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General Discussion » Moola - Play Games, and perform searches to win money
Praetorian | Moola - Play Games, and perform searches to win money - Posted on 2007-10-20 23:29:50
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It's a gaming website with a money tree system. When you sign up (invitation only) they give you a penny. You play games head to head with people, if you win, you double your money. If you lose you always keep a penny. Every round you can double your money or get taken back to .01. Keep winning, and you keep doubling your money.

They also have a google-powered search engine, and if you make it your home page (I just stuck it on firefox) you'll get a chance to win money every day. Perform a random search every 24 hours and it brings up a wheel that spins and you could win anything from .02 to $6000. Generally odds are you'll get .02 to .25 cents. But you can make the wheel appear as many as 6 times in a single day.

They also have a booster section where they have different offers you can sign up for to get cash back.

To anyone who does decide to join, if you want to follow my example, I don't even really play the games. I just hit the search engine a few times a day, and I've got almost $4. You can cash out at $10. I may try some of the cash back boosters. Some of them are pretty good.

Anyway, it's a free website, have some fun, win some money. If anyone wants an invite just reply here or send me a note.

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randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2007-10-24 21:56:11
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I just play the gain one cent game. So I have... like six cents now. :P

Search isn't working for me either. :( And I can't get my account verified since I don't have a cell phone....

Praetorian | Untitled - Posted on 2007-10-25 01:42:14
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I think you have to add it to your home page for Firefox. That's what I did, and I get the spin wheel at least once a day, sometimes twice or three times.

Chloefoxx | Untitled - Posted on 2007-10-25 10:41:36
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I did add it, and verified my account.

I probably just need to search more.

Praetorian | Untitled - Posted on 2007-10-26 21:08:47
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Did you get it working Chloe?

I got the search-and-win wheel 5 times today for a total of .22. Not bad, considering I'm making less than half that a day on all the pay-to-click websites.

With the exception of Clixsense, of course. I get .30 to .50 cents a day there.

Chloefoxx | Untitled - Posted on 2007-10-26 23:14:53
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I haven't had time to search, but I'm sure I will over the weekend.

Chloefoxx | Untitled - Posted on 2007-10-29 23:03:19
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Yay I got the wheel!

And also got shafted by certain people who asked for invite codes and then didn't use them.


Praetorian | Untitled - Posted on 2007-11-01 22:37:47
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Still have invites if anyone wants them. Moola has also changed the terms so that you get a percentage of what your referrals earn on the search & win. I've gotten three cents so far for a .50 win and a .25 win. And just from my own searches I'm up to 7.48.

You also get a percentage up to 4 levels deep. (Which means you earn from the referrals of your referrals of your referrals.. etc up to four levels.)

LostSoul13 | Untitled - Posted on 2007-11-01 22:43:34
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meh, I might as well try. no harm can come from it right? invite code please =]

CPKviperpheonix | Untitled - Posted on 2008-07-20 13:21:54
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Hmm, does this site still work? Is anyone still on it?

Praetorian | Untitled - Posted on 2008-07-20 18:20:39
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I haven't been on it in a while. Not since they stopped doing the wheel. Apparently google had a problem with them using their search engine for the search and win.

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