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Opening Night
Thursday. 10.30.03 5:38 pm
Lebron is the Real Deal, much to my dismay(all due respct to him). Its just that I freakin' doubted his skills and traded him along with Eddie Jones to get Shareef-Abdur Rahim.

Hornets Win! The Hornets edged the Hawks in OT. Hornets came back, after being down for the whole game. George Lynch did not perform as well, even though this picture may hint that he did.

Air Canada scored 39 points vs. the Nets! He earned me mad points in fantasy.

The Knicks are just downright pitiful. There were up by 10 with 2:30 left and they were up by 7 with 1 minute left! They allowed 7 points in the final minute to get into OT, and they lost in OT by 2 against the Magic.

Scottie Pippen looks to guide the Baby-Bulls into the Playoffs. That would be phat, but they would lose to the Hornets anyway hah.

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Whats up?
Wednesday. 10.29.03 5:10 pm
NBA season started yesterday. Lakers whooped da Mavs without Kobe. Spurs beat da Suns by 1 and Philly defeated the Heat by 15. Hornets play tonight vs. Hawks! They better win. Oh Yeah, The Hornets just signed former all-star Steve Smith!

Doesn't Antoine Walker below look weird not wearing a Celtics jersey?


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O crap
Sunday. 10.26.03 1:20 pm
I forgot my damn folder with my agenda and homework sheets in school. I think I left it in my physics class! I need to get to school really early Monday, and somehow find it and do my hw in the library that morning.
I still gotta study for precalc test, I think I just gotta review and practice some problems. Also, I need to study for Physics. Im a little rusty on it. I forgot my freakin' History worksheets in my lost folder. I gotta do that Monday morning. Also, I gotta do Spanish and Stat homework. I hate Spanish.

G0 Panthers! I am hoping the Panthers beat da Saints, New Orleans is doing really good,& Carolina just were blown out last week! I am somewhat nervous. I am following the game on Gamecast, since its not on TV. Ive been watching Planet of the Apes on TV. The Old ones. I was watching "Escape from Planet of the Apes" at 12 last nite, however I was forced to go to bed. These retro ones r so much better than da new one with Mark Wahlberg. The new Planet of the Apes really sucked. Do You Agree?
I wonder who da New MOTM will be!Any predictions?

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Wednesday. 10.22.03 4:06 pm

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Sunday. 10.19.03 12:23 pm
NuTang R0X0R

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Friday. 10.10.03 3:32 pm
Today's question...
Who is the picture of?
(Hints: Same Nickname as a Reality TV show's winner/ Bibby Transaction/ Massive Turnover Ratio)

Yesterday's PPS Answer:
Brad Penny. Congats to Devious Lint! I gave her PPS!

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