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Alas, again members have special priviledges.
PsychoEnigma says... Aiyah...
2007-01-03 01:56:02   [ip: ]
it's been a while since our last rants of ad libs on the forums. I wonder if you're even gonna read this. I don't see if you've had a last login or anything but anyway, it's been cool. Stay on the up and up.
alexsedotcx says... Wow
2006-08-16 12:07:00   [ip: ]
I have just come about this site and find that your entries are quite amusing. Are you a writer? A columnist? A comedian? Whichever the case, kudos, man. Kudos.
Kuri says... ^_^
2006-08-15 03:20:22   [ip: ]
Heya~~~ wow... i just have to say, i love the layouts you make, they look amazing <3333 (especially this one, it has a *panda*!!! <333 ^_^) L8r, —×Kuri×—
2006-06-23 05:17:46   [ip:]
y halo thar, fellow internets user. Would you be interested in purchasing some "viagra"?
KatnicityAnnToTheMax says... LOL
2005-01-26 05:54:24   [ip:]
And what way would that be??
2005-01-24 08:46:17   [ip:]
KatnicityAnnToTheMax says... Thanx for the advice..... "Cole (Kollin) seems to know who you are and if he likes you, you must be nice... " I hope she didn't mean it In the way you think Ed... LMFAO...Heh... Ne ways Im off to class... Stupid Math Class that Iss... Read Muh Entries... They are hillarious... ;o) <3333
KatnicityAnnToTheMax says... Sea
2005-01-23 04:46:03   [ip:]
Wow, I just read your sea journal, it's really creative and cool. Nice work.
KatnicityAnnToTheMax says... Thanx for the advice
2005-01-22 10:51:17   [ip:]
Hey, I dunno if you read your guestbook, but anyway, thanx for the advice, I was really down when I wrote my entry last night. Cole (Kollin) seems to know who you are and if he likes you, you must be nice...
Such_A_Babeh_Face says... hewwoz
2005-01-09 11:42:06   [ip:]
Ed when you get this message/ when you read this message I sorta need help with this Nutang thingie... please either msg me on aim when you see me or leave me a note in my guestbook...
2004-11-19 05:00:41   [ip:]
I doubt Ed Knows Who this Is.. It's been a while I guess that I haven't talked to you... *shrugs* Oh Wellz.. I don't even know how the heck I got into this "nutang" shtuff.. LoL.. n e ways uhmz yeahz.. righto.. Laterzz
Prince_Ali says... Reply
2004-09-25 02:20:06   [ip:]
Thanks for the heads up on Garden State, I'll prolly end up checkin it out. I was wonderin if you live close to Jersey City at all, cause I was just wonderin if you knew anything bout Jersey City.
Ajibalaji89 says... subject:
2004-08-22 03:59:55   [ip:]
message: my message is. You're making me hungry. Your layout is reminding me of ketchup which is reminding me of the last entry which is reminding me of A1 Sauce which is reminding me of scrambled eggs. I have a hankerin' for some scrambled eggs with A1 Sauce. Hmmm. =P
jamie says...
2004-08-04 12:42:31   [ip:]
hey when are we gettign married?
Mercury_System says... Ayup.
2004-07-19 07:36:24   [ip:]
I just may end up looking into a patent for the Mercury System depending upon reaction from NuTang. If it takes off from here and it looks like I could make ATLEAST that money back, it would definitely be worth looking into.
redintersectsme says... Me likey
2004-07-14 03:53:28   [ip:]
haha freakin sweet dude. Keep up the good work.
2004-07-11 01:04:14   [ip:]
in fact, you're fucking ridiculously funny
2004-07-11 12:46:43   [ip:]
just wanted to tell you i admire your site and i always like what you have to say...so yeah, nice work. later.
JoLiE_PaPiLlIoN says...
2004-06-24 08:42:40   [ip:]
yeah...you seem V. kool and i dunno i'm kinda new an dyeah...i feel stoopid asking this but how do you put people on your friend list?
sohostitch says... great site!
2004-06-20 01:06:00   [ip:]
thanks for popping by my site! =) u've done a great job for your blog. i love it! =) cheers! ---sohostitch
MoOd_SwInGeR_MaMa13 says... im new here...so yeah
2004-06-15 01:07:34   [ip:]
im just new, thought i'd take a look around, and sign a couple guestbooks...yep yep yep.
rockie says... thanks for stopping by..
2004-06-12 06:49:38   [ip:]
you haven't posted lately..on hiatus ?? I guess it is that summer time of year..
etheracide says... breastmilk is good for the soul
2004-06-05 01:20:56   [ip:]
Thanks for the warm reception. You may be more into my other band..but honestly, you gave a 'review' that I love to get. A lot of musicians have said that it wasn't their style but that they still appreciate what's being done and that is still a huge honor to myself and Chad (other current member of the band). I'm enjoying your layout. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will put up the one that I want to have. Word.
rockie says... ...bleu cheese..
2004-06-01 08:11:01   [ip:]
hmmm...wouldn't they smell ya comin' ?!?!..and yep..I'm at about 8,200 ft. there is about 120 people that live in our "hamlet" about 12 miles from Winter Park, CO. and yep we use well water. it comes out of the tap at 42 degrees and is just about the purest water you could ever drink...and until last year we were on a septic system until they put sewer lines in...ah..er didn't mean to write an essay... :0
daysofthephoenix says... hi
2004-05-28 03:29:40   [ip:]
thanks for the welcome. seems like you have a bit of a diffrent taste in music than i do but its good music none the less.
rockie says... Thanks
2004-05-28 07:08:58   [ip:]
Thanks for your comments on my "essays" hmmm..I never much liked essays..I guess it might have seemed that way because I was on the company computer and was getting paid time-and-a-half when I was writing it... :0
ley says... hi
2004-05-18 03:10:17   [ip:]
hey can you show me how to set my site up
abreadcrumb.and.fish. says... Lawrence of Arabia. . . heheh. good movie.
2003-12-11 02:40:21   [ip:]
invisible says... *after reading previous guestbook entires*
2003-12-05 07:00:39   [ip:]
"is it treating me for good, or for awesome?"

oh yeah!! strong bad!! wo0t!! :-D

hee hee (plz sign my guestbook!)
unkept says... nice layout
2003-12-02 12:02:00   [ip:]
hey there. I noticed you visit orisinal. cool stuff they got there. ok well take care.
flanger001 says... yooooo
2003-11-15 04:35:20   [ip:]
Major points for having Karn Evil 9 in there.
djjester says... Hey
2003-11-08 01:17:42   [ip:]
whats up? k, see ya.
Jay_Mestizo says...
2003-11-04 11:16:16   [ip:]
jusss leavin my Jay_Mestizo... nice layout man, where do you get the ideas?
EffinJOSELL says... Don't play with fire
2003-08-16 01:32:58   [ip:]
WHattup Syd?? How's life treatin ya?
SnickerGal says... Bubba Gump
2003-08-07 10:14:58   [ip:]
Hey r u from Chicago? Do u like da movie forrest Gump?
flanger001 says... request
2003-07-26 01:12:47   [ip:]
Update!! I love reading your stuff!!
SnickerGal says... Who?
2003-07-25 07:14:35   [ip:]
Who are you? are u james Finn? u signed my page and my friends moshpitmonkey's also, do u know how 2 add people 2 ur friends?
Chloefoxx says...
2003-07-21 04:19:08   [ip:]
hey syd
Heather says... well
2003-07-20 04:26:48   [ip:]
you know french and I'm jealous
amy says... oui...
2003-07-10 11:07:50   [ip:]
j'adore le papillon. :)
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