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Out with the old, in with the new
Sunday. 12.31.17 8:38 pm
I'm currently ringing in the new year wearing a Daria shirt that says "I hate everybody" and drinking ...

Now if only I could end that sentence there, it would be amazing. Not the case, however.

I've been sick since Friday. I woke up with a sore throat and it just turned in to a nasty head cold overnight. So I'm wearing the shirt, and drinking cold medicine. I have the live stream of the NYC ball drop playing on Twitter, but I will very likely be asleep long before my time zone hits midnight.

This is either foreshadowing for how 2018 is going to be, or it's 2017 trying to suck the last little bit of life out of me while it still can.

I'll let you know later on which I think it is.

Until next year...

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Sunday. 12.10.17 9:21 pm
Sometimes the thoughts in my head are very much unwelcome. Yet they still come. Do I let them in, or do I just not have enough power to keep them out?

To that, I don't think I'll ever know the answer.

Anywho, I've moved house. It's only been a few weeks. It's a very different living situation than what I'm used to. It's not horrible, but it wouldn't have been my first, or even second choice, if I'd had the option. But it got me out of the pod. I'm sure once I've been here a while and have finally settled in to a new routine, it'll be fine. Or it won't. I'm only tied to it for a year.

I want to write, but I can't get the thoughts in my mind to calm enough to get out what I want so I guess this is it.

Until next time.

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From The One That Burns
Thursday. 11.9.17 9:41 pm
That one part still makes me smile.

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Sunday. 11.5.17 9:55 pm
I'm not sure what the earliest date in the Autumnal season that Seattle has ever gotten snow, but I'm fairly certain that November 3rd is up there on the list. What's funny about the snow we got on Friday was that it wasn't exactly predicted. It just kind of came out of nowhere. I'm quite happy with it, especially since it didn't stick for long so the roads were still easy to navigate.

Now, snow was forecast for today, however it's not really made itself known in Downtown Seattle yet. I'm not sure if it actually will. It's certainly cold enough outside for snow. For now, though, it's just cold rain. And just the normal Seattle rain.

The clocks changed back an hour last night, and I'm going with my theory that if you stay up until the clocks change, that your body doesn't have to take as long to adjust. It's worked the last couple years and so this year I (unpurposefully) stayed up until 2am, when the clocks jumped back to 1am. I needed to make sure that I was sober enough to drive, which meant staying out later than originally anticipated. It'll still probably take a little bit of adjusting to the fact that the sun sets before 5pm, but that shouldn't take too long.

Anywho, that's really all I've got. I just wanted to talk about the snow. We're already on track to break more records, since we broke our record low for Friday. I hope this trend continues.

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That's okay, I'm not important *edit*
Sunday. 10.29.17 12:01 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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The crud that won't quit
Monday. 10.23.17 10:54 pm
Two entries in one month?! What?? Crazy talk!

Anywho, I haven't a clue what time zone NuTang is running on anymore. It used to be EST, but when I started this up, the time defaulted to 5:54am... which is a few more than 3 hours ahead of me. Meh.

The point of this is to write about the fact that I still have this cough. I ended up being off the entirety of the week before, and finally went back to work last Monday. It's not just me, however. There are several people, of whom include those that I was directly exposed to, that are still coughing. The mornings are the worst. My nose has been stuffed up almost every morning for the past three weeks and once I start blowing my nose it becomes this weird cacophony of alternating between blowing my nose and having a coughing fit. Thanks post nasal drip for magnifying the issue.

This past weekend I was out in the cold, wind, and rain, so that probably didn't help my recovery time at all, but at least I had a good time and it was worth it. If you and a group of your friends ever get the chance to do an escape room, I highly recommend it. That being said, you have to be with the right group of people, since you all have to work together, and you have to be at least somewhat decent at problem solving, since the whole point is to solve puzzles to escape. I definitely want to do an escape room again.

This coming weekend is my friend's annual Halloween party, which I'm excited about. Hopefully I'll have kicked this stupid cough? Ha, yeah, no. That's not happening. I just hope this damn sore throat that's creeped up on me today is gone by then. I was about to say that the rest of the week I need to take it easy, but then I remembered that I am supposed to start going back to the gym this week ... we'll see how I feel tomorrow afternoon. For now, though, sleep.

No clue when I'll be writing again. Definitely before the end of the year. Likely not until November.

Until then. . .

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