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This is a call to all my past resignations. It's been too long
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Check back soon
I'm back...
Sunday. 10.7.07 3:11 pm
Yes after like a 3 year hiatus, or maybe 3 months I don't remember I am back to bring your blogging wisdom. How is the nutang community doing in my extremely long absence?

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4 months later
Wednesday. 6.6.07 6:17 pm
I am going to make a comeback...I got a groovy idea on how to make more cash with nutang and thought I'd come back for a bit. Whats up with you all?

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Friday. 2.23.07 9:28 pm
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On another note, do you even have health insurance? Health insurance is a very important thing to have, especially when you fall ill. Some politicians, like Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneger are pushing for state run helath care for everyone. Health care is very important.

Note: This post is a sponsor post. Please don't feel obligated to comment.

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Friday. 2.16.07 9:05 pm
You have been paid. Frostbitten and random you will be paid over the next few days because of dave's silly limit.

How's everyone's world? I am suing my school district after a kid body checked me. They are liable for my concussion which i spent yesterday night in the E.R. for. Otherwise, this weekend is midwinter break. YEAH! Anywho, love ya nutangeros. Bye, bye.

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cat and the mouse
Wednesday. 2.14.07 8:44 pm
Hey lazpuppy,

Your welcome for farecast. found out about that from tech crunch a blog about internet startups, reading that feed has helped me more than once. Sadly I am on the run agian. however, i have a big plan for giving away my nutang codes as customer appreciation thingies at my main site i.e. ryan444123.com or maybe anyandall.ryan444123.com when that launches. it sucks that i never have any time to show up. BTW anyone who comments on this post gets 10 PPS. Have fun everyone. Toodles.

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What's Up Everyone!
Sunday. 2.11.07 4:30 pm
I am so fing cold. It is 19 degrees out but soooo cold and overcast. I see my earnings have gone up a bunch. However, blogmad has suspended nutang due to an issue when surfing. :( I hope to update this more in the coming weeks but my life is a rollercaoster as ya know. I got my main site ryan444123.com running full speed though. Xm Radio is my new bestest friend and life has been good except for the...GYM TEACHER. We need to make a name for her, who knows. I loves ya nutang. *goes and comments* Lateros!

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