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American Idol Auditions, San Diego
Tuesday. 7.31.07 1:55 am
As I write this entry, I am soooo American Idol-ed out. I got to Qualcomm at quarter til' 5 today and was there until almost 7 p.m. I sang "The Look" by Ryan Tedder as my audition piece and actually got to the part before the executive producers before calling it a day. All in all it was a great and humbling experience; it was very much a random and rehearsed venue at one time. Seriously, only on American Idol can you see a girl wearing a bikini get PAST to the next round alongside a freakin' MIME and a PANCHO and SOMBRERO wearing individual. Fun times.

As for me, I feel accomplished for getting that far into the audition process. There were times throughout the day where I wanted to get up and just leave, not because I didn't feel like I couldn't sing, but because I just didn't want to wait behind thousands of other hopefuls while my head was throbbing with pain from being hungry and having only so many hours of sleep. But hey, what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, so I can most definitely attest this as one of those crucial times in my life.

I'll be posting the pictures I took in my facebook album, and when I do, I'll edit this entry and post the url here as well so you guys can see what I saw.

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Looking back at the future
Tuesday. 9.4.07 11:02 am

Man, I can’t believe how fast summer has gone by. Well, maybe not that fast, but fast enough to see Lincoln High School reopen its campus after something like four years of reconstruction. That’s totally awesome, and a bit sad; that means that I’ve been out of high school for officially four years as well. Morse has changed a lot in those years as well. Maybe not completely demolished and built up from scratch like Lincoln, but still a different campus from when I still went there. With all that said, I proclaim myself an old man, at least, by those standards.

Seeing all the hustle of the new and returning students to all the schools I passed by this morning brought back a wave of nostalgia; Since I just started at UCSD earlier this year, I know the feeling. And since this coming quarter is going to be my first fall quarter, I’m beginning to feel the anticipation as well.

On another note, I’m really really thankful for summer. I needed these past couple of months to step away from academics and focus on recuperating from what was otherwise a really fun, albeit stressful, first quarter at UCSD.

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