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Age. 31
Gender. Male
Location , WA
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tsk tsk tsk
Sunday. 8.8.04 12:46 am
summer, you dissapoing me *shakes head in dissapointment*

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Saturday. 7.24.04 5:27 am
did you have fun today, cause i did
happy bday nina hehehe
up at 2 and excited about tomarow

im sneaky like a cat

.....way better than halle berry

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Saturday. 7.10.04 3:18 am
happy bday kay!

still dont have my stuff back

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summer heat
Friday. 6.25.04 9:16 pm
so this is summer......
hot sun and lazy weather
the first week wasnt that bad because i only had to spend half of one day at my dads, after school on monday it was all about getting burned at steel lake and swimming in skool cloths, then going to anthonys to sneak around at elementry skool and up the streets being up to no good, then back to steel lake the next day to get burned again, then on wednesday it was off to kaylas house to see her, melissa, and kaylas wonderful family who made me cookies, then on thursday it was lay in bed till 3 staring at the ceiling, finally going to ryans to go see white chicks and troy, ryans mom leaves us at the auburn theater wandering around at 1 in the morning with no change or phone, you can take a guess on how that turned out, now im here sweating up in my room at my moms

the hightlights of summer, fun arent they?

by the way, my plan didnt work, and no chanyu, it did not involve changing grades, and mellisa, am i capable of anything evil? hehe
time for a change in plans

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i hope it works
Thursday. 6.17.04 5:52 pm
i have a plan
its very secret
if it works my life will change for the better or the worse
its too hard to tell
ill get back to you tomarow......

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$20$ candi
Tuesday. 6.1.04 6:28 pm
i went to uwajimaya to eat and get snacks
i ended up leaving with $20s worth of candy
then off to the mariners game (i dont even like baseball)
fun fun
walked around with christine and watched ichiro kick the canadian's asses
i got to cheer on the team ive never even cared for
Aishi teru Ichiro!
thats when all the japanese people in front of me yelled at me
so over all it was suprisingly fun
especially the part where i have left over candi for a few days

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