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How do I become green?
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Contributed by dave

As you probably have noticed, there are 3 different colored icons on the map. Blue is for the guy, pink for the girl. But what's green?

The top 5 most popular members on NuTang all receive green icons. What's so good about being green?

Green Icons are always on the map!
Whether you're online or not, your icon will always remain on the map. This means more exposure, more hits to your page. The popular become more popular! =)

Green makes green!
Every week, the top 10 most popular members will be awarded pps! Likewise, each week, the popularity stats are reset so members are constantly competing on the same level.

How do I become popular?

You might not have been Mr. Popular in high school. On NuTang, you can be! (Or Mrs. Popular, if more appropriate.)

Your popularity is measured by the amount of 'popularity points' you have, which you can check from the home page (where all your other stats are). To rack up popularity points, there are two things you can do:
1) promote your site! and
2) comment on other members' blogs.

Now, this does NOT mean if you refresh your site 100 times, you will receive 100 more popularity points. No, in fact, the algorithm to calculate your popularity is extremely complicated. (It was derived by Papagoya in the future.) Normally, for every unique person that visits your page, you will gain 1 point. But, if someone like theLogicFiend visits your page, you may lose 50 popularity points. Likewise, if le_battement visits your page, you may lose ALL of your points. (Just kidding.)

Likewise, don't try spamming anyone's blog with comments. This will not lead to an influx of popularity points either. In fact, we monitor IP addresses to prevent this from happening.

Okay, so how do you promote our site? Here are some ways to drive traffic to your awesome site. I've ordered them by effectiveness, in my opinion.

Link to your NuTang site

Link to your NuTang site from wherever you can possibly post a link:
- AIM profile
- MySpace profile
- theFacebook profile
- Friendster profile
- Xanga page
- etc.

This is the surest way to increase your hits.

Be active on online forums

Join a couple of online forums and post on a frequent basis. In your forum signature, include a link to your site. Try to make the link text enticing, e.g. "My Blog w/ Hot Pics!"

Exchange links

Exchange links with other weblogs. This includes having other NuTang members adding you as a friend and exchanging links with members of the inferior weblog communities.

Join Blog Directories

By joining the programs listed below, you will receive new visitors from these sites. Also, since the sites below are indexed by search engines, like Google, you may get an influx of search engine traffic.
- BlogExplosion.com recommended!
- BlogMad.net recommended!
- CreateBlog.com *
- BlogCatalog.com
- Blogarama.com
- BlogHope.com
- BlogWise.com
- BlogSoldiers.com
- TS25

The first two and last links work on a credits basis. Usually, for every 2 blogs you view through their service, they will send someone to your blog. In other words, return traffic is guaranteed! As discovered by le_battement, you can speed up the credits accrual process by browsing through multiple browser applications (e.g. IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari).

* CreateBlog is a toplist (and forum). They manually approve all blogs submitted to their toplist, so it may take a day or two. The results are pretty good. You can also participate in their forums (but be sure to include links back to your blog).

Ping your site

Each time you update your blog, be sure to submit it to ping services:
These sites will ping 20+ sites on your behalf! In other words, 20+ sites will be notified that your blog has been updated and will add links to your site (usually from their homepages).

Okay, good luck dear friend. May you be green soon.
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