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Age. 33
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Ethnicity. filipino
Location , CA
School. Other
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132th day of 2004
OOOO!!!! i haven't been writing here in a long time... ntohing much happened i think... lol hmm... i have been writing in this noteboobk and still of course my dragon one that i share with Earvin AKA Little Randy Boi heh he calls me Randy HAHAHA if you don't know what it means look it up in the Australian slang or British. Or either watch Austin Powers the Spy that Shagged me. hehe jah jah. i still dunno about my feelings toward certain ppl. (meaning Liz and April) ::sigh:: and my parents still don't know and i don't know when to tell them let alone when to do so... it scares me cuz i know some ppl get kicked out of the house and get shunned by the family... it scares me poopless... do i just go up to them and say i would do that but i'm a coward lol i'll update tomorrow about what happened in my Appt. with authoities about crap... i have no childhood... anyone have any advice on how to tell my parents????

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the week
119th day of 2004
friday the 23rd was culture night at my skewl. it was tippiesville!!! i was just there for the show. FSR and Bonzai Bill performed. gosh it was like 95 degrees in there!!! crazee!!!! All these asian ppls dance troupes!!!! WOOO!!!! started out ok then they got better and better. heh then the last dance troupe i think was the one from our skewll the PAA (Pan Asian Asso.) and the Flip classes did the otso-otso and the Pamela dance. WOOO!!! every single flip in the place stood up and cheered they're hearts out!!! heh ppl were disrespectful to Justin Borja's sister. damn ppl too into their hip hop to let other ppl that like acoustic rock listen. damn disrespectful ignorant ppl these days.... the rest of the week was great boring but great. this week we're testing and i've been busy going to April's house talking and stuff. lol omg... i juss remembered on wed. last week i got my first kiss!!!!!! WWWWWWOOOOO!!!!!!!!! yea i had it with Andrew lol... i sorta regret it in a way cuz he's with joyce but she doesn't like him like he likes her and yea she sorta ignores him and yea. he doesn't know how they're relationship is going any more so i guess he's going to break up with her. He's not going to stay here to much longer. moving to florida i think. ::sigh:: that makes me sad!!! i guess that's all for now until next time!!!!!!!!!

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i'm bored you're bored we're both bored!
109th day of 2004
tummy's been growling all day but nothing to feed it but frozen pizza. must go to the fridge tonite and raid it!!! lol today i was thinking a lot about what to do and what i need to sort out in my head. i found out that i'm starting to like my friend more than my crush. all that i know is that she was flattered when i told her that i liked her now and then for a couple of years. she likes other guys rite now but i can wait. and i will wait until the future comes clear. but i don't want any bad things to happen... I already know that things are being sed about me by ppl i used to trust. oh well, since they talk about me in a bad way they talk about themselves in a bad way. trying to be people they're not. it makes me sick to see that, but it happens all the time so i can't do anything about it... hmm... earlier i was singing some beatles songs and the Everly brothers!!! WOO!!! i LOVE their love songs. so innocent and pure!!! heh i was messing with my guitar today and i made a new song!!! YAY for me!!! but i have no lyrics... so that's an upset for the masses... so now i'm confused happy and hyper and upset in a way. can it be PMS??? who knows??? if you do pls pls tell me!! LOL hmm... i find it funny when your teacher thinks the class is to easy for you when you're failing it. maybe it is easy for me and i don't notice it... but i know that i don't do the work. but he thinks it's easy... i think it's cuz i've already finished my required (any books i want) 20 books in the first semester. or maybe it's a scheme to get me to raise my grades!!! GASP!!! lol i dunno imma find out later...

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Bonita Vista vs Southwest
107th day of 2004
this week has been great so far and very revealing. hah first of all i haven't been writing here this whole week because i've been out every afternoon. hehwell wednesday was one of the best days. heh i stayed at school to watch the Academic league game. it was intense very intense. JV (junior Varsity) almost lost the last toss up. if that one guy wasn't honest about him saying Polly Ann then we would have lost. GASP!!! Mr. Bolten challenged the answer and got it rite WOO!!! after the game the boy that came out honestly about his answer was crying outside.
nehoo after both the games Andrew and i hung out for a while, whilethe JV AL had a meeting and a quick practice. while we were waiting i took pictures with his camera and he read the book i'm reading. heh then we start pretend fighting. then he busted out with his wannabe breaking moves and he did a push up while in the hand stand position. since i can't dance for all the money in the world i did my knife form. haha He got served!!! muahaha!!! then we started wrestling on the grass and tackling each other. then his dad came and our fun ended. i missed him trying to get me down on to the grass haha to bad cuz i flipped him over how many times!!! lol after he left the JV was let out.
April and Percious came with me to my house to drop off my stuff and grab my bike. we then took off towards their houses. we dropped Precious off at her house then April and i went back to her place and we stayed out in front of the house talking and eating m&ms heh. we stayed out talking from 6:00 to 8:12PM. after talking i rode home but i passed by Liz's house yelling out her name. on my way home i got lost... so i had to back track and then find my way out. heh i didn't know that it was that confusing to get out of that neighborhood at night.
when i got home i thought my mom would be mad cuz it was a school night. but she wasn't YAY!!!! i took a shower rite away cuz my arms itch from the damned grass. i think i'm allergic to it or sumpthing... but yes that day was the best.
yesterday stayed on the fone until one in the morn. i thought it was Friday. but it was thursday. Poo...
also yesterday (thursday) my Aunt had her baby boy!!! Sean Conner Owens!!! YAY!!! going to visit him and my Aunt tomorrow. heh kewlness!!!

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1st day bak and Short mini skirts
103th day of 2004
today was my first day back to school. lets start from first period shall we??? ok! well when i go to the classroom everyone was still standing outside even after the pledge was sed. then the bald sub came and we went inside from the foggy coldness of the outside world. the room smelled funky as usual. since the sub didn't have a lesson plan we did word searches!!! What a great way to start off the day!! Then April read part of my book and she was shocked and amazed and intrigued on how horny they were in the book lol. funny girl. o i also gave her a copy of the tushima and Blank story lol!!! Earvin tried reading it but he got confused cuz of all the she's it sez in the story..
onward to 2nd period!!! i enter the class room and then BOOM!!! there she was in a short mini skirt that all the other flip gurls wear. damn... it was soooooooo short!!!! she looke hott in it lol. Kirsten asked her to pick up her pencil and earvin was all "Yes, bend over..." i didn't hear it but ken told me he sed that. he's going to get it tomorrow!!! watch your back earving cuz imma stab you in the front LOL WOO!!! i took jeff's saying HAHAHAHA!!!! yes Liz was wearing a short skirt which looked good on her!!!. i juss hope that no one tried to take advantage of the skirt being that short. if they did i dunno... they're meanies!!!
onwards to third period!!!! Math math math MATH!!!! that's all we did!!! and it was the first day back too!!! how mean!!!
now to 4th period!!!! we watched the Anak videos we made b4 break. heh but we only saw 2 of them (our's and Kens and Earvs with Liz kicking Earv in the nuts) HAHAH that part was hilarious!!! and is the best part!!!! heh ours was ok. Everyone clapeed and sed we should have done that! when they say Justin flip off the camera. heh they liked how it turned out tho cuz of the camera angles and Justin's natural acting skills. we did lima araw araw (five everyday) lol and i finished all my sentences!!! YAY!!! i'm soo proud and without a dictionary JUSTIN!!!
To PE 5th per. we juss walked around the track cuz we're fat and lazy from break. tomorrow we're playing soccer. poo.... then FOOTBALL YAY!!!! then softball... i walked/talked with Charissa, Earvin and Kennan. they're funny in they're own ways Shiczo Gurl Charissa!!! looking soo innocent but being soo effing mean on the internet!!!! Poo Poo to you Too!!! lol shy gangsta my booty!!!
lunch... ate drank starve talked...
6th.... did the usual... talked to Jan did work that was due today. i was going to do it yesterday but Alicia had it. i panicked yesterday for 10 minutes looking for it then realizing that she had it the whole break... i got mad at myself for forgetting... Miss Luera kept getting Jan and Jeff mixed up!! Hilarious!
AFTER SCHOOL!!! walked with Julian Kennan and Earvin. Kennan was eating trick gum heh his teeth were really really yellow!!! haha cracked me up. dumb little boi!!! when we got to Ken's house i wanted them to walk me to MVM cuz it was juss across the street but no... they didn't love me... i'm mad at them for that!!! they don't love me like how they love Schizo Gurl!!! is it cuz she has glasses?!?!? o well... nehoo... i went to MVM saw bev and her sister and her mom there in the car waiting for Brandon to get out so i juss talked to them for a while. then the middle school got out and i got in!! lol while i was walking to Miss Erickson's room i'm stopped cuz i'm not wearing the uniform there i told the teacher "I don't go to this school." then the teacher was all "why are you here did you check into the office???????" i was about to say that you're supposed to check into the ASAP office. but no i juss walked away. heh then i got to Miss Erickson's room heh she was packing up so she wouldn't have to go back to her classroom after the BEAT meeting in Ms. Wolfes class. Kirsten Kristina and Shantee were there too. heh their downtown trip sounds fun i wanna go but i can't... o wells... then after the meeting we went to the usual stop. the restroom heh. then i rode home in Miss erickson's car. WOOO!!!! funness for my feet i didn't have to walk!!!
when i got home i ate and after that i went to my room and did HW. WHOA!!! i actually did HW!!! YAY!!! heh it was juss taking notes i think i hope hmm... i'll ask Earv and Ken tomorrow. when i was juss taking notes April called me hahaha saying how shocked she was about the Pic and story LOL funnyness!!! then anna called me then i 3-wayed!!! heh them i saw Nikki and Kayla my so called neighbors. April had to go then i stoped talking to my 7th grader buds from over the fence and their new doggie Zorro a german shepard mix with boxer? mayb that's my guess!!! Looks like it too!!! heh then went inside and anna's fone started dying when i saw a spider on my bed WOOO i don't want it to bite me when i'm sleeping!!!! heh so i went online to blog and do sumpthing but i don't remember and i've been writing this blog for over and hour and a half i guess heh talked a few ppls while i was on here i guess that's what took me so long and my ankles both hurt but i dunno why and my dad wants me out and to sleep cuz it's getting late hmm... he juss asked me when imma be done with this blog. hehehmm... i guess my blog ends here. for now.... ::evil laugh:: muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! hmm... as you can see i'm in high spirits!!! haha i wonder what Liz is going to wear tomorrow LOL Another skirt?!?!? who knows!!! i surely don't WOOO!!!!! heh i can't believe she wore a skirt and a short one too LOL never seen that on her b4!!! lol ok bai for now!! Subvert!!! (heh don't know what it means look it up in yer dictionary!!!)

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movies hometown and whipped cream
100th day of 2004
on wednesday i went to the movies with my friends. we didn't know what to watch but finally we decided on Hellboy. It was a pretty funny movie. one of the characters in the movie was named Elizabeth but everyone called her Liz. gosh it got i dunno. whenever they sed Liz on the screen they would look at me. Garrett did it cuz Anna and Chris were doing it. After the movie we went to Hometown Buffet cuz we were famished. On the way there (it was walking distance) Garrett asked why Liz was a big deal. i sed this to him "first of all here's a picture of the Liz we're talking about. And the reason they keep saying her name is cuz i really like her." his reaction "WHOA!!!" heh Annalee sez "You didn't know that Christa's bi? HAHA" once we got ot hometown we ate like crazee and laughed our asses off in there. gosh i never knew that eating out without parents could be that much fun. Garrett was red the whole time we were there. heh well that was my wednesday nite so far i didn't into detail for certain reasons muahaha hah onwards towards thursday. Thursday (yesterday) was April's B-day!! she finally turned 15. heh i didn't have a present for her but after last second thinking i thought about whipped cream heh. whipped cream to spray her with. it doesn't stain and it's just like muss or however you spell that. on our way to April's house we took the long way to her hous so we passed by Liz's house. (the one i like) I guess she heard us cuz she popped out of her house and called out to us. haha i guess we were loud hahaha we finally get to April's house and she's anxious about what my surprise was. when she was distracted i sprayed it all over her!! she screamed like there was no tomorrow!!! too bad she didn't run away from me... heh o well heh. She ordered pizza and precious and her sisters came over. i was jumping around and singing. i guess cuz of all the whipped cream i've eaten. wooo!!!! heh precious and them left around 3:30 and i left around 7 heh april and i had our talks as we usually do. heh we can talk all night if we had the chance. later on that night my best 2 days ended in tears on my pillow. i felt alone again. i didn't have anything to look forward to. I felt the emptyness in my return once again and it tookk over my body and heart. i layed there and cried for an hour or so... gosh... i'm back to my depression stage and i hope i can get relief again.poo.. no i've lost my will to keep on writing.. hmm.. i think imma go and read

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boots and books!!!
98th day of 2004
Wooo!!! i think i'm obsessed with LKH and Anita Blake!!! it sux that i read book one then skipped to book 10. i didn't know who Richard was until chapter 4. o wells i like the covers sooo mysterious. anypoo... i guess no one reads it but me... am i such a loner?? i dunno am i? hmm... yes yesterday i got the boots i've been wanting! black Doc Martins!!!! woooo!!!! and tonite i'm going to wear them with my "Goonies never say die" shirt and my old and torn green pants yes my ensemble.what else is there to say... i dunno...

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big bear no snow and a story
94th day of 2004
well i went to Big Bear Last sunday and came back yesterday. gosh there was nothing to do over there. i wanted to learn how to snowboard but no my parents weren't going to pay 18-20$ for parking... poo so that left me to read for the rest of the damned week. the book i was reading A Cold Heart started to get boring cuz the plot ran through the whole book and the way it as layed out was too far stretched for my liking. so when we went to Lake arrowhead i bought a new book there at the book/coffee shop there. I'm soooo happy i got Laurell K. Hamilton's "Narcissus in Chains an anita blake, vampire hunter novel" gosh... i love her way of writing. it's soo exotic and suspenseful and at times funny. i like Anita Blake such a character to be seduced by a werewolf and a vampire and to be the Queen of the Wereleopards. I guess she's what i am in my head in a way. heh too bad that she doesn't have confidence in herself without her trusty gun in hand. hmm... well at big bear there was no snow... so i didn't get to freeze my hands. we did go to the zoo. heh i got this bear hand puppet it reminded me of Girl Interupted so i got it. haha it makes me laugh when i play with it.i wonder, does that make me a psycho??? who knows 'cause obviously i don't. i wish i was taking Photo in school cuz i could have taken these sick pictures of the stuff up there. The Homes there were INCREDIBLE!!! most of them were 3-4 story homes... my gosh they'd look really nice in B&W heh and the way they live up there is pretty kewl too. since the snow was a no show it was a bore. the weather was weird. when we get there it's warm then gets hot then slowly gets cooler then all of a sudden it's under 35 degrees farenhiet lol or 0 degrees Clecius (gosh my spelling is getting worse) out of my boredom there i felt like writing a story or try to finish a story i started writing a few weeks ago. i read parts of it to my friends over the fone and they say it's kewl. but one friend April!!! wants more lol deng she a horny one. lol well one of my ways of writing there was locking myself in the bathroom. haha it was weird though cuz the little room gave off this feeling and it just got me to write the best parts of the story. if i ever finish it i will be putting it in my reading room along with my other stories. oh and also it's not for kids under the age of 10 lol they just don't get it. haha anypoo, April.... she's a kewl person to talk to!!! heh extremely open minded and i like that about her. and plus we have soooo much in common!!! i never knew i had that much in common with a fellow friend. i wonder how far we would get that much. let's just sit back and find out shall we. ~conclusion~

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