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[Oh My...]
22/07/09 21:33
I am...

feeling: Tired
listening to: Poker Face - Silver Mercury

It's a shame I didn't post this earlier because at the time I was going to write this blog (some time earlier today) I'd actually managed to sneak my way back into NuTang's Top 10 haha. It's been a while!! Oh, those were the days... x]

Anyways I've revamped my site! ^^ CK.TW.ORG, check it out if you have time ^^ The layout's changed, but obviously I borrowed it from Elysium Designs again tho, I really, really don't have time to code my own these days.

Still concentrating on retakes sigh, though I haven't been very productive with studying lately. I've been practising piano and playing gu zheng a lot lately though!

My little sister's also just begun her summer break so I'm looking after her at home which doesn't give me any me-time anymore unfortunately so yeah... Bleurgh. Will have to try and be more productive these days.

Just got back from work... wasn't going to do any more shifts after last week but got 3 people asking me to take their shift today so I ended up doing so for one of them in the end >_>;; Rightyo! Need to actually update my site now that I've done the necessary page editing. Then bed. I'm sooo tired!




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[Gu Zheng]
20/07/09 22:14
I am...

feeling: Sleepy
listening to: Fearless - Taylor Swift

Last blog entry I mentioned I now played Guzheng and omw I still can't believe some people still visit my page and comment, thank you guys!! *So touched*

I've actually been working really hard to learn a certain Guzheng piece that is perfect for a duet with the Erhu so as soon as I've perfected it I will film daddy and I doing a Gu Zheng-Erhu duet and post it on YouTube and here for people to see^^

But anyways, just to clarify what a Guzheng (古争) actually is, here's a photo:

I've written about it before, in a post I wrote a while ago about the Chinese instruments I played/wanted to learn and this was on the wanted to learn list. Of course, now it's on the played list so yey! Pretty cool, ne? Hehe ^^

Also recently fallen in love with Taylor Swift's songs, esp. The Way I Loved You, Fifteen and You Belong With Me, I actually couldn't stop listening to them haha x] Ok, absolutely KNACKERED now. Going to bed, gnight~~~



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[For Being Popular...?]
19/07/09 17:07
I am...

feeling: Content
listening to: The Way I Loved You - Taylor Swift

Wow I just logged in to NuTang for the first time in yonks and realised my pps count had gone up. I checked and apparently I got 100pps for being popular... omw wtf o_O;; If I was on NuTang's most popular list lately, blogs must really be dying out? ><;;

Anyways, update on my life: I failed my year (that's for definite, I've had the results back) so need to do a couple of retakes. Half my coursemates failed too so I'm not exactly alone tho =3

I've been working my ass off lately to earn a bit of extra cash--this week I did 52 hrs, Sat and Sun included (in fact, I just got off work an hour or so ago), I've been studying my ass off too so I don't fail my retakes as well and also practising Gu Zheng.

Yes, I now have a Gu Zheng!!!

How cool is that?? :D I've always wanted to learn to play it but just have never had the opportunity to since I never had one, but one of my friends is leaving back to China and she's given me hers--AMAZING!! ^^

So yeah I've been practising it lately, it's sooo fun to play! LOVE IT!

I've also begun to update my website again. Man did it need some updating. Seriously in the past year my number of updates has not managed to surpass the first page.

It's coming up towards CK.TW.ORG's 3rd birthday and there I was still thinking it was 1! ><;; But yeah I'm planning an update for tomorrow. Will need a new layout and everything ^^ I think I'm just going to be lazy again and nick another one off elysium designs--that site actually has some of the most beautiful layouts you'll ever see--because I just don't have time to make my own these days =/

Anyways, update over! Going to Varsity with a few friends later ^^ So tired atm so gna do some reading then take a nap =3



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[Kiss The Rain]
15/05/09 17:39
I am...

feeling: Bittersweet
listening to: Kiss The Rain - My Rendition

The first time I heard this was on YouTube, played by Yiruma himself but as soon as I heard it, it said something to me... the notes told a story... a sad story; a love story.

I couldn't stop listening to it. I really loved the piece so much...

But the way Yiruma played it was much faster than how I envisioned it... and joyful too. It just wasn't how I would imagine the piece to be and as I kept listening to it, I thought I just had to learn it.

So I learnt the first part ^^;; This is what I know of it so far and amazingly enough, I love this rendition... I never thought I'd love something I played so much, but this was... exactly how I imagined the piece to sound... I'm really pleased with it, even if it is just the first part, so please have a listen and let me know what you think!



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[Even Though...]
12/05/09 02:09
I am...

feeling: ...
listening to: Kiss The Rain - My Rendition

Even though you knew it'd never happen... just... a part of you still wanted to hold out... that maybe... just maybe... no?

Even though you're miles apart, does that matter?

Even though there's an age difference that... for you, for some time, would have been very strange, it didn't matter because they were just so sweet...

Then you find out... they found someone... that they'd just met... it's... a really weird feeling... one you'd had before. Now, it's a numbing pain because you're not unfamiliar with it. You're used to it, even. It's not new to you, after all...



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[So Did Not Mean To Take So Long To Update]
07/05/09 16:33
I am...

feeling: Purposeful ^^
listening to: Diamond Wing - Silver Mercury

Man it's almost another Friday!! Sorry it took so long to update again. Actually, I had been meaning to but managed not to again, cos I'm just such a retard =_=;;

Anyways the past week has certainly been strange in some aspects to say the least. Otherwise it's been generally really good :D

Firstly, I played piano for my local church, Westwood, instead of my usual Chinese church for the first time. I think it went quite well :D I did my best and God loves me anyway ^^ I've been asked to play again next Sunday so looking forward to that :)

I think I've officially joined the 'worship team/this particular band' then, yey ^^

Haha, from not wanting to serve at all before and refusing to, God certainly has turned things upside down to making me serve Him as much as possible! And I wouldn't have it any other way, really ^^

Also went to an evangalism talk (helped a LOT. Will go into that in a bit) and joined a cell group, which was really good. I defo learned a lot from it so yeah, really happy ^^

Anyways, the evangalism talk definitely helped me... Just gave me a lot more confidence to spread the Good News about Jesus. There was one person I really wanted to share with for a long time but kept on trying to find the right time and thought 'nahh I'll do it some other time' but never got a chance.

Also was afraid I wouldn't know what to say to them, but last night, was pretty darn funky! Cos I just so happened to be playing a game on facebook which chatting on msn, and somehow got a HUGE urge to tell him God loved him.

Of course, if I just randomly said that, I really wouldn't know how he would take it, but then I looked on the msn screen (I would have said it anyway) but he just so happened to have mentioned Christianity first! Pretty darn cool, really.

Really felt God saying something to me, wanting me to spread the news. I think... well, I've always known He had something planned for me, I just didn't know what and was always reluctant to find out.

Just recently tho, everything's been falling into place.

I'd put off growing up for 19 yrs, then just on my bday, God arranged for me to go to a Christian camp and the moment I stepped in there I changed...

I grew up.

And now, everything else is falling into place. So, I will just let Him guide me ^^

Anyways, shameless plug now for an absolutely AMAZING guitarrist: Silver Mercury. He's actually amazing and even collaborates with keudae. He's self taught and has only been playing for 3 yrs so I'm so darn impressed!! He's also got an original compositon, Diamond Wing (check what I'm "currently listening to" ;D) and I love it <3

He defo has skills, so do check him out! ^^ Here's an embedded video of his latest collaboration with Keudae, Epik High's "One":

Aside from that, I skipped my German mock oral exam today :( I was just "too well prepared *cough*" to do it >_>;; On the bright side, I thought of a decent topic to do it on tho ^^ Swine flu~~ :D And after reading Katrina-nee's comment on my previous entry, I have even more to say on it!

Plus it's certainly relevant today and is also relevant in Germany so it's a perfect topic really! There's a load about it on the news and I see so much on it on tagesschau.de and all the vocab I need is there really, I think I can defo rant for ages on it ^^

So yeah... really glad God showed me the way with this! My exam is way too soon! Originally thought my exams didn't start until 27th May but realised just yesterday they actually start on the 21st so I'm really not too happy ><;;

Okies, need shower now then going to friend's place~ ^^ See you all! :D

Btw JESUS LOVES YOU!!! :D If you don't like it/don't care/hate Him, Jesus still loves you!!! ^^



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