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Kollin needs to update
Saturday. 5.29.04 3:30 am
ZigJustice2021: update your blog fag
AntiChangeLoser: eat shit asshole
ZigJustice2021: if you update i'll consider it

...The sacrifices I make for nutang... Oh well..

Just kidding... I wouldn't really eat shit to get someone to update

If you think Kollin should update, then post a comment!

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Feeling Wierd
Saturday. 5.29.04 3:00 am
Guess what... it's hot as hell in here... and it is really starting to piss me off... I hate how my dad turns down the airconditioner at night... really pisses me off. I guess it's my fault really... I shoulda grown thicker skin so I could tollerate this hot room...

Anyways, I have felt really wierd today... Well... I sleept most of the day... and felt wierd the rest of the day. Yeah it didn't feel like I woke up until like 7 or 8, after dinner. Right now I feel really tiered and hyper... yeah go figure... My head feels like folling over and my eyes don't want to stay open at all... So yeah really tiered feeling... Yet, my body is wide awake... In fact, I can't even sit still... So yeah maybe I can remove my head and put it to sleep... and let my body go run around or something.... Yeah... wierd...

So yeah I'm sitting here writing this and talking to people on aim... The whole time I am trying to keep my eyes open... and I'm fidgiting and shaking my right leg like a million miles per hour... Oh well... maybe I can go to sleep in a little while... somehow I think I'll just be tossing and turning tho, cause I can't seem to sit still.

I just want to go to sleep...

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Ashley's Graduation
Friday. 5.28.04 7:42 pm
So I went to Ashley's graduation... I expected it to be as boring as mine... However, supprisingly it is alot more entertaining from audience point of view... especially from sitting on the hill at the pavilion. I went with a couple of my friends too, which also made it more fun.

So yeah we talked for about an hour and yelled for Ashley... Of course, after that we had a lot of time to waist... Because... we really didn't know but 6 people graduating... or at least we didn't care abotu anyone but those six people. So anyways, Jacob went to talk to some friends and me and David went to the top of the hill where there was a cement wall and ground... We played wall-ball with one of those giant bouncy balls... then we tried throwing it long distance... but David couldn't throw it back cause his right hand is broken... Oh well, it was fun.

So yeah we yelled for a few people, and what not. I yelled for Jacob right behind him when they said his name (he was skipping graduation, and didn't walk). I don't remember the other people we yelled for other than Ashley and Kirsten... Oh well.

After graduation me and Ashley didn't go to operation graduation. Instead we went to my house and had cajun smoked sausage on a bun with cheese... we actually ate 2 each... and also had Tommyknockers Strawberry Cream Soda... which was also really good. Of course my favorite episode of Cowboy Bebop was on too (Mushroom Samba)... and after all that I took her home and we both pritty much went to sleep.

Congratulations Ashley!

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Bored... Thinking...
Tuesday. 5.25.04 2:48 am
So yeah, I'm sitting in my room and it's like a million degrees... my friends are going to bed one by one... so I'm getting increasingly bored. I guess everyone has something to do tomorrow... Oh well, I'm glad I got nothing to do... I may as well enjoy this while it lasts. After all, I won't be able to stay jobless for too much longer.

Anyways, I'm just pondering what I'm going to do with my life... I told my dad about my ambitions as an artist... well I forgot he used to be an artist too... before he became an engineer... I told him about my fear of all the competition and the lack of jobs and he said that's the same reason he gave it up... Oh well I guess, I can find something else too... I mean look at him, he makes alot more money than I'm hoping to make... I guess I shouldn't worry so much.

I suppose I am probobly going to end up as a network administrator or some kind of database management... I'm really not quite sure. I took four semesters of CISCO but I never took the CCNA test... mostly because it is supposedly just as hard (if not harder) than the MCAT is for med students. Well that sounds like one hell of a hard test. Oh well, there are other certifications out there, lots of other certifications.

If I could get a job being a network administrator I could start out at about $45K a year, which would be really good for my first job. So I guess I might major in Network Administration... I think I'll minor in comercial and digital art though... you know... just incase... cause you never know.

I guess that's probobly what I'm gunna do until I get a better idea... I'm mostly just going to do it because I have no better ideas

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King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread
Sunday. 5.23.04 11:34 pm
So I keept looking through the shelves hoping to find ones that were better lookng... I mean come on... these were kinda generic and crappy looking... no one likes generic and crappy... This is America... we like flashy and exciting... I guess not though... So I just got the biggest one there...

On the way home I could smell it in my car... It was a good smell too... In fact... it was an awsome smell... I knew I was going to love it... I had to have it soon... I suddenly didn't care about how generic and crappy it looked... it smelled really great... And it was mine...

So I got home with Ashley and we unwrapped it... it was big... big fluffy and moist... We cracked open two bottles of Tommyknockers Key Lime Cream Soda to go with it. At first I was puzzled on how to eat it... it was quite big and round... my mom said to cut it... so we did... we cut slices out of it... and it was good... more than good... it was great!

I ate alot of it... And I figure I am going to eat alot more... and buy alot more... cause it is just too good... In fact... I think I am going to use it as my new snacking food... because it is filling and great tasting... I'm glad now... I feel like I've made a new friend.

King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread rules!!!

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Gas Station
Sunday. 5.23.04 1:33 pm
Ever go to a gas station and want to get one of those gas sation hot dogs? You know the ones... they are rolling in their own greese on the roller grill with the plastic sneeze gaurd pulled down over them... Yeah... they're tempting I know... I could hardly contian myself... They even had italian sausage for only $1.00... Yet I resisted.

It was a good thing I didn't get any either, cause my friend David (he works there), said they were the same hot dogs that they put on in the morning... So apparently if you ever want to get hot dogs from a gas station, get them early... Oh, and he also told us to stear clear of the icey machine... Ashley didn't listen though...

David looks like he really hates his job... So we pop in every once in a while and talk to him... We even brought him a large bouncy ball... but he didn't have time to play with it... Oh well... Life does suck.

Think I'm gunna go buy hot dogs...

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