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JMC | 'Which' NuTang Avatar To B Flamed Winner is Dancing Baby! - Posted on 2006-10-05 12:52:36
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Thank you all NuTang Members for your votes! This contest is officially closed. However; I know who won! Any guesses?!?

Stay tuned, as Oct. 30 I will squish, flame, tease, torture,... this NuTang Avatar on my site!

It's that time of year again, the Witching hour is upon us of Full Moons, rituals, costumes, and don't forget our delectable Orange seed, crooked tooth Jack-o'-lantern! Yes, it's October! So as leaves and time must fall, so must something be squashed! And why not an Avatar! Lets’ start an October ‘Which’ Hunt! Got an Avatar from one of your NuTang Friends that you would like to see squashed, made fun of, razzled-dazzled, etc.?!? Okay then!! ‘Which’ Avatar will it be? Well like spells – start casting your votes now until October 20th! You can only vote for One Avatar, Once, so choice wisely. If anyone should vote more then once, you will have your Avatar burnt at the stakes on my NuTang site! Okay, let the voting begin! You can either cast your vote here by replying to my message. Or if you don’t want someone to know that you voted for their Avatar, go to my profile and leave your vote on my ‘send me a note’. You MUST be a NuTang Member to vote, and it must be a NuTang Avatar. Sorry, NO voting for the Avatar Michael Jackson. Talk to dave about that! Maybe he’ll hold a Halloween Contest to ‘Beat It’! Cause 5 Jacksons already are enough! Anyhows, On October 16, I will tally the votes. Then later, I will announce a date near or on Halloween, to go to my sight and watch the humiliations of ‘Which’ Avatar got chosen. Sound like an October Festival! Start casting! (Please do not hold me responsible for whose Avatar is voted for, NuTang Members speak, I merely listen! Remember, this is just all in the name of fun!)

The original date for NuTang Avatar votes to be in has been changed and extended to October 20th, due to the Server upgrades taking longer than expected to get nutang.com back up and running.

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hikarixgaki | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-05 18:28:57
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Hm... squishing? How will you "squish" them?

JMC | How will I squish them! - Posted on 2006-10-05 19:30:35
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haha,that will be half the fun of waiting to see. Hint: Remember, it's Halloween time!

Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan | Squashing....Squishing.... - Posted on 2006-10-05 23:20:57
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Pick Me!!! pICKmE!!! PICK ME!!!!

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-06 01:02:50
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I vote for dave hehe.

JMC | Thanks NuTang Folks! Keep the Votes a Casting! - Posted on 2006-10-06 04:23:36
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ok me , Holy Cow you want your own Avatar humilited! One vote for Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan then! Earnhardt Fans you heard it from the cows' mouth, herself!

And oh yes, Thanks to randomjunk, we now have one vote for dave's Avatar ! The dancing baby from Ally Mc Bell!

I can't tell you who is voting for 'which' NuTang Avatar at my site. That way the votes can't be stacked against some! Come on you NuTang Members, vote! 'It's a Which' Hunt! 'Which' NuTang Member's Avatar would you like to see Squashed, tortured, etc...! It's just in the name of fun and October and Halloween the NuTang way!

dave | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-06 10:57:20
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JMC | Thanks dave for the Nutang Halloween vote! - Posted on 2006-10-06 16:18:31
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Thanks dave for playing fair! and not picking randomjunk (NuTang Member since 2005-12-24 10:55:17 ) because she voted for your Avatar ! Keep the votes a casting NuTang Members! 'Which' NuTang Avatar will be voted for next to be taunted, mocked, insulted! Stay Posted to Forums 2.0 NuTang!

Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan | LOL - Posted on 2006-10-06 16:42:15
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I can always change my avatar.. as a matter of fact.. if you choose mine.. I'll be SURE to make it a Jeff Gordon avatar!!

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-06 19:42:19
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He? Since when was I a guy JMC?

Princess_00 | I pick - Posted on 2006-10-06 19:49:10
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ikimashokie, lol. (Don't get mad at me okay, ikimashokie... Please)

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