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Name: Pu Niao
Age: 25
Birthdate: 21 Nov 1982
Gender: Female
Interests: Paranormal



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Celestial Abyss
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Japanese Zombie Game
Thursday. 1.17.08 11:49 am
You have to see this:

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Who's the Rude One without Manners?
Thursday. 1.17.08 9:44 am
This incident(s) happened just less than 2 days ago. I was in my bus on my way home after work.

This lady (Rude Person No. 1) was sitting next to me on the aisle seat when suddenly lo and behold she fell alseep. If that was not enough, she knew automatically to start leaning closer and closer to me until her the back of her head was right in front of my face. Initially, I purposely shifted my leg to "wake" her up. Everything was fine until she "fell asleep" again. So this time, I shifted my arm so that I would brushed against her shoulder. She woke up promptly and soon, she "fell asleep" once more. And this time, her head was even closer to my face. In desperation, I used my finger and poked her head. At least that prompted her to sit up straight. I mean, these "sleeeping" people knew where to lean against when they "fell asleep", by leaning towards the person sitting next to him or her. How automatic, right?

When Rude Person No. 1 alighted, I shifted to her aisle seat so that whoever wants to sit down and "sleep" could lean against the window and sleep. Then without warning, this horrible old (actually, he isn't that old, he was simply dressed shabbily) and huge man (Rude Person No. 2) squeezed past my legs and plonked his butt down on the seat (window seat) beside me, thereby effectively "pushing" me out of my seat. I took it in my stride and kept my mouth shut. Anyway, since I was nearing my stop, I decided to stand instead as it was only 1 bus stop away before I alight.

Then another lady (Rude Person No. 3) wanted the seat that I had vacanted. So, she tried all her might to squeeze past me just to get to the seat without seeing the fact that the bus was crowded until the point that it is almost impossible to squeeze past anyone at all. As my haversack was in the way, she started to use her hands to push my on my back and shouted: "Hello! I want to sit lah!!". I've already tried to move but it was still impossible to move up front, so I simply stayed where I was without moving. This time round, this lady decided to tell everyone that "Youngsters nowadays are so rude and don't have manners at all!". I mean, what a pack of lies she can say, and with a straight face to boot!

So, I promptly turned around to face her (while squeezing and elbowing other passengers), poked a finger at her shoulder and say loudly: "Excuse me, old lady! Can't you see the bus is crowded? Where the hell do you want me to move to? The ceiling? Besides, I don't see your name written on that empty seat, so what makes you think that seat belongs to you in the first place? And speaking of rudeness and maanerisms, I haven't even done anything to you and yet you are already trying to squeeze past me on this crowded bus and again pushed me with the intention of making me trip and fall and you claimed I am rude with no manners? Just because you are a few decades older than me doesn't mean you have the right of way, okay??" She promptly kept quiet and everyone on the bus was turning their attention from me to her. And before I alighted at my bus stop, I turned around at her once more and said: "Don't EVER do that kind of rude things lest someone thinks you're trying to rush to reincarnate yourself into a real rude person!!

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Funny Japanese Game Shows & Commercials
Wednesday. 1.16.08 9:08 am
In a way, the Singapore media is really quite slow to a fault. But who can blame them anyway? These media people are supposed to be the forerunners but their slowness can smetimes make you laugh. Take for example, Japanese funny commercials and game shows. By the time they announced it on the local newspapers for their readers to view, it would have been quite "old", meaning, most people especially the youngers ones would have watched it all on YouTube already. Perhaps, I can do a better job than them, I suppose?

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Wednesday. 1.16.08 8:17 am
I chanced upon this gothic/rock band on MySpace and decided to share it with everyone. I believed this song is actually written for Blood+, the sequel to Blood: The Last Vampire. Check out their music video at

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That is my SHIFT!!
Wednesday. 1.16.08 7:28 am
watching: nothing
listening to: leah dizon
mood: angry
Damn, "some" of my colleagues sure sucks!! Just becasuse he or she doesn't want to do the Afternoon shift, they decided that they could change my shift with me and take it that I would prefer doing the Afternoon shift!! What kind of people are they anyway??? The last time I changed shift with a colleague (she claimed she need to do a closing shift at another workplace..), she ended up showing her face at my workplace 45 minutes before the shop closes. I mean, whoah, is she trying to hint to me that she purposely changed shift with me, not because of schedule conflict at her other workplace but because she wanted to hang out with her BF?? This is really shitty behaviour to me. Just because you don't like working the night shift doesn't mean I enjoy working night shift, dumb-ass!!

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My 1st Blog Entry
Jan 16 2008 5:54 AM
Hi there, this is my very first blog entry on NuTang!! For one, I'll use this blog to update readers on my various blogs across the Blogosphere. So, do check back and see what new updates I have for my numerous blogs...

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