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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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what's this?!
Sunday. 8.29.10 11:01 am
day one of school down. Tomorrow begins week 2. huzzah!
All School books are bought. Now I must wait for the mail. I'm not good at waiting.

Nothing big has happened in life so far. I'm making headway financially, but it's still slow going. Nevertheless, progress is progress.

Plans for the next few months: My roommate's 21st birthday, which will be held at the house. *sigh* lots of drunk people from work bumbling around...i'm kinda meh about it. Actually, it's alot of boys so I think I'll go see a movie or just stick to my room. Also, my boyfriend turns 24! I must start thinking of gifts and things of that nature. *thinkthinkthink* He and I also want to plan a stupendous Halloween Party. I'm still undecided as what to be for halloween. I wanted to go as Captain America (in a skirt) but now i'm down to a witch, a zombie, or something that i'm yet to think of.

I guess we can say that life is good right now. which....is new. I mean, there's still bumps, of course but - i'm in school, i have a great man in my life, and friends to hang out with. It's pretty awesome.

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night and day
Wednesday. 8.25.10 8:24 am
my cat cheats at hide and seek.
But, it's only because he loves me.

Things are going well. I went home to visit my folks and It was good. Though, my grandmother isn't in a good place, (she has lukemia and a heart that's in the beginning stages of failing) she has a good attitude about everything. Mom is taking it rather hard though. Don't really blame her. Dad is doing well, he's lost 60 pounds and is trying for another 60. I can't imagine him that thin. It'll be so good for him though. My brother is back in school, and his girlfriend is leaving to study abroad for a year. He'll be able to focus and not be as distracted. Hopefully, he'll get his act together.

As for me? First day of fall classes start on Friday. I bought spirals and folders and a lunch box. I'm uber excited! Plus, I've had the past 3 days off and I've been able to spend them with my boyfriend who drives me absolutely insane, but also makes me incredibly happy. ^_^!

All in all I'm happy. But, there's this little corner of my mind that's prepared, or scared i suppose. It's crouched in defense mode and makes things difficult. I feel like i'm waiting for the other shoe, the other side of it. I don't trust all the happy and I don't know why. It's never been like this before - I've never been like this before. *shrug* perhaps it's my mind playing tricks on me. It tends to do that to me. Perhaps I'm just nervous.
But, of what?

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Tuesday. 8.3.10 2:25 am
Is it crazy to want nice weather?
Not perfect weather mind you, but calm weather?
Heck, I could even go with a storm now and then.
I could even enjoy a down pour or a BIG storm too.
But, the constant hurricanes make me miss the sun.

What do I do?

I'm not sure how the clouds feel about any of this.


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good vs. evil
Thursday. 7.29.10 11:08 pm
So, one part of my life is moving along and going marvelouslly! However, as usually happens with these things - another part is slowly eating away at my being.

I'm going to school and LOVING it! I'm so sad I've been out for this long. But, now that i'm older and more mature classes are (so far) easier and i'm so over wanting anybody to notice me. It's freeing to finally not care what anybody on that campus thinks, because you know what? I'm never seeing them again. It's a dramatic change from my previous experience.
I've been dating for a few months now. We have our little moments, but i'm so happy with him! It's been a very pleasant experience. :D

However, my job is a bloody nightmare. I hate it with every breath i breathe. I'm a supervisor at a concession stand. Albeit, it's in the Museum of Science and History, but on that same token, it's a fancy name for what is esentially a deluxe childrens museum. My job has become far more stressful than it's worth and i'm starting to really weight quality of life here. But, the pay is SO good! Plus, I have insurance with them. I just don't want to shovel popcorn for another year before I can finally do something I love. It's wearing me down an inch at a time. bleh.

But, maybe it's not as bad as i'm making it out to be. Perhaps simply because the other parts of my life are moving foward i'm feeling held back by this job that really isn't THAT bad. *sigh*

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