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JMC | Philosophy - Posted on 2006-10-14 13:31:07
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Philosophy - NuTang Philosophical Philosophers Minds Meet

Due to the fact that there is an ever-growing post and Writings at NuTang of immense cogitations:

May this NuTang Forum serve as a place for all us NuTang Philosophers to philosophize in further detail the analysises and expressions of our intellect.

The idea for this Philosophy NuTang Forum came in collaboration with hmdaswani and myself. Together, we would like to encourage and welcome all input, be you of Philosophical Minds or merely opinionated.

In your reply, Please link the Readers to your reading room if you have one, so we may also enjoy your Writings.

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JMC | Greed and Contentment - Posted on 2006-10-14 13:31:53
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We begin our elaboration with hmdaswani's post from Tuesday. 10.10.06:

"Greed and contentment"

We would always come across the idea that greed and discontent on the way things are is evil. It has always been that their stereotypical image leads to crime and unhappiness. But if we look at the human being, greed and contentment is necessary for progress and further evolution.

Human beings, like all mobile and thinking species, are programmed to perpetuate. Animals have their mating season, they have their defensive mechanisms, they also have their offensive mechanisms; all necessary to keep their species alive.

The human being is no different from this. But aside from the natural evolution, man is gifted to evolve using outside resources. Man has used his environment to make himself better. Through this, man can survive all the different weather, go faster, and communicate better. Man is assisted with memory and processing, but most importantly, through evolution, man can discover God better.

It is natural for us to want to become god, after all, we all are gods, we have a soul, and Soul is God. We want to become immortals, and immortality is also in conjunction to perpetuity. We have taken great strides in medicine to help us live longer and better lives. Technology has made it more conducive for us to do more with less. We have become much more efficient now than what we were even 50 years ago.

Through communication, man has been able to transmit and receive different ideas which he can add upon. From the Hindus and Greek’s foundation philosophy we have evolved and added more and more observations to it, helping us get closer to the truth each time.

Due to man wanting to become God, and God being perfect, man has to evolve. Man has to understand each and everything he can know, he has to discover and become better each day. Greed is natural for us because we want to become perfect, we want to become God because we are God, we are trying to be our natural selves, and this would go on whatever interests we would have. Some of these interests would be in the field of speed, and people want to go faster. Some of these vents would be in science, and other such fields. If we remain content, we would not get anywhere. Man can only appreciate God better if he knows that the world is too organized to be a coincidence. This is how we have gotten to where we are now. We asked and we pushed ourselves, and we go somewhere. Religion should embrace technology, the Hindus did, for the authors of some of the religious teachings were scientists themselves. It is natural for us to evolve the world towards one goal. While everyone seems to be working on one field, while the others are working on another, the bigger picture shows one giant organism maturing and developing, just as a child becomes an adult.

It would then be considered that it is contentment that is evil. Contentment means the person is happy with whatever there is, that the top of the hill is enough. Always climb the higher peak, and keep getting higher. After all, our greed will drive humanity to a new level, and the closer we get to the truth, the more we need to be prepared for it.


Are You Contented with This Post? :)
Contentment in the aspect of meaning happiness with whatever, never to go any further, I agree with. However; I must say that I disagree on contentment as evil. In my oppinion, Society needs to be more contented.

For, If the human species were more contented, there be no need for greed and maybe there would be less crime.

Greed merely serves the purpose of feeding the ego. Contentment however; soothes the soul and hence, needs nothing more. For in hunger, rather for truth or status, the human appetite is insatiable. Correct me if I am wrong, yet I canft think of any animal that is greedy. When animals get enough food, they are contented. They do not strive to out eat the other. When an animal finds a warm place to lay, like the fly snuggling in manure; the animal does not tread through the crap or ice cold snows to find a better home than his neighbors.

Yes, humans strive to know the truth, rather that is to die and learn there is a hell and a Devil. Or for humans to live like there is a heaven and God. But should we as a human species achieve this knowledge via the ego, the spirit, or the soul?

hmdaswani RESPONSE:

In reply to your post about contentment. I apologize my failure to update with another post that actually emphasizes that greed can only be good when there is balance involved in life, aside from emphasis on morality as well. Greed becomes evil when there is an imbalance within us, and causing negligence or damage on others (society and environment included)

Contentment can be evil if it causes a person to lose sight of his purpose, which is to evolve. As a philosopher, and you would agree, that every human being is destined or tasked to search for good and truth, and keep on evolving, improving ourselves towards perfection. Without the greed for knowledge, if there was contentment, we would end up being back in the stone ages. But there had to be a drive, the same drive that brought us everything we have now (well, not all are good, but nevertheless, we're learning that now).

hmdaswani's Reading Room

JMC's Reading Room

JMC | NuTang Philosophers We Await Your Arrival! - Posted on 2006-10-15 13:36:59
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We are eager to introduce the NuTang Philosophers to other Philosophers and Readers.

If you have no comment on ""Greed and contentment", please introduce yourself, your beliefs, and especially if you have a NuTang Reading Room, give us Readers a summary of some or all of your Writings.

Thank You.

Silver-dot- | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-15 21:07:29
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Uh, I have a philosophical piece up in my reading room? Feel free to read it...and leave a comment or note.

It's just a little of me musing upon a something that passed through my mind...my brain keeps churning and I end up in a dimension totally different from what I had expected. I said there would be more, but so far I haven't had the time to sit and type.

So, yeah...it was the first thing I posted in my Reading Room. XP

JMC | Thanks Silver-dot- - Posted on 2006-10-16 02:09:03
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hmdaswani is out of the country for work and fun til next week. When he returns, I'm sure he will be looking forward to reading your "The Philosopher In Me", as I am now enjoying reading this writing by you. I will gladly comment as soon as possible.

hmdaswani | To Silver Dot, JMC - Posted on 2006-10-16 13:26:13
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Got back to Manila (my residence) for a day to finish my work before flying off to Singapore (small and very long overdue vacation) on Wednesday. (I just came back from Hong Kong for a 1 day work demand from the client. I haven't slept for more than 22 hours now)

Got to say that I am very happy with JMC's initiation of the Philosophical forum. I thank you very much for it.

Just got to read Silver Dot's Blog. Here are some points

The main purpose of etiquette (hope I got it right) is to form harmony, and for better health.

The whole idea of Westerners using spoon, Chinese using chopsticks, and Indians eating with their right hand only was brought forth due to what the hands were being used for. These hands are dirty and are also used for wiping other dirty stuff. They become home to bacteria that thus forms a rather nasty colony in the nails.

I do agree that looking down on people who are not "Cultured" is not a good idea either. It has to be understood that unless we know why we're required to do something "cultured", it does not make sense. We are gifted with logic, and this logic can be used to understand the importance of certain values.

Just as such, I will be posting some articles you guys can read in my blog before I leave.

Try to visit my Reading Room as well, you might actually enjoy it.

JMC | Welcome Back hmdaswani - Posted on 2006-10-16 14:05:38
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That was a quick trip!

Thank you for commenting on "The Philosopher In Me", by Silver-dot- .

I am still forming my analytical posit on the subject matter Silver-dot- has well written. I am debating rather to surmise the 'thumb theory' that separates us from the animal.

Our thread, NuTang Philosophical Philosophers Minds Meet is off to a slow start, to date. Thanks to Silver-dot- however; I am keeping the faith that this thread will weave pages of food for thought for all interested NuTang Members. As there are a mass of Philosophers at NuTang and equally a mass of original NuTang Thinkers whose comments on various subjects are; perhaps unbeknownst to them, an intellectual inspiration!

middaymoon | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-25 22:23:37
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Not much, but i had to right a short story in Creative Writing. it was from the point of view of an inanimate object, and it had to have sensory details from all five senses. I got all five in, but I'm horrible at writing without emotion, so a bit of thought crept in among the robot-like observations. Surprisingly enough, my "inanimate" drop of water rather reminds me of me.

Hope you enjoy. I've made an entry of it too, so you can comment and/or recommend

hmdaswani | A worthy read - Posted on 2006-10-26 08:05:23
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You may gain a lot of ideas from middaymoon

JMC | Thanks middaymoon! - Posted on 2006-10-26 09:23:52
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To be merely an observer can be cool!

middaymoon | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-27 00:10:43
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thanks for the support! im glad you like it. i didn't have to read it in front of the class, yet, and im glad cause all the aside ideas (in these) got kind of confusing. all the detail kinda screws it up. thanks again!

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