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Wednesday. 3.14.07 5:29 pm
Ok, I'm the drummer for this band called T5T. Visit us at www.myspace.com/thefifthtragedy and remember that we were missing drums and our lead singer when we recorded our posted song.

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Something I made up
319th day of 2006
A guy and his wife are watching their house burn down. The guy turns to his wife and says, "Did you ever throw water in an electrical socket before?"

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A Part of Last Night's Dream that Nobody Cares About
Thursday. 9.28.06 7:33 am
I sit in my back yard with my brother. He puts on a costume and goes into my neighbor's house. I never see him come out. I'm suddenly in my house and a guy walks in with a tub of dog food. I jump into the tub for some reason and, to keep from spilling it, I jump out immediately. But there's still a huge mess because the guy decides to smile and dump the dog food all over my couch.
I appear in a store with my brother and I have no idea what we're buying, but there's a guy buying some cloth and a plaid cloak. Later, we're back at my house and so is the guy from the store, who's holding a metal trashcan lid and a gun. His cloth is draped over a pole in front of him. He shoots one shot, then runs off. I pick up his gun and pull the trigger. The bullet goes about 2 feet. I pull the trigger again a little harder and faster and the bullet goes about 4 feet. So I keep doing this until I get a bullet pretty far.
I'm in my back yard again, where things are a little different than in real life (remember, this is a dream), and I find a gray skull thing. I pick it up and find a gross gooey subtance on the back and a large bug-like thing inside. My brother says something about it being the guy that had a tape player in his stomach.


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A Confusing Thing
Wednesday. 9.27.06 6:26 pm
A man is on the right side of a river. He goes to the left side. Then he goes back to the right side which is actually the wrong side. He returns to the right side, even though he's already on the right side which is really the wrong side, so he's really on the right side. He decides to call the left side 'right' and the right side 'wrong'. He goes back and forth two-dozen times. Where is he?

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A Joke
Wednesday. 9.27.06 12:55 pm
A woman calls the airport and asks them how long it takes to fly from New York to LA. "Just a minute, please," says the person at the airport. "That's to fast for me, thanks," says the lady as she hangs up.

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About the Meat Pasty
270th day of 2006
OK, I don't have any Idea what a meat pasty is and I didn't have one for breakfest. I wouldn't even eat meat for breakfest unless it was a sausage

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