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Friday. 12.19.03 1:07 am
Well I've been busy with finals, Christmas shopping, and work. I haven't been able to do some work and fill create new entries.

I got back today from Bakersfield today.. I wrapped and bought presents. I'm almost done with my shopping, I just need to buy my dad one more thing and I need to buy Jill a Christmas/birthday present. Her birthday is this saturday. Too bad I can't go to her party thing.. I have work.

Oh yeah, I've bought new clothes and a motorcycle leather jacket. It's kick! I've been watching Pirates of the Carribean a whole bunch. Orlando Bloom is a very good looking man. I have to go watch LOTR III this week or next..

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Coming soon!
Monday. 12.8.03 8:06 pm
Beat: The West Swell - Hold On

Wow. I can't believe I won. I was planning on making multiple entries but I had no time. I have 3 unfinished work. Hm.. I guess I'll just use it for my weblog. I've been busy with school and work lately and shopping. I'm planning to purchase a surfboard! Yeah! I want to go surfing with the guys..

New layout coming soon! Well I try to have a new layout every month anyway.

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[ ($) ] Chaching [ ($) ]
Saturday. 11.22.03 10:02 pm
Sound Check: Susan D - Need For Change

School news: Not much goes on besides the expected.. Tests, homework, classes, etc. That's about it. That happened all last week and this week. Oops, almost forgot.. I got a 98 on my Bio test! Yeah!!! One of the highest grades in the classes!

On Wednesday I came in for a job op. I got the job! Woohoo! I started Orientation that day. I work in a Retirement Home. It's great working with the elderly. I really like my job. I help, give out beverages, play bingo, watch movies, etc. We do a lot of fun activities. That's what I do, I'm an activities assistant. I work during weekends only.. but I'm makin some good money! You can ask me how much if you want. Oh yea, the activities department also has a pet- it's a gigantic rabbit! Her name is Thumper. She's really cute!

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. . .
Monday. 11/10/03 - 5:00 pm
Beat: Twothirtyeight - Modern Day Prayer

It's finally getting to me.. I can admit now that I did cry. I guess Rochelle was right. It was the shock that's why I didn't cry. Then it hit me.. I'm one of her closest friends to see her last [I've known her for 9-10 years].

I heard from Nicole that Michella is also really sad like I am. My mom said it was her time to go. I was told that the last thing she did was confession and communion. That means she's gone to heaven..

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