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Blind to the gemstone alone

Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
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School. Other
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September 2021

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Friday. 9.26.08 11:50 pm
Ms. S treat us out for dinner today. We went to a fancy Persian Restaurant. It's something different. I don't mind if it's gonna taste weird, but I love trying new things all the time. It turned out pretty good. Honestly, I wasn't super amazed. I did enjoy the food very much. The rice is interesting too. I definitely love the soup. Persian ice cream is the best. Vanilla ice cream with rose smell. I like that. It sounds ordinary, but I don't think it is. I feel like I'm laying on piles and piles of soft clouds while eating the ice cream. I was stuffed.

I finished building my mask. I printed it out from the internet. I followed the instructions. It took me 2 hours. I was being very careful. It was fun, but tiring. I tried to make it neat and perfect. Now it looks good. ;P

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Screening of Eagle Eye
Thursday. 9.25.08 9:50 am
I just came back from the screening of Eagle Eye. My sis got free tickets from few weeks ago. I thought the movie was exciting to watch, but it was also kinda stupid. It was alright. The movie is all about technology. Very modern. Too much cell phones!

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Thursday. 9.18.08 7:22 pm
I just thought about how I was fascinated by graveyards and cemeteries at the age of 6 or 7. I remember being in a car. Every time we pass them, I would always look until I couldn't tilt my head anymore. I always wanted to go see and visit or hang around there a little. And now I still do.

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Costume subject
Thursday. 9.18.08 6:50 pm
Alrighty. I got my other missing parts of the costume. I feel better about everything now. I'm so crazy. lol. It's just a costume.

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Thursday. 9.17.08 9:50 pm
I'm always nervous about every little thing. I think I'm a little insane. Anyways, I got this costume from head to toe yesterday. It's this wolf thing, but it has a lot of fur. :/ And I didn't think about that. My mum said fur can cause me to have asthma since I'm allergic to dust bunnies, animal furs, and or something dirty. The costume store says no refunds, no exchange, and no exceptions. I went to get it exchanged anyways. They said yes. So that's the cool part. I tried on that new one. I got home. I checked my package. It's missing two pieces of the set! I don't feel so complete not having those pieces. I'm going back to ask for it. The lady forgot to put it in. I'm a little worried. I guess I'm being ridiculous, but I can't help myself. It's not like those two pieces are big parts of the costume, but I want it! I know I'm being annoying because I'm going back there for the second time now. Too much problems, but hey. Hopefully, those people will get me my missing pieces!

I know my own intentions though people might not understand. Mostly, I have good intentions. I'm not evil and I don't want to be.

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Sunday. 9.14.08 6:47 pm
My friend got free movie tickets for the screening of Igor. She invited me since one ticket admits two. The movie starts at 11:00am. I got there at around 10:30am and waited for her. By 10:35am, the line started moving really slow and pretty soon the man said, "The screening is now closed." So we didn't get to see the movie. We sat down and talk about how much it sucks not to get in. We were talking about college and stuff. Then we went to Boudin. That clam chowder was amazing. The taste and everything is perfect. Then we talk more. I asked her about her new boyfriend. Later on, I told her how I love reading Twilight and that she should give it a try. But she has never heard of the series and doesn't like to read either. So we went to Borders together. I showed her the Twilight pile. I wanted her to have an idea what Twilight looked like. She told me she's never seen or heard of it. Then we went to some costume store. The last thing I did was went to her place. We talk more and more about stuff. She got me a bowl of ice cream.

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Equal Ways

So the circle cannot fade
It turns in endless ways
It turns its endless days

So this window offers views
Of endless loves and fears
Of endless moves and stance

We turn in rest and dance
Scoff at our arises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I will never stop wonder

They walk in flowers
They walk in shorts
They win the nothings
They win awards

It makes no essence to me
I walk the flowers
I win the nothings
So this circle cannot fail

It turns its endless ways
It turns its endless days

Scare the dower
Rises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I won't ever stop wander

Scare the dower
Rises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I won't ever stop wander

We turn in equal days
So let's live in equal ways
We turn in equal ways
So let's live in equal days

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