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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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Alone in my little world......
Wednesday. 8.5.09 11:37 pm
Somewhere along the way i realized i didn't want to be traveling south. I wanted to go north back to you. Because i miss you sometimes and its not fair. I shouldn't be forced to miss someone who i deserve to have as a constant in my life. And i know I'm just lucky to have you and i should be thankful. And i know its not ones fault and I'm not blaming you. But you should be here for me. And you aren't. Its wrong and i know it but sometimes i blame you for problems i have. I understand it was easier for you to move away and not fight for us but i wish you had. I wish you had tried for us. But i love you even tho u didn't.

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the steps we have taken do not belong to us
Wednesday. 7.29.09 12:24 am
Mirrors have seen generations of families pass through their homes. They have watch people grow and seen new people come. The mirrors in stores have seen countless people who come in for bargains and mothers who shop with their daughters for back to school clothes. If mirrors could tell us the history that they have seen the tragedies that have shattered them and the events that have left imprints of horror on them. We would know how it feels to stand still and watch the world go by. Mirrors would reveal the true feelings of people when no one else was looking and the expression or emotion betrays their true feelings. They would tells us stories of love and of loss and all of it would be true. So just looking into a mirror makes me think.. What has it seen?


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just get on a plane and fly
Tuesday. 6.23.09 11:14 pm
leaving tomorrow 2 50 charlotte to jfk

fun stuff

be there a month


thats about it

:p boring old life

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end of the school year rush
Sunday. 5.17.09 11:03 pm
yeah its been kinda crazy around here for the past month and a half......

school is getting out soon and mom and stepdad are taking a bunch of trips...our production of the tempest is this wednesday and thursday..... its really crazy that next year will be my senior year!!!!!!

im happy about it!


and im going to the graduation this year because alot of my friends are graduating :[ i will miss them next year!


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what i do not want to become..
Saturday. 4.11.09 12:29 am
Is actually like my mother............ yeah i know its kinda harsh (and slightly emo)hehe...

but i dont... shes been married 4 time???? yeah 4... and with her husband shes now married to all she does is yell and fight and argue and complain and it drives me crazy....and makes me kinda scared...

people say im so much like my mom (born on the same day, we look alike, we sound alike, we have similar personalities.) but i dont want that to be me at her age (49).. i want to be happily married with the same person... i dont want to have to date ppl when im in my 40s....... i dont want to give up on someone so quickly and not be able to hang on to a marriage and make it work.............................and i really dont want to be afraid of commitment...


it rained all today..... pooring rain....it was cool to see the lightning...but it made driving really hard.....


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the world keeps spinning even though we want it to stop....
Wednesday. 4.8.09 8:38 pm
and maybe let us catch up before it continues its rotation.....its rather rude to ignore us little ppl and just go about ur random spinning buisness huff....

oh i got a facebook and its confusing lol

attempting to figure it out.....

now that the weather has gotten a little warmer it has made me realize how albino i really am lol (red hair freckles and of course the skin to go with) its kinda annoying to be called wonder bread and ginger kid all day by the jerk who sits next to me in math....

oh well could be worse


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