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CPU spoiled -FOR REAL
Wednesday. 1.17.08 1:23 am
This time is for real, my CPU is spoiled unlike other time where my CPU is just unbehaving itself. My CPU spoiled and everything gone, could not turn on the Hard-disk, until after my exam only then I will go buy a new Hard-Disk to replace the old one.

Not too sure about fixing this by myself since I tried to take the CPU to repair-shop to repair they told me that there is NO PROBLEM DETECTED, so no repairing can be done thus I HAD TO BRING IT HOME ON THE VERY SAME DAY!!!!! OMG, but when I tried to turn on at my home....guess what? THE PROBLEM CAME BACK.... THen I could not format my Hard-Disk......sick of this.

My friend told me that, even if I bought new Hard-Disk the same thing will persist, seems like there is a lot of things to fix.... CD-ROM, Display Card, and Power Supply.

Better buy a new one like that.....damn the supplier who sold me this PC.....

I will soon upload the error pictures that I always get hope someone will give me an answer.... >___<

Well since now it's eexam season, it is indirect good news for me to concentrate studies....

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It was a disaster
Wednesday. 1.16.08 1:19 am
it was a disaster
You know I had been playing online game, currently MoSiangOnline. Today something I almost messed up, my friend who had been invited and been driven by our GuildMaster to cyber cafe to play this online game. Well you know I always will login another ID and talk to my friend. I talked to him like we always do, but this time I should be a bit smarter and stop pm'ing him.
it was a disaster
Because....Our guildmaster was there reading everything we chat. My friend tried to signal me by saying "He is beside me lar" I thought he meant NOT SHARING same PC, I know they are in the same Cyber cafe but didn't expect he is sharing the same PC with him.... I finally understand what my friend trying to signal me right after he said "Woi" to stop me from pm'ing....

LOL only then I know I almost in deep sh*t, luckily nothing happened. Phew...After this I know what should I do when my friend is playing at CC. I will have to disguise as another in-game friend HAHAHA~~
it was a disaster

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Bank Draft Charges~
Saturday. 1.5.08 4:10 am
Honestly I felt like I had been duped.... The bank draft I drawn from public bank is much more expensive than OCBC bank.... my friend just compared for me yesterday with the form. I do not know about other banks but I am pretty sure about the charges on Public Bank and OCBC bank.

Public Bank charged RM 2 commision and RM 5 for service charges.
Whilst, OCBC bank charged RM 2 commision only.... Oversea bank offers a better deal, can we say that?

Well this is just going to happen once, later times I would be going to OCBC or other bank which offers better deal than Public Bank. I am telling you all the truth. You can choose not to believe me and head to bank and check those charges.

T_T Sad that I had paid RM 10 extra for making 2 bank drafts....
Bank Charges

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Merry Xmas!
Monday. 12.24.07 7:04 am
Merry Xmas lets share the holy jolly here tonight until midnight 12am struck =X

Ding ding ding~~~ Jingel bell jingel bell jingel all the way, Christmas carols are shared everywhere, singging non-stop in many churchs even broadcasting in radio stations ... ^_^ Now I am addicted to all xmas carols and sings along when I heard ( Provided I knows the lyrics [-___-] )

Today it is Christmas's eve, some of my friends are bored some of them prepared to go out and countdown till 12am Christmas and spray each other, that doesn't matter as long everyone is having fun =)

For those who are bored while waiting some occasions, go make yourself a hot Coco or a Milo to warm yourself up because today is a rainy day too ( cold ~.~ in Malaysia)

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Asian Idol - Hady Mirza
Monday. 12.17.07 10:57 am
Hady Mirza from Singapore Idol had won the Asian Idol 2007 yesterday Sunday 16/12/2007.... It was a shock for me since all the judges did mention the Jaclyn Victor name as one of the possible Asian Idol, but turns out to be Hady Mirza.... OMG
Heed My Words!
If you did watched the performance in last 2 days ( Saturday and Sunday) you will find all the Idols gave their best and they are all winners since it is hard to decide which to be Asian Idol until yesterday at 12am host announced the winner for Asian Idol Hady Mirza, and Hady broke into tears and kneel down after he heard his name pronounced!!

Alot of Idols came to Jarkata yesterday to make it more enjoyable and fun! Start with Agnes Monica singing "Get Up" with her outstanding dance... Why there is no Rain :P

And also Guy Sabastian( Australian Idol ), Taylor Hicks( American idol ) wooohoooo ....PeterPan was at Jakarta performed in Asian Idol too!
Sadly Jaclyn Victor was not choosen...sigh...

Heed My Words!

Well overall it is worth for me to watch it till 12am eventhough I am still having fever :Dnull

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Rainy day and Hot Sun = Sick
Monday. 12.13.07 6:53 am
mood: happy
Heed My Words!These few days had been raining non-stop whether it is heavy or shower type, it is still a wet day.... I have been walking under the wet weather the past few days even until today I am still walking wet to home or college.... Luckily I did not get sick, or probably eventually I will get sick.

I seen a lot of my friends were sick due to hot and wet weather....the weather is changing rapidly until our body could not cope with the temperature and thus we fall sick, plus if you did not drink enough water definitely you cannot escape from sickness.

One of my friend did not attend her test because she fall sick on the test day, therefore she has to replace it on other day, kinda pity her as she missed the most easiest questions among the other sets :P

Heed My Words!
Hot blazing sun.... Forced me to wear my cape always, and I sweat a lot... argh!! After sweating I feel like sleeping.... therefore I slept in lecture hall.... zzzzz darn it....


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