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Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan | Pet Peeves - Posted on 2006-09-24 15:12:05
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OK.. there are 4 things on this planet that drive me right up the proverbial tree.....

1. People who don't get out of the way for emergency vehicles
2. People who don't sing the National Anthem the way it was written
3. Them annoying rollover advertisements.
4. People who spell lyk thys. I dunno about u.. but it makes mi uncomfortable and makes me wonder about ur intelligence

Those are mine.. what are yours?

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Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan | Overpopulated with old people?!?!?! - Posted on 2007-01-27 21:17:55
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I'm not exactly a kid y'know.. Should i be offended??

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2007-01-27 21:49:54
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Old people as in like over forty... spend all their time on the site, never get off, are kind of creepy and pedophile-like...

Chloefoxx | Untitled - Posted on 2007-03-07 21:03:33
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bump dammit.

and this person spelled peeve right. because they took the time to look it up.

which leads me to another pet peeve of mine:

People who don't bother to look up the spelling of words when they post threads.

dis1girl | Untitled - Posted on 2007-03-09 16:12:42
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-- people who exaggerate & lie about sh*t that never happened.
-- when someone goes on and on about something during an argument.. when you thought the argument's over. nooo they just keep on talking!
-- people who complain & whine too much. GET OVER IT. geez.
-- cocky people. like, extremely cocky people
-- TyPiNg LiKe ThiS
-- people who click on a advertisement link & they get a virus or get hacked or something. GET SOME COMMON SENSE!
-- and soooo much more.

Sarah | Untitled - Posted on 2007-03-09 21:57:47
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When your last pair of stockings/tights have a ladder/hole in them.

Silver-dot- | Untitled - Posted on 2007-03-09 23:51:55
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When people decide to go back to b*tchy jr. high with "Say that again!" when insulted. Like:

"Well, sorry, B*TCH."
"Oh! Say that again!"
*says it again*
"Say that again!"
*says it again*
"Say that again!"

And they keep going. Tch.

randomjunk | Untitled - Posted on 2007-03-13 19:31:44
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Haha. That one is easy to counter though. All you have to do is say "How many times do you want me to say it? ARE YOU DEAF? CAN YOU HEAR THIS?"

KKama67 | Untitled - Posted on 2007-03-15 01:02:58
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I cant stand when you are following someone that decides to turn in to a driveway. They turn on the signal and starts blinking and blinking. Then the slow down, slow down... still didnt turn... slower, slower then bam! Slams on their breaks, turns the steering wheel and then finally enters the drive way!

I am behind them like CRAP!!! TURN ALREADY!!

helloiloveyou | Untitled - Posted on 2007-03-19 18:51:34
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-people who lie to make themselves seem more interesting.
-obnoxious people
-chewing with your mouth open
-people who write LiKe ThIs
-those who dont cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough
-socks that acquire holes after one use

etc., etc.

The-Muffin-Man | ... - Posted on 2007-07-14 16:39:43
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I'm bumping this, because it gives me more reason to rant.

I'll just copy and paste part of this from my profile:
"Let's start with the noobs. Now there's a distinct difference between beginners and noobs; where beginners are generally alert and are still learning the ropes, noobs are ignorant and socially inept to such a degree that interaction with said persons will only cause pain. Noobs aren't limited to the internet, they're everywhere, and I can't stand them.

Second on the list are all Final Fantasy impersonators, many of them claiming to be "Sephiroth007" or "Cloud this" or "FF that." No matter where you go, such usernames will stalk you, and consequently most of these people are noobs. Coincidence? I think not.

Perhaps the most treacherous of all peeves is Myspace, the bane of the internet. "Haha omg ur hair looked so good today Jenny! Love, Susan. Comment me back [or else]." Full of giggling adolescent teens, Myspace brings pseudo-popularity to the next level. Adding friends at whim carries you one rung higher on the social ladder, which includes people you may have mearly made eye contact with or seen somewhere around time. Nearly all pictures of oneself on Myspace are taken from a birds eye view, which apparently makes the human face more pleasing. And perhaps the most cardinal rule of Myspace is the manner on which you chose to organize your Top 8. You may ruin someone's life you don't have them in the proper position, if the have a position at all.

And my final peeve, to end somewhat anticlimactically, is how my phone always types "g" when I'm trying to type "I." It's ridiculous."

I'd also like to add in there another peeve. If anyone is ignorant enough to consider jump roping anything less than a sport, it ticks me off. Which brings me to my next peeve: people who talk any smack about jump rope. First of all, they have no right. They would hurt themselves even attempting to do what us jumpers do. Secondly, just it's different and "not mainstream" doesn't mean it doesn't kick ass.

Hmm...I can't think of anything else, although I will probaly be coming back soon.

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