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Le_Jes | Ohdang - Posted on 2006-10-02 01:19:32
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I realized out of random boredom that if you have, say, someone's screenname in a blog entry in your NuTang, if you google that screenname, your blog will come up as a hit. Shit! The last thing I need is someone from school or something finding my NuTang. So I went through all my entries and changed every screenname to the person's name instead. Yet if you google the screenname, my blog still shows up like I never changed it. Will that change -- like will google "refresh" or something? If not, I'm going to have to delete the entries -- and what if that doesn't work either?

NuTang doesn't have a "friends only" feature, and even if it did I wouldn't want to use it because I enjoy having a random person, from time to time, pop into my entries with advice or witty comments or whatnot.

So someone please tell me that google will refresh or whatnot. Eeek.

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ikimashokie | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-02 04:19:48
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It's a google thing... their cache is weird.

I figure it like this: If people can't appreciate what I think, then they don't need to bother with what I'm saying anyway.

I mean, if I don't like something someone did, that's my thought, and there's nothing they can do about, other than say "hey, did I piss you off?" or just let it go.

If they want to stir up drama over it, then you probably shouldn't be their friend.

If they're childish enough to stir up drama over it, then you should ignore them, because they have nothing better to do with themselves anyway.

lazypuppy | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-02 07:55:57
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that's sort of nifty...I just looked up myself and it popped up right away...so that's sort of sweet if you're looking for hits and all.

dave | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-02 11:29:46
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Google will re-cache your page (I think each time it crawls it).

A less desirable situation is when Google caches your pic. I think it takes a very long time for a pic to get removed from their system.

Le_Jes | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-02 11:35:46
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Ah, good.

It's not so much I care about people starting drama over it, as it is I'd really rather not have people read it. The kids from my school are such mindless idiots that who knows what they'd turn it into.

If I wanted everyone to read it, I'd advertise it on [ew] Myspace.

Anyways, I'm just happy that it'll get re-cached.

ikimashokie | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-02 12:31:27
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Oh yeah.... th epictures.

I had some questionable pictures up a while ago.

I took them down...

They were still there.

Teh intarwebnets will bite you in teh rear, which is why they say watch out when you apply for a job.

Le_Jes | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-08 09:56:03
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So, before google was coming up with like 5 hits when I googled the screenname. Now it's only coming up with one. Will that one go away too?

ikimashokie | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-08 14:05:49
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Depends on how recently it was there, I guess.

hikarixgaki | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-09 20:05:33
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That kinda happened to me before, only on xanga. Someone googled the name of one of my classmates on google and they found a convo I posted with one of his friends. Everyone in the class was gathered around that one computer and I was hearing my name so I thought it was about me but it wasn't anything serious, their name didn't even have to do with our conversation either but they made a huge deal over it. I put xanga lock on it though when I heard that if you do that then google won't get your page.

And a week or so ago my friend looked up his screen name and found another convo we had and told my other friend, one of the friends I talk about on my nutang. I would've been dead if she saw it

ikimashokie | Untitled - Posted on 2006-10-10 00:04:35
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For a while I figured that if I didn't want someone to know, then I wouldn't post it.

Then I thought about it, and realized that the worst they can do is make a deal about it, and if they can't deal with what I think, then I shouldn't be hanging around them anyway.

An opinion is an opinion, and you can't toss someone in jail for it.

Unless you're Bush.

JMC | People can find me here at NuTang! - Posted on 2006-10-12 13:09:48
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I was trying to hide my funny bone from my serious blog site. Oh no! If people see I am really a person who likes to have fun, what then! If people find out that I am hanging out with NuTang people who are also fun, witty, wise, what ever then! Help, they can see me at NuTang! SOS, they're coming to take my funny bone away. Help, I've fallin' down laughing and I can't get up!

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