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5 Reasons to take a nap
Monday. 11.20.06 11:57 am
I have always wondered why adults need more naps then children? Reports show that the top 5 reasons for taking naps are:

1. Increased Alertness And Productivity
2. Less Stress
3. Improved Memory And Learning
4. Increased Coginitive Functioning
5. Better Health

Do you think if I submit this list to my boss he will consider allowing me nap time on the job??

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Job Interview
Thursday. 11.13.14 9:21 am
This morning I have a new job interview. I have been doing the SAME job for 12 years. I hit the ceiling 7 years ago. Basically this means that without a cost of living increase I have not received an increase in pay for 7 years. I have been looking for work since I received my masters degree in 2009 and I have not been able to find anything! It has been frustrating.

I have not interviewed for a job in 12 years. Im nervous that I do not know what I'm going to say or act. I have prepared myself but Im so out of practice. Well, here goes everything!!

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Blind man sentenced to library course
Monday. 12.4.06 4:07 pm

Blind man sentenced to library course

A blind Turkish pensioner has been sentenced to a 26-day reading and writing course at his local public library after he failed to vote on time in an election for his village cooperative.

What does the 73 year old pensioner have to say about this?
"What am I going to do in a library? I can't see out of either of my eyes, and I can't read or write anyway."

The Governments response
In Turkey, people are obliged by law to vote in elections.

Canseven's son is going to appeal his fathers sentence. In brief, he had this to say, "My father can only find the bathroom by holding on to a piece of string we've tied to the (bathroom) wall."


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Changing my major
Tuesday. 3.20.07 3:50 pm
How many times have you changed your major? Well, I think I have changed my major at least 7 times. I hate not knowing what I want to be when I grow up. I think money is my major conflict. I want to major in something that will make me some money. I dont really think that is the best way to go but I am kind of stuck in that rut now.

I have my BA in Organizational Leadership with is good. It is nice and broad and will allow me to do a lot of different things. My masters was in Human Resources but I am really having a hard time because I am not working in that field. Therefore I dont understand what others are talking about. At my age it is so hard to break into that industry because they dont let just anyone in and I am too old to wait around. So I guess I am back with my original degree selection which is Organizational Leadership.

Deciding what you want to be when you grow up is so difficult. I think I would rather be in Neverland! (Not the Michael Jackson one!)

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No Plans
Wednesday. 11.22.06 4:54 pm
I had no real plans for thanksgiving and I am broke ass... I was thinking that we could not even have a turkey dinner. Forunately out of the blue, my cousin calls and asks me what we are doing tomorrow. Nothing really. So, she invited us to dinner at her sisters house. Whoo hoo. We now have people to celebrate with. That is so cool. It may be a little boring for the kids because they have adults there but maybe we can bring out guitar hero game. That would be cool!!!

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My Secret Page
Monday. 6.18.07 5:56 pm
Ok, so now that I know my secret page can be anything I want I think I will make it into a links page. I have so many one way links on my page that it is getting cluttered. I need some organization!!

Hopefully with the help from invisible my page is going to look AWESOME!!!

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Blood Diamond
Tuesday. 12.12.06 1:45 am

I saw the movie Blood Diamond yesterday. It was so intense. I could not believe the war and chaos in that country. I did not know that people were dying over the production and mining of diamonds. It was educationally disturbing.

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Elephants in the theatre
Saturday. 11.11.06 12:15 pm
Yesterday my daughter and I went to see The Return. It was a good movie. It had an interesting story line, plot, etc.. The only problem was the theatre. People dont know how to be quiet anymore. It is like since videos came out people think the theatre is their living room. People were talking so loud, laughing at the scarey parts and running the theatre. At one point I got up and report some people to the manager because they were in our theatre running in and out, and laughing when they didnt even have a ticket. Tickets are 9 bucks now and I did not pay for THAT!!

Then these two girls kept taking and getting "shoosed". It was annoying. Then for some reason she takes her fat a$$ to the snack bar and runs down the stairs and runs down the ramp. Then RUNS back up the ramp with snacks and stomps back up the stairs... (of coursed getting shooshed) Then she had to use the bathroom; she does the same running routine. On her way back Jordan yells "STOP RUNNING"
The girl replies rather cockily, "no". I was so pissed that I shouted throuout the theatre, "EFFIN ELEPHANT!! SHUT UP!!" The whole theatre roared with laughter and cheered for me. ha ha!

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