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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Monday. 9.8.14 11:05 pm

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HI've got it!
Sunday. 9.7.14 5:32 pm
So I was thinking about things that begin with H that make me angry.
I have a very strong dislike for "hate". You know, those people driving around with "hi h8rs" license stickers and "she was hatin' on so and so" and that usage?

I hate it. I strongly dislike people who use it. I'd say I'm not jealous, but you know what? I am. I'm jealous that you can be so ... (I'd say ignorant, because ignorance is bliss, but that's not the word I'm looking for.)

So yup, I drank the haterade, and I think you're a poor excuse for a human. You're so quirky! So unique!

Hanyway. "Hate" was not the reason I started this post.

H. H makes me angry. Why? I was once on the phone with tech support. The support guy kept saying "ach" (like watch). I have no clue what "ach" was, thinking that maybe it was "aught"? 0? I had a number that started with 0. NO! That's not it. So I hung up, thinking myself irresponsible and having lost an important paper/number, and set out to find it.

Three days later. "Ach." Oh, he meant H. How do you get "ach" from "ehch"? Not "H as in Hector" or "H as in House" or "H as in Herb Helps Harriet Haul Hay", but "ach".

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Um? Where was I?
Saturday. 8.23.14 9:58 pm
Ok, so last time many months ago, apparently I was kvetching about Gravy. I think my goal was to list 26 things I didn't like, and 26 things I liked, and that would end round 2 of 100 things about me? I think that was it. Anyway. Maybe I'll continue once I figure out H. I've got I. But H? What are things to dislike that start with H?

So to follow up post F, for Feelings!. Not that I'm feeling any less feely, but. Since then, I have acquired something shiny.

Yup! My own bit of sexy engineering.

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Saturday. 3.15.14 10:47 pm


I don't like it. Not sure why.
Yeah, it's flour, meat juices, and spices. I like flour. Meat juices... eh. Spices, yes.

So that southern classic of Biscuits and gravy? I will go hungry.

Went to Mitsuwa, ordered omurice. It was ok, except for the demi-glace ... was really like gravy. I think it's got something to do with the beef, maybe that's why. It also had mushrooms, but that's a different entry.

The holidays come around, and everyone's all "omg! gravy! on everything! Turkey! Pie! Sweet potatoes! Pumpkin pie!" I will eat my turkey dry, kthxbai.

I cooked for Thanksgiving last year. I was out the night before trying to buy some champagne for ghetto mimosas (equal parts OJ, ginger ale, and vodka. Oh yeah.), and remembered that I should probably buy some gravy, since "normal" people like it for some unknown reason.

Halfway through dinner, I remembered that I'd bought gravy, and had forgotten to heat/cook/??? and serve it. Oops. (No one complained to my face, except I hadn't cooked enough string beans.)

Occasionally, I have the weirdest desire for KFC mashed potatoes with maybe a fork-tine's worth of gravy, but I chalk it up to needing some chips or something. I haven't had KFC potatoes/gravy in ages, and expect it wouldn't sit well. Like Mac & Cheese (also another entry).

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Saturday. 3.8.14 8:03 pm
U is for uranium... BOMBS!

I'm sure any and everyone will agree with me, feelings SUCK.

Well, I guess I should specify negative feelings. Positive feelings are ok.

Feelings are always ... exacerbated by hormones. Stupid uterus. Making me want to jump off of buildings.

Anyway. Feelings as of late. I have been wanting to buy a vehicle. Not just any vehicle, a sexy bit of engineering like this or this.

Lookit that. Isn't it sexy?

Problem is, they're not selling it in 15. So it's harder than hard to find it in 14. or 13. I was so close, was going to go see one today, but then the trim changed yesterday morning, to something I didn't want. I'm glad I checked and got it cleared up before I drove up there. I'm upset, because I guess I'd gotten my hopes up.

I don't think I was ready for buying it anyway. I can't drive manual, apparently my credit history is emptier than empty, and I would have liked to have saved a bit more money toward it anyway. I guess I'll apply for some credit, and look again in six months.

I guess I should try to talk about good feelings? I got a very positive review at work, somehow. NFC how. Not an idea how. So of course I don't trust it, and am completely concerned that I need to work harder. Ugh. At least boss said he put me in for a raise and thinks I'm on a good path for a promotion in a year or two.

I find myself wanting to consult the fabled Jack, Jerry, Fireball, and other various spirited individuals. Thankfully I have not become the sort to rely on them. It seems an incredibly easy path to follow. :/

Feels. Why can't I be a robot?

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Evil, The Great
Wednesday. 2.12.14 9:21 pm
Because I just remembered that Best Buy starts with 'B', I shall categorize it as Evil, The Great.

I shall regale you with 8-year-old musings:

Best Buy is teh evil

Still no luck...

Seriously. Don't shop there. I won't talk to you if you do, and I'll laugh when you injure yourself on clamshell packaging. I don't care that we're schmoodly and eating face, I will give you the silent treatment.

I-I-It's not nice to make fun of people w-w-w st-st-stutters.(Seriously. Why would you have someone with a stutter answering the phone? )

Lying bastards

I guess this UPS's fault... nah, it's TGE's.

Hrm. I should prob... actually it doesn't matter if I clean up that info, I don't live at that address anymore.

Anyway. I don't even set foot into the cesspool that is TGE, I don't want any of their air, heating, showrooming, anything. I want nothing to do with them, EVER.

Of course, right after having all of this trouble, my aunt only remembered that I talked about them all the time, and so she got me a gift card. I spent my last penny, not even mine, I borrowed it, on a phone for my parents.

Man, I can't stand that company.

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