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Age. 36
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Ethnicity. Anglo Saxon
Location Sydney, Australia
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Friday. 04.07.06 10:25 am
Soooooo.......time I updated, I haven't been on this thing for ages, I used to check it every day, but things have changed.

I broke things off with Brad and ended up hurting him ALOT. Maybe doing it in 3 lines in an email was not the best way. I was feeling confused and unsure, though.....Things with Shaun moved way too fast.

Shaun and I met up in Hornsby on the 17th of May, he came home with me to meet my parents and left Sunday night...He's gone back to the place he was staying at twice, for one night only each time and he now has a job where I work. So, basically he's moved in with us. In 3 weeks we've gone from nothing to everything to each other, it's kinda crazy, but I'm going with the flow and just letting things happen.

My family adore him, my mum thinks he's wonderful and my dad "likes him"......he told me off for sledging him during a game of backyard cricket. He's met my favourite Aunt and Uncle, my cousins think he's the greatest, cos he plays state cricket, cricket being their favourite sport. My brother thinks he's cool and is alot nicer to me when Shaun's around, though Shaun teases me quite alot too. He's been adopted by my friends at work, he's "in", apparently......cos he teases me and doesn't stick up for me when they tease me (teasing me is all in fun, apparently :/ ).

I know things are moving way too fast and things seem way too good to be true......what guy tells you he's going to marry you and have children with you one day, within 3 days of being together?...but while things feel comfortable and right, I'm going to go with it and let it happen.

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Tuesday. 2.14.06 9:11 pm
I'm such a tosser, I just deleted all 130 photos that I took in melbourne and I have no fucking idea how I did it! Raaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I leave tomorrow morning!

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After tonight....
Monday. 2.13.06 11:31 pm
I am sooo completely, fucking over Drew.
Serves me right, anyway.

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Friday. 2.10.06 12:20 am
I need/love Brad,
I want Drew,
I'm expected to date Shaun.

Shaun's such a puppy, he's all bouncy and cute and sweet, I know I should like him, he's the kinda of guy I always say I want. But I need someone who's going to argue with me and tell me shut up and pull faces at me and tell me I'm being a bitch. I need spice. Shaun's just a lil too cute.

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Monday. 2.6.06 12:30 am
Soooo.........I'm in Melbourne, or to be more exact, Bunyip, a small country town situated an hour and a half from Melbourne. It's been really cool so far, the nearest large town has a Westfield, so I've blown hundreds of $ already, and ofcourse I NEEDED everything I bought.

Jon's party was last night, which was interesting to say the least. I uhhh....ended up using Drew as a pillow, though as Robyn said, "If pillows came with hands, I want one too". So, as you can probably imagine, we ended up in a bit of an awkward position, on the deck. So now Robyn's annoyed at Drew, because he's known me 5 minutes and apparently likes me more than he likes her (she had a crush on him for 4 years). It was totally innocent, though. He was holding my hands because his were warm and mine were really cold (cold hands, cold heart?), and he had his hand down my shirt because he was trying to feel my heartbeat, cos I felt his. Ok, i know it sounds like utter bull, but it's the honest truth, lol.

He's a bit of a jerk, but for some reason I have this undeniable attraction towards him. We flirted all night...the tension was so thick, I could have the done the proverbial with it. We've already established that I'm the knowledge and he's the power, lol....though for some reason he thinks that by being the power, he can enforce the knowledge...hmmmm...

He wants to take me out Saturday night, but Robyn hates clubs and I don't want to go without her, I am staying with her, after all. He also wants me to go someplace with him Sunday, but I don't see how that will work either. I'm feeling really bad about being attracted to him, considering Shaun likes me ALOT. I've told Shaun we need to take things slow, but I think his intentions are very much not slow.

There's also Brad, who understands that I need someone here, that I need to have fun and spread my wings a lil. I told him what happened with Drew and even though he doesn't like it, he did want me to tell him and he was happy that I was allowing myself to have fun. I've been close to Brad for so long, I don't know if what him and I have can be separated from whatever relationship I have with guys here. Him and I can't be "just" friends, it's not going to work, we've decided on that already. Neither of us want to forget or deny the incredible chemistry him and I have. Even though he's not here, I feel so close to him and....well you'd think that him living in another country would prevent us from being so....amazing together. Despite the obvious limitations, things are pretty damn hot between us. We still rock each other's world like nobody's business.

So Shaun and I are going to Luna Park on the 25th of this month as our first date. Then everybody's going to Tropfest the next day. It should be pretty cool, actually. Then in July, Kate, Kez, Shaun, Guy and myself and possibly a few more people are coming back to Melbourne to see an AFL game, Tiger's against St Kilda, should be awesome. We're renting a 3 bedroom apartment on the Yarra River for $1200 a week, which is pretty good, if there's going to be 6 of us. Shaun and I are planning on sharing a room...and a bed. We'll see how that pans out, it's another 6 months from now.

Oh yeah, I got my tattoo and I love it. It hurt like fucking hell, though. Apparently the inside of the ankle is the worst place to get a first tattoo. Yeah, well it's going to be my last. My mum got one in the same place and she had to hold me in a headlock to prevent me from moving. I jerked my foot twice from the pain and the tattoo artist said, "luckily I'm good, or you'd have a line up your leg". Hmmm...It wasn't encouraging, however, to hear that he had a newborn baby, I want my tattooist well-rested, thanks. Back to the pain, it's the most excruciating I've ever been through. It was like a red-hot pain slicing through my flesh...I think the throbbing was the worst part. The scab has all cleared up now, so the tattoo is just part of my skin. It's so cute, its a green and yellow butterfly, If someone can tell me how to post photos up, i'd post a photo.

So I msgd Drew a few hours ago, asking what the attraction is to a guy, of a threesome involving 2 women. I could easily guess, but Robyn and i were discussing it earlier and I'd actually like to know what he has to say on the topic. He hasn't replied, jerk. Oooh, Mark's online, maybe I'll ask him. He says, "cause it means two chicks want him instead of one". Also, that the chicks are pretty crazy and up for anything, usually and that guys like that. Hmmmm...any other thoughts, guys?

I'll leave you with a funny story from the party last night. Drew gave me his drink (Canadian Club with cola) to try (he says try, I'm pretty sure he was giving it to me to keep), then decided he wanted it back, after I'd discovered I liked it. I wasn't having any of that, so he chased me through the house, trying to get it back, but not wanting to spill the drink. We ended it up in the study, with myself on the desk chair and him in the doorway. He said, "come on, give it back". I paused for a minute, raised an eyebrow, lifted the can to my mouth and took a loong sip. He started to get agitated, as one does when faced with the possibility of losing their last drink to a chick. I looked him up and down, slow....took another long sip...then pointed to the floor. "Get on your knees and beg for it", I said. He looked at me, like I was insane, his pride far too great to even consider complying. I took another loong sip, crossed my legs and settled back into my seat. "Beg", I said. He stared at me for the longest time, watching me toying with the can, running the tip of my finger around and around the rim, ignoring him. He finally got down on his knees, glanced over his shoulder, to make sure nobody was watching, and said, "Beautiful Katrina, please may I have my drink back?". So, I gave it to him. Yeah, I'm a bitch.

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Tuesday. 1.10.06 4:05 pm
Soooooo.......I bought my ticket to Melbourne yesterday, yaaay. I have no money, however, I WILL make some (I hope), so shopping we will gooo! I'm staying with a friend (Robyn) I've known since I was a lil 2 day old in a tiny hospital situated on the Army base of Waiouru. If you forget the name 2 seconds after reading it, I totally do not blame you...all that is there is a mountain, a N.Z. Army base and an Army museum. So yeah.

Also, it's going to be Robyn's bf's birthday while I'm there and she's holding this wicked cocktail party to celebrate (another excuse to shop for an outfit and get drunk....ok, tipsy). So I'll finally be able to meet all of her friends, I've only met a couple....ultra yayness (ok, I know I sound like a kid).

In other news, I'm getting my tattoo on Thursday night, which will be wickedly, awesomely radical (ok, stop!). So I'm going to sacrifice a tiny section of the inside of my right foot for a tiny, lil butterfly. My pain threshold is not high at all (I cried when they put that thing around my arm to cut off the circulation when I fractured my wrist), so it should be an interesting experience for all involved. Awesome (I thought we talked about this already??).

On a final note, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeee vote for meeee in the Warrior Federation Battle I've been subjected too. I'm an innocent, who was maybe not-so-randomly selected to be part of this. So save me from humiliation and loss of pps by voting for me, Warrior Katsuvius aka Katnictyanntothemax (Thanks Cole).

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