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Monday. 6.1.09 11:41 am
ShopWiki revolutionizes online shopping since it finds every store on the internet by crawling like Google. Usually shopping centre websites do not provide much information except the discounted or promotion items. Beside that, their websites will most probably did not provide any methods of payment without us going to the shopping site in person.

It could be possible that our girl friends wanted to buy some women's clothes but we just want to do it at home due to time constraint maybe. Or our family members wishes to buy laptop and we wish to compare all brands of laptop at once, shopping centre unable to provide that but ShopWiki can!

Did you ever think of collectibles as birthday present? Well again we need to make comparison so it will be within our budget. ShopWiki provide a list of them for comparison.

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Sunday. 2.8.09 12:03 pm

Yeah that's what I thought when I saw the news just an hour ago. Our country is going through culture evolution and it's been influenced by the Euro. Why I say so? If you see the news about the riot in Perak you will see there are a large amount of polices and fireman arrived to stop the riot.

Some men lay on the middle of the road blocking the cars who's passenger is Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and others threw STICKS at cars. I believe all these acts came from oversea culture. Even Dr M said this is "Derhaka" and not our kind of culture in Malaysia! Maybe after this there will be some other riot like cut down trees to block the road? Just like the Robin Hood.

Maybe I was wrong? But this is sure a change in our culture....Now they don't scold people using mouth or protesting only, they use brutal way by throwing stuffs!!

What's more ntv7 crew just busted a club where strippers are "working" wearing nothing but bra and undies! Kinda irony because when my cousin from Canada came to Malaysia asking me about one of the club whether it is a stripper club. Well I told him it does looks like it from the outside but the inside, no strippers. We all know strippers earn a lot of money from tips but this "job" was not introduced in our country.

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Happy Chinese New Year
Sunday. 1.25.09 1:52 am
1) Grand Master Yap talks about forecast for Malaysia in year 2009

THREE Videos - ALL about fate of Malaysia economic and politic

2) 12 horoscopes forecast for year 2009 by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong!





Just a small thing i found for all my friends ^_^
新年快乐, 恭喜发财!
Happy Chinese New Year everyone....Enjoy the reunion dinner tonight!

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2008 Student Dialogue Aftermath!
Friday. 1.16.09 2:08 am
Today the "fortunate" group 1, 4, 5 and 6 had given a "lecture" by Dr Wong during tutorial class because Head of Department called her today (right before tutorial class starts) that someone among the students had complaint her did not teach how the formulas are derived! Seriously we're just potential accountants do we really have to know how the formulas are derived? This student who complaint, I think he or she wants to be Mathematician and not accountant, thus I urge him or her to go study other course and take up CALCULUS!

What for you need to know how the formulas are derived? You want to prove the ancient people who made out the formulas were wrong? This student who complaint really no brain!!! Yes you heard me! NO BRAIN! Because you did not think through your friggin big brain before complain it!

The tutorial carried out not that efficient as her mood had been disrupted, for the first time she gave 2 breaks during tutorial class and ends the class 30 minutes earlier....

She is very sad about this matter because she has been stressing "we're accountants, we just borrow their formulas so we do not have to know how it is derived. Do not challenge the formulas!" I believe every AFA students(who took up AFM subject) in TARC heard this, why the student still go and complain about the "derivation". Sigh you really made the rest of the students pissed you know?!

Hope Dr Wong won't leave us in the coming March 2009 because I like her teaching style....

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Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!!!
Saturday. 12.27.08 9:32 pm
HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to Ken Yip!
This is the first time of his birthday celebration ^_^

This picture just amazes me because his smile is so sweet and cute, just can't take my eyes off from him....The party starts at 7.30pm, ended at 10pm.

From left to right : That's Me, Ken Yip and my neighbour's son.

We bought Pizza, KFC and some Egg Tarts, of course the cake too. The cake is Blueberry with a lot of strawberries which my mom top it up on....

I invited my best friends come gather and have updates with each other, and this is just a simple party that's why I just invited few that are near to my house. Next year we're going to have the celebration again probably will be bigger than this!

Thanks to Ka Wai, Yau Khoon, Yi Quan and Seng How for coming to the party =) And thank you for the presents!

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Tomorrow is My Baby Brother Birthday~!!
Friday. 12.26.08 8:01 am
Yes tomorrow is my baby brother 4year-old birthday.... This is the first time we held a birthday party for him, my mom figures that it is time for him to experience the birthday cake, song and friends. Though the birthday party will going to be simple as we don't want him to think that he can have this celebration EVERYDAY >_<

Of course I will be helping my mom in preparation like cake, food and drinks for tomorrow party, we don't want to make our "visitors" go home empty stomach and grumbling =D

What makes a birthday celebration party a birthday party?? Is it the cake? The birthday hat?

I will post up pictures for tomorrow's party ^_^

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