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.*. Me and Erika .*.
- A.D.I.A.S. -
Only see, somehow it always seems that I'm learnin' or
something I can never be
It dosen't matter to me, 'cause I will always be that pimp I see
in all my fantasies

I don't know your fucking name.
So what? Let's fuck...

Screaming to be the only way that I can truly be free
from my fucked up real life
so I dream and stroke it harder, 'cause its so fun to see my
face staring back at me
.*. Marcy and Me .*.
.*. Me and Tara .*.
such a nice day...
Wednesday. 4.6.05 7:38 pm
It reached freaking 81 degrees tops today! It was nice. When i got home from school, melinda and i went for a walk on the dirt road. What things we can laugh about. I kept on tripping over my sandal, and she thought that was the funniest thing in the world. Then we had a "sword fight", yeah, we're gay. haha

Anyway today was the last day of the quarter. Bye Bye jewelry, factual writing, and auto cad... hello ceramics, shop, and gym. :) Yay to gym class :). I found out today that hes not stopping by because it was all my fault cause i talked shit, and i should of thought about being his friend before i went off and did that. Obviously, he wasnt who i thought he was. I guess i dont even wanna be his friend anymore... oh well, shit happens.

I leave for florida in 7 days. Im not sure if marcy or shauntel is going with me... but hopefully one of them are. I really dont wanna be in the cra without anyone to talk to the whole way down there!!

Welp, im gonna go... dont feel like writing much of anything. byebye

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Monday. 4.4.05 8:16 pm
well here i am again! I missed this thing called a computer... my life was so boring for 2 weeks. And i regret what i did to get in trouble 100%. You have no idea how much it hurts to have so many people hate you... all for the same reasons. It sucks.

Well, i dont feel like writing in here bc im talking to too many ppl right now, so i'll talk to yas later!

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Still happy.... no regrets
Tuesday. 3.22.05 9:05 am
This week has been one of the best weeks i could ever imagine. Though im grounded, and cant go anywhere... i still have the telephone, and its grown to be my best friend. :) Not only was this weekend great, i came to school yesterday, as they announced prom court.. and guess what? I totally freaking made it! It really feels good because out of 12 girls in the whole grade, i managed to be one of them... shocking? Yeah it is... so wish me luck. Although remember when i said i didnt really care so much about winning? Well that still true. I just feel blessed to be on the thing.. it happens once in your lifetime, and im sure that i will never ever forget it. Another thing thats really cool about being on Prom is that my best friend Shauntel made it too! I know we both really wanted this more than ever... and its just cool that we can go through the happiness together. Now i just need a date... Shauntel too! So get back at me if your interested lol. ;)

Marcys great grandmother passed away this weekend... so shes down in the Poconoes alllllll week!! Dang... i gave her a hug good bye! Having your best friend gone from school for a whole week really gets to you after a while. Just a day makes me go crazy. haha i love my best friends. I dont know what i would do without Shaun and Marcy around. Id be completly lost.. i dont think id have anybody.

Nobody has commented me... after i told them to :( wtf is up with you guys? haha... im grounded.. give me a little love, yah know? Ill have to out a note on your truck sometime dennis... just in case you havent read this or anything.. your gonna be soooooo proud of me!!!

Welp, i think imma get going. I will talk to you all tomorrow... give me a ring if you realy wanna talk. 297-4747....... bye bye!!

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hey yall...
Monday. 3.21.05 9:19 am
On the computer at school, my first day grounded, but i think im going to be alright. haha. Ill be on yahoo around 3ish everyday and if you dont have my yahoo sn, its stcymy1206.

"tc" is mad at me :( .. he says hes no longer calling me "ace".. that im just a "stacy" ... how cruel is that?! damn...

welp i godda go... so far so good... later!

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remember this dennis...
Sunday. 3.20.05 7:41 pm
Too foolish28: so ya dont wanan think to far ahead
Too foolish28: like if ya had the ball comin to ya ina game of volleyball what would ya do ? think about your next serve or hit the ball
ToxicXKisses1206: yeah pretty much
ToxicXKisses1206: hit the ball.. then id lose a point
ToxicXKisses1206: and i know ill make my serve alright
Too foolish28: haha but ya dotn think about sevin while ya are in the middle of a volley so :-)
Too foolish28: keep playin this volley and what happenes happens
ToxicXKisses1206: wow
ToxicXKisses1206: yah know...
ToxicXKisses1206: that was the best adive ANYONE has ever givin to me
Too foolish28: haha ya i pull em out my pooper once in awhile

^ill always remember that lol

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last one for a while...
Sunday. 3.20.05 7:31 pm
After last night, i got grounded fer two weeks after tonight. But hopefully ill be able to check this thing at school abd i can write ya guys. so leave comments.. and it can like be an email thing. But getting grounded was so worth it.. never had so much fukin fun in allll my life.

but i am gonna miss you guys on the computer.

Volleyball game next week at 7, party here at 5. :)

well imma go.. ttyl :)

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Sexy huh?
*Me and Shauntel*
-Everybody Hurts-

When the day is long and the night
The night is yours alone,
When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life
Well hang on
Don’t let yourself go, everybody cries
And everybody hurts sometimes.
*Erika Amy and Me*
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