothing
Friday = Piano @ 5-ish?
Saturday = ST. BARNABAS DAY (a.k.a. SIX FLAGS) and the Philippine Fiesta
Sunday = Alanna's party (I forgot to r.s.v.p. =X), Caitlin's birthday (wasn't she gonna invite us down the shore?) and the Philippine Fiesta
Tuesday (the 22nd) - Dorney Park again!

I think that eliminates going to the Philippine Fiesta. Yeah, like I was planning on going anyway, hah. My family never goes.

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