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Hello. It's me. :)
Name: Kirei
Age: 31
United States

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Getting back to my NuTang roots!
Friday, November 19, 2010
I am so happy that everybody remembers me and missed me! That makes feel very happy and relieved too. Now I can just move on with my NuTang blog! Yay!

Ok first off.... I looked back at my old entries and remember that I deleted stuff about myself. At the time it was a smart idea, now I regret it! :( Even if those entries were about me, my life and mentioned my ex (who I was married to at the time if you remember), I STILL should have kept it! It was my life, no matter what. Sigh....... I even deleted my intro entry. Why did I delete that of all things?!

Oh well. You know what though? This means that I can start over, blog about my life again and actually KEEP them this time and forever!

At least I still have my old archive list that I created a few years ago. It still has the dates and titles. :) But the entries themselves are gone forever.

Anyway!!! On to cool stuff.

This background has been up for almost two years! I'm in the process of brainstorming a brand new design for my blog. ^.^ I'm happy that the NuTang coding hasn't changed one bit.

And speaking of coding, I haven't done any HTML, XHTML or CSS coding in two years! o.o Since 2008. I'm amazed at how much HTML coding has changed. Now there's the brand new HTML5 which has new tags specifically for media like videos, graphics and other things. Wow. I've been refreshing my memory with w3schools.com this week. I haven't forgotten the codes completely! It's just like being out of high school for years and never going to college. You forget a lot!

Expect a new design within the next month or so. ^.^ It won't be seasonal because seasons are too demanding and time consuming. I used to do seasonal layouts all the time and I was pretty much designing the next season right away. So yes, it was constant!
This new design will just reflect my personality, nothing more.

I guess that is all for now. ^.^ I want to share my art with you really soon! See you!

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"I can't live life in fear of some 'what if'." Clair Bennet - Heroes
OMG Long time No see o.o
Wednesday. 11.17.10 9:20 pm
Do any of you remember me?! I first joined Nutang way back in 2006! And my last entry was last year! I guess I got tired of blogging and rambling about life after a while. LOL

Well, I decided to post an update. I've missed this place. :)

I'm still out of work. I've been making Youtube videos, I'm on Twitter and Facebook, I vlog, blah blah blah. All that.

But I really missed wrting the old fashioned way and I noticed that all of these social networks have taken away the beauty (and attention) from blogging.

So hello again, Nutang! How have you been? I've been ok. My life is better than it used to be, even though I am unemployed and trying to find work. I decided to use my art skills to make money. So far I've made $5 from CafePress. I'm using that to sell my art on shirts and other things. My art is posted on ImageKind for sale as prints and wall art. And I'm going to sell my art on shirts locally during fairs and such soon. So I'm pretty happy about it. :)

Anyway, I'll go now. There's not much else to update on. lol See you later and I hope you remember me! I noticed that a lot of the veterans are still here! ^.^


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"I can't live life in fear of some 'what if'." Clair Bennet - Heroes
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