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Age. 46
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Nikkei (日系)
Location Yulin, Guangxi, China
School. Univ of Alberta
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September 2021

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Origins of the Zhuang peoples
Tuesday. 2.24.09 7:16 pm

The Zhuang are China痴 largest minority group and they mainly reside in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, west of Guangdong province, east of Yunnan and borders Vietnam. A great number of the Zhuang live in villages in the mountainous areas, specifically in the western two thirds of Guangxi. The Zhuang may also be found in most of Guangxi痴 major cities, in each case making up to a third of the population while the remaining live in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guizhou, and Hunan Provinces.

The Zhuang are an offshoot of a Thai-related people group that over 2,000 years ago who existed over a large area of Southern China. The Zhuang probably emigrated from the south in Vietnam. Archaeological remains in Bai-lian Dong near Liu-zhou and Zhen-pi Yan near Guilin have turned up burial sites with burial styles common not to China but to Vietnam. These burial styles also suggest a relationship between the Zhuang and the Haobinhian (9000-5600 BC) and Bacsonian (8300-5900 BC) cultures of Vietnam.

For more information on the Zhuang and for an introduction to the learning of the Zhuang language please see the Iroha Project blog at http://www.projecth2o.org/irohaproject

Hear and compare languages here:

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バリアーフリー Barrier free
Saturday. 2.7.09 6:05 am
バリアーフリー is ‘barrier free’ it is used to mean ‘accessable for wheelchairs’. They are applying this to the sidewalk, fine make it more accessable but wait a moment. What do they mean by ‘barrier free’? They cut down all the trees and pull up all the bushes, which by the way were not in the way because there was plenty of room to get a wheelchair or even for two to pass. Making the sidewalk a little more smoother to help wheelchairs to get by easier maybe ok but still there was no reason to cut down all the trees and pull up all the bushes. So why did they cut down the trees? To get their work trucks to pass on the sidewalks more easily. This is like why did they widen the paths in the garden for? To get the tractor through so they can plant/harvest faster and produce more volume. I can think of a number of solutions, 1. use the road for their trucks, or 2. use smaller machines, or 3. manual labor. So I am sure they say well we cannot cause problems for traffic, small machines or manual labor are just too much work = lazy workers. I have seen entire roads built by hand in some countries and I don’t see why they can’t do it in anywhere else, I believe being developed doesn’t make the excuse. Many countries, like China divert roads to go around trees just because they want to preserve them and not cut them down. The tree has been there longer than us and could be there long after we are gone. Don’t they realize how hot it gets on a a black asphalt sidewalk in the summer? I wonder what they(we) are going breathe when all the trees are gone?

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Photoshop CS4 Extended
Friday. 2.6.09 1:05 am
I just began playing around with Photoshop CS4 Extended. The only problem I find is the software developers like to play around with our minds and like windows vista they changed the layout around so it is completely different and there is just no sense to it. I say they should keep it all uniform the “file” should always be in the far left hand side and help should always be in the far right hand side.

Photoshop CS4 includes: Revoluntionary 3D painting and compositing, adjustments panel, masks panel, extended depth of field, auto-alignment of layers, aut-blending of images, more powerful printing options, 3D object and editing, fluid canvas rotation, smoother panning and zooming, content aware scaling, enhanced motion graphics editting, etter raw image processing, industry leading color correction, plus more to suit your palette!

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Wednesday. 1.28.09 6:04 am
What is the meaning of tourism? I cannot seem to make sense as to why anyone would want to go to some place just for the purpose of picking something which will eventually end up in the garbage. You go someplace small in the hopes to relax and yet see big tour buses speeding down side streets without any respect for people or the surroundings. Filled with rich people from the city who just want to take a few photos of themselves and the group in front of some stupid fake attraction. Eat something expensive and buy over priced poorly manufactured foreign junk. In the end what does the community get? more pollution in all forms and disturbance to their life.

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